Soooo thirstyyyy

The road is long and dusty.

You are parched… or you just fancy a sip of something.


Which refreshing beverage do you prefer?

  • Water (still or sparkling) (43%, 775 Votes)
  • Adult Beverage (includes Irish Coffee & Long Island Iced Tea, of course beers) (20%, 357 Votes)
  • Soft Drink (any – includes Fruit Juice & Milk) (17%, 305 Votes)
  • Tea (any style) (13%, 237 Votes)
  • Coffee (any style) (8%, 137 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,811

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  1. English Catholic says:

    Tea, reasonably strong and with milk.

    It has remarkable revivifying powers.

  2. Quantum Potes says:

    I am a southern girl. A PROPER iced tea is mandatory. If real tea is not available, water.

  3. Vincent says:

    Definitely a gin and tonic with plenty of fresh lime

  4. Jackie says:

    Diet Coke. I am 100% addicted to the stuff and nothing tastes better than a nice cold can after a hot day.

  5. Jenny says:

    Sweet iced tea with mint.

  6. Jason says:

    Most of those of us who need coffee are still trying to get started. You’ll see a spike in the coffee later this morning, mark my words.

  7. Paul says:

    parched = water
    sip of something = diet coke

  8. Rachel says:

    Nice timing, Father. There isn’t a single thing to drink in the house today, and the water from the tap tastes weird.

    Mmm..Iced Tea…

  9. Andrew, UK and sometimes Canada says:

    Tea with milk.
    Brand: Yorkshire Tea
    When and where: Cold days, hot days; in the snow, in the rain; in England, in the Caribbean.

    Oh, and with biscuits.

  10. Thomas says:

    Parched= water

    Almost any other time= Irish Whiskey, neat. “When I want whiskey, I drink whiskey; when I want water, I drink water.” Name that movie…

  11. Bruce says:

    The Quiet Man

  12. Most Excellent Sledgehammer says:

    I agree, in part, with Thomas. If I’m parched, give me water. Otherwise, beer me.

  13. Dr. Eric says:

    For breakfast I like a giant mug of hot tea with sugar and milk.
    For later meals, I like an iced tea or a soda.
    In between, I would rather have water.

  14. Jeff Pinyan says:

    Is Fr. Z playing ZORK?

  15. Joan says:

    If I am parched – ice cold water.

    Just want a sip of something – ginger ale; shandy; Sprite.

  16. Mike says:

    Name that movie …

    The Quiet Man – John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, early 1950s.

  17. Michael says:

    Whether I’m parched or just need a solid heartwarmer, I reach for Bass Ale. Period.

  18. LHansen says:

    Father! You put a picture of a delicious gin & tonic right there, isn\’t that going to influence the vote?
    If I am actually thirsty, I will of course go for water, sparkling preferably. However if I am simply looking to cool down or sip on something: Gordon\’s and tonic.


  19. Edward Martin says:

    “The road is long and dusty”

    My question is am I at the end of said road or am I still still travelling on it?

    If I am at my destination, a nice cold beer. If I am still on the road, ice tea with lemon thank you.

  20. Sean says:


  21. opey124 says:

    Husband prefers beer after a hard days work in the heat. I prefer water if really thirsty. Of course, nothing beats iced tea!

    Fr, this is the first time I was able to stay connected with your cam. That is really awesome.

  22. Chris says:

    I thought Beer was water…

  23. Being here in Lourdes, I have to go with the water!
    Go and drink at the source, and wash yourself there!

  24. we love being married says:

    Chai tea gets us through our road trips.

  25. Paul says:

    San Pellegrino sparkling water for me.

  26. Claire Traas says:

    Coffee! My favorite way to drink it is in the form of a latte, or iced coffee. I used to drink about a pot of regular throughout the day, but after getting pregnant I had to cut down–not a fun experience.

  27. Peter says:

    “exultatio animae et cordis vinum moderate potatum” Ecclus 31:36

  28. MargoB says:

    I’m w/ Andrew: Yorkshire Gold (biscuits always welcome!).

  29. a catechist says:

    Thai iced tea! Near the northern end of Death Valley & the enormous sand dunes, there’s a Thai restaurant in Bishop, CA, and let me tell you, they sell a LOT of Thai iced tea.

  30. Thomas says:

    The Quiet Man is correct. But now that the subject of Gin and Tonic has been raised, I must say that in the hot, humid Maryland summer, a tall, cold G and T ably performs the necessary functions of both water and whiskey.

    Thank God for water and for the harder sort of liquid: to quote “The Topman and the Afterguard”, a ditty popular on the lower decks of Aubrey’s navy:

    “Now the last thing I’ll pray for is a jug of good beer;
    The Lord gives us liquor, our spirits for to cheer;
    And where we have one pot, here’s hope we’ll have ten.
    And never, never want for grog, boys,
    Says the afterguard, AMEN!”

