New edition of the Missale Romanum (2002) on sale

A reader alerted me to this:

Not sure if you know of this already, but I thought you, and some of your readers, may be interested to know that the Missale Romanum edtio tertia emended by Pope Benedict XVI is now available for sale at a whopping US$337 or US$841.

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  1. Father Z: I wonder what advantage this Paxbook edition might have over the sumptuous reproduction — allegedly to the minutest detail — of the classic Benziger Brothers edition of the final 1962 altar missal just re-published by PCP Books:

  2. Well, of course, immediately upon hitting the “Submit Comment” button I realized that the new Paxbook edition is for the Ordinary Form.

  3. Fr. BJ says:

    Paxbook is nice inasmuch as there are certain things that you can only get through them, short of going to Rome and buying it in person.

    However, their prices, on the whole, are very inflated. I have found it possible to buy certain things through other outlets at lower prices. Recently, I purchased the Liturgia Horarum through a store in England, and given the lower value of the British Pound these days, it was about $200 cheaper for me to buy it through them than through Paxbook. Paxbook also has high shipping charges.

  4. AM says:

    Pro bono interretis, the 2002 Missale Romanum in Latin is usually available at Clerus, although for some reason it keeps changing URL. Right now (Hilarymass 2009, 11.30 EST) it’s at, but Googling “clerus missale 2002” generally finds it when it moves.

  5. So, just wondering if the new EF prayer for the Jews is to be found in this OF third edition… I’ve noted that the Italian Rabbis agitation was noted today in The Jerusalem Post.

  6. I will say this, even given the high cost of, shall we say, specialty books, if the Vatican Press is going to charge over 800$ for a Missal, they need to stop issuing what are frankly gratuitous “new editions” that involve such minor updates (which once would have been consigned to a fascicle you could insert in the Missal).

    Ditto the Liturgia Horarum, insanely priced for the rather cheap binding (of the laughably entitled editio economica at least)…

  7. Ioannes Andreades says:

    Sacramentaries printed in the U.S. from say, Liturgical Press, have relevant prayers and such for saints and such. Would this Vatican edition have all relevant prayers for St. Elizabeth Seaton, for instance? Am also wondering whether these versions have chant notation and such for prefaces and such.

  8. I’ve had a bone to pick with the Paxbook people for quite some time. Several years ago I purchased online from them what was advertised as a small altar edition liturgikon (containing only the Byzantine equivalent of the Ordo Missae) for the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. What arrived as not a nicely bound book; rather, it was an uncut, folded set of octavo sheets (i.e. large pages containing 8 pages per side)!

  9. Most Excellent Sledgehammer says:

    I purchased the study edition that, although smaller than the altar version, is still hardbound and very lovely, and is certainly usable for the celebration of Holy Mass.

  10. Quantitative Metathesis says:

    The Missale Romanum edtio tertia (2002) is also available from the Midwest Theological Forum in a beautiful, leather-bound altar edition ($499) and a cloth-bound study edition (also beautiful and much more affordable, $150).

  11. Mickey says:

    Forgive me for asking what is probably obvious to everyone but me, but…is this a “TLM” missal or a “NO” missal (oh would that I didn’t have to ask the question…).

    I just purchased a very fine NO missal from Our Sunday Visitor with the Latin on the left and the English on the right…hate to replace it so soon.

  12. This is the new Novus Ordo missal, with the core Latin text for use in Rome. It’s not a national edition (so no US saints, etc), but the “edition” from which everything else will have to be made (until the next edition!). Since it’s just come out, you’ll have to be very careful in buying any other NO missal editions, as they almost certainly (for the next few months at least, probably) won’t include the new text.

    It really is unfortunate to have a full new edition printed. To make it a “corrected edition” is even weirder, since the changes are (from what I’ve read here) more substantive than mere corrections. It should be a fourth edition, really. If it were only corrections and a small set of changes being published, these could’ve been addressed in the Notitiae of the CDW. Maybe they’ll also appear there, or somewhere else.

  13. Is there a list of addenda, corrigenda, or errata for the different editions of the Missale Romanum?

  14. Jim says:

    This new Third Edition is going to push back the release date for the English translation the Missal is it? I understand thats scheduled to come out in 2010?