  31. Ed says:

    If I’m thirsty, water.

    Tired, coffee.

    Low blood sugar, Coca Cola.

    Unloved, tea w/ milk and sugar.

  32. Being from the Deep South, I must clarify my preference for tea. For proper thirst quenching, it must be sweet…very sweet…with a lemon slice. It must come, preferably, from Milo’s Hamburgers.

  33. mike conlon says:

    Vincent, you da man. In memory of the late Michael Davies, I will have a Tanqueray & Tonic. Normally, it’s Gordon’s or Seagram’s & T. Never waste good Tanqueray, save it for my Gibsons.
    BTW, Father, properly, it’s beer, not beers.

  34. Rich says:

    Usually I’m a water person, but I can’t resist a glass of lemonade (the real stuff, not the power) on a hot day.

    Though I do protest the choice of including milk and fruit juice in with soft drinks…

  35. Father Totton says:

    There is nothing to quench thirst like water (ice cold, unless it is a day of penance)

    On the other hand, once thirst is duly satisfied, who doesn’t enjoy a deep, rich red wine? And beer, of course, and by beer, I mean, Beer, which reminds me of a great story:

    Just before Christmas I got together with a group of priests. We decided to have our gathering at a local German restuarant and they had several fine German beers on tap. One priest asked the waitress “what do you have that tastes like American Beer.” Without any hesitation, she pointed to the glass of ice water she had just poured for him. !

  36. Amelia says:

    Nothing sweeter than the water from the spring. That I can drink all day long.

    Coffee in the morning. 3 cups. Brewed! None of that drip stuff.

    Ice cold milk after spaghetti or chocolate layer cake.

  37. Michael says:

    Orangensaft gespritz.

  38. J. Ratzinger says:

    Fanta, vat else?

  39. Mary in CO says:

    1. Pure … clean … water. CO water is wonderful!
    2. Hot tea and milk
    3. Cold tea and lime
    4. Diet Dr. Pepper

  40. TomB says:

    Why was the Widow not a choice?

    (Would have posted her picture, but a link was all I could manage.)

  41. Amy says:

    Water!!!! Its Friday people! :-)

  42. Paul the Other says:

    Cerevisia bibo.

  43. Irish says:

    Vino bianco, per favore.

  44. Flambeaux says:


  45. Margaret says:

    Diet Coke, please, the real stuff, not decaf. Unfortunately, I’m banned from all caffeine after a scary heart incident earlier this week.

  46. JohnE says:

    I like beer or soda when I’m thirsty, but the thirstier I am, the more I prefer water. Chug-a-lug with no upchuck.

  47. Lirioroja says:

    It really depends on what time of day it is, whether or not I’m eating, and how parched I am. The way Fr. worded the poll, I’d go with a sparkling water and juice infusion, like Orangina or the Izze soft drinks. However, in the morning I’m a coffee person (strong please – my mom’s Colombian and I inherited a taste for strong coffee). During the day I’ll do juice, iced tea, or the aforementioned soft drinks. In the evening I’ll stick to my non-alcoholic beverages if I’m alone or not feeling well. With friends though I’ll have a red wine with dinner (I don’t do white) or if it’s just drinks I’ll have cocktails or hard cider. I don’t do most beers although lambic and certain ales are yummy.

    However if I’m really parched I want water. If it’s really hot and I’m parched I want ice water. Or just ice. I have to have water often, especially when I’m singing.

  48. Irish says:


    If you like Frascati, see if you can find a Cantina Terlano Alto Adige Pinot Bianco, you’ll love it. It’s more expensive than the Frascati, so it’s a special occasion wine. Very yummy. A Gavi is also wonderful, as well as Fiano from Sicily. Laguaria Italian Chardonnay also quite nice for the price.

  49. Flambeaux says:


    Thank you for the suggestions. Frascati has become harder to find in North Texas over the last few years, so I’m always on the look out for good substitutes.

  50. John Enright says:

    I like a good Chardonnay. Also like beer and whiskey! In moderation, of course, except during the Super Bowl! Just kidding.

  51. Roland de Chanson says:

    Vinum bonum, aqua optima est. (ariston men hydor ~ Pindar)
    [Wine is good, water is the best. (paraphrased from Pindar.)

    Except that I think Pindar meant bath water.

    Sancta Brigitta Kildarensis aquam suam balneariam in cerevisiam convertit. Qua de causa illustris ob contagionis fermentariae inventionem est.
    [St. Brigid of Kildare changed her bath water into beer. For this among other things she is renowned.]

  52. Roland de Chanson says:

    Sean, homebrew it is! I have a bucket of red ale fermenting right now! Begob, the tirst is on me.

  53. Willebrord says:

    Tea, thank you very much. Preferably loose-leaf Earl Grey, with natural sugar. I get this tin of Twinings from Heinens every now and then.