  15. David, not that I know of, and I’ve looked, though not for a couple years. At least there’s nothing in the kind of detail that would be truly useful (listing actual errata and so on). I know many changes are (or at least were) noted over the years in the Notitiae serial from the CDW. I don’t think it’s exhaustive, though. And since so many things are noted in there, it’s a real trial to sort through them all (mostly because it’s all fascinating and you’re certain to get sidetracked!). It’s probably easiest to sit down with the editions and just compare the passage(s) that you’re interested in. It really would be nice to have a full compilation of all the changes through the years, though.

  16. Romuleus says:

    In the online Missale Romanum 2002 provided by Clerus, where are the Readings, Responsorial Psalms and Gospels? Thanks.

  17. Fr. Joseph Skelton, Jr. says:

    I’m a little confused. When I looked at the first entry for $337 on the Paxbook website it was called Missale Romano (I think that’s Italian)but a few lines down it mentioned that the language was Latin. When I opened the second one for $841 it was called Missale Romanum but a few lines down it said that the language was Italian. Could anyone clear that up for me since I really would like to order the latest Latin version of the Novus Ordo. Also, would the $337 Missal be for an altar or is it a study edition? Fr. Z, have you seen these new copies yourself?

  18. AM says:

    Romuleus: The readings, and also the Responsorial psalmody, are not in the Missal, but in the Ordo Lectionum Missae, and there only by reference. I don’t know anywhere where the Ordo Lectionum Missae is on-line. However, the official Latin text which it refers to is the so-called Nova Vulgata, which is here. You can get the references from any missal or missalette, I guess.

    (Note: the exact verses in a given country, for readings at Mass, are sometimes very slightly different, longer or shorter, than the ones in the Ordo Lectionum. An enormous wealth of detail on the matter is available at Fr Felix Just’s Lectionary site.)

    (Note: the Psalm response appear nowhere else (I think) so to get a complete Latin text of the whole Mass you need to have the Ordo Lectionum.)

  19. Mark Polo says:

    I wish that they would reprint the lectionaries as well — they were printed in 1970 and have been impossible to buy new for some time now. I managed to scrape up a few used copies.

    As for the versions, direct from , there are a 200 € edition “Mezza Pelle” (half leather) and a 500 € edition “Pelle Piena” (full leather), both being the Editio Tertia in Latin.

  20. Ioannes Andreades says:

    Quantitative Metathesis,

    Are you sure that the cheaper version from MTF is the third edition? It doesn’t say so on the description.

  21. Paul says:

    Could anyone explain briefly what the difference are between the editions being sold by Paxbooks and Midwest Theological Forum. What changes have been made from the original 2002 edition?

  22. Mark Polo says:

    The Midwest Theological Forum is a “deluxe” edition of the 2002 Editio Typica Secunda with improved illustrations, better binding, and the addition of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe for dioceses of the United States.

    The paxbooks copies are the Editio Tertia, official Vatican version — I think that there are relatively minimal changes from the 2002 edition, although I haven’t got one in my hands yet. (Although new illustrations would be very welcome…) There are a few alternatives to “Ite, missa est”. I presume they fixed the rubric in Eucharistic Prayer IV that was printed in black in the 2002 edition, and fixed the errors in the calendar at the beginning. Beyond that, I don’t know.

  23. Although new illustrations would be very welcome…

    The Gospel truth! If anyone has some crayons and a three year old child to wield them, I’m sure we could have a new and better set whipped up in an afternoon.

  24. Paul says:

    Well I have bought the MTF version and will have to see what, if anything, is published by CDW describing changes made to the latest version.

    I do have crayons.

  25. The 2002 edition is not an Editio Secunda, but Tertia. Now, the 2008 edition is a revised Editio Tertia. The Ordo Missae and the Propers are the same. There are a few modifications and the suppression of the children’s Prex Eucharistica.

    We can, with no problem, listen a Novus Ordo Latin Mass with the 2002 missal by MTF.

  26. Paul says:


    Do you know where a definitive list of the amendments have been published?

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