    When I’m feeling too hot for tea, then a nice glass of fruit juice does well, especially orange or apple juice.

  54. Calleva says:

    If I’m parched, I will get a glass of tapwater. If I want a really nice drink, I will make myself a cup of fresh ground coffee.

  55. Irish says:

    Flambeau–From what I understand, as per a wine distributor, the vineyards best suited for Frascati are north of Rome and are being encroached upon by Roman suburbs, so the supply is limited. Luckily I can find it (Fontana Candida) here in the midwest at my local supermarket and wine market and it is often feature-priced at $8.99. Wonderful in the summer.

  56. Jayna says:

    My answer is really going to vividly illustrate the fact that I am a poor student. My choice drinks are Miller High Life and Pabst Blue Ribbon. I know, classy, right?

  57. Allena says:

    You know, this was a little vague.

    Here in the Ozarks, if the road is long and dusty because your putting up hay, then beer is essential. I’m not sure it’s legal to put up hay without drinking beer…hmmm

    I love Diet Dr Pepper as a late afternoon pick me up.

    In the morning, coffee is what makes the world worth living in.

    At night, vodka with pink lemonade is really nice for relaxing.

    Eating pancakes, ice cold milk!

    I guess I think you should have specified a time of day for the long dusty road. Season might have helped too.

  58. Ken says:

    Absinthe, sugared, with a 3:1 or 4:1 water drip.

    Currently my go-to is Vieux Pontarlier (France), but I’m also quite keen on Marteau Absinthe de la Belle Epoque (Portland, Oregon) and Clandestine La Bleue (Switzerland)

  59. David Martin says:

    Water on the road; an adult drink (beer or gin and tonic) at the end of the road.

  60. Porky the Wheatflake says:

    I agree with Allena, in MO it darn near calls for Untouchability to
    put up hay with out a cold beer.

    With a little hay in it.

    Of course, I’m under-age, so how would I know?
    Personally I’d say water. Right out of the faucet.

  61. AR says:

    It’s 40deg in summer here in OZ… and I’ve just discovered gin & lemon squash to be very very refreshing.

    Or Campari with a blood orange soft drink.

  62. Allena says:

    You know, the home brew people aren’t being nearly as generous as the pickle making people…

  63. Sharon says:

    As AR said, it is about 106F in Melbourne and Adelaide Australia and nothing beats cold water. A coke which has been in the freezer for an hour comes second.

  64. Paul Stokell says:

    Your pic of a Campari Soda on a Roman windowsill would be perfect here, Padre.

    But this Kentuckian’s drink of choice shares a name with Catholic kings – Bourbon. Preferably with chipped ice.

  65. Ann says:

    I like water best when very thirsty. Sparking water, like Appollinaris which is a sparkling mineral water is very nice when I am a bit less thirsty.

    If I am relaxing, I like a diet caffeine free soda. At the moment a black cherry citrus Fresca is the beverage of choice.

  66. Joe says:

    perhaps this is too slavic of me, but … pickle juice. Or sauerkraut juice. modified slightly, of course, but no escaping the essence. And if there is any confusion, of course NOT bread and butter pickles.

  67. Esther says:

    Water, especially if it’s Hawaiian tap water.

  68. Christa says:

    If I am really thirsty, ice-cold water.

    If wanting something more substantial and not so thirsty, a dry martini on the rocks with an olive.

  69. Patrick says:

    I see that only 13% of the people on this blog are Southerners (i.e., those that chose “tea”).

  70. John P. says:

    Have to say just a nice cold glass of ice water for me. Nothing quenches thirst like that.

    If I had to pick a second choice, it would probably be some kind of soft drink

  71. Michelle Marie Romani says:

    Being a good Texas gal, I would have to say Dr. Pepper. It is the best soft drink in the world. Being a graduate of UT-Austin, I am also a very proud Tea-Sipper. Even when I am sick, I reach for Dr. Pepper.

  72. Scott says:

    please open up the chat room!

  73. Paul says:

    An ice cold beer.

  74. Dear Fr. Zuhlsdorf,

    I cast my vote for water, allowing the “or” clause to be optional. Still, the survey question needed to be better phrased, the context more fulsomely described. For example: how much further have I to travel that day on the dusty road? Is it Death Valley dusty? Gobi Desert dusty? etc.? etc.?


  75. Willebrord says:


    While I am a tea-drinker, and have spent about half my life in the South (though I come from the North, I’ve only spent part of it there), I drink hot tea (except on really hot days, obviously). Note: I think my old grammar teacher would hate this paragraph!

    I’m surprised that tea is beating coffee. Everyone around here where I live drinks coffee, practically none drink tea. No surprises with water or adult beverages, though.

  76. JNR says:

    Please! Are y’all even Catholic? Water over wine?! Seriously!

  77. Midwest St. Michael says:


    Beer is not water — beer is food!

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