Live and in the wild….

Behold the Spanish biretta.

At a ten year anniversary of a priest of the Institute of Christ the King…

And another in the choir:

I want one.

Any readers in Madrid who can help me out?  I hear there is a shop there where you can get them. 

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  1. Michael Lavey says:

    Those are sharp! I like them!

  2. Stephen says:

    Father, the following is something I found in the comments of some past post of yours regarding the Spanish biretta:


    Hello, sorry for my bad English. This Spanish biretta is named BONETE FOR PRIESTS.

    I know two shops:

    Plaza Mayor, 30. 28012 Madrid, Spain.
    Phone (Spain): 91 366 50 84.

    Plaza Corrillo, 11. 37002 Salamanca, Spain.
    Phone 923 266 783.

    There is not pics from the “bonete” in this webs, but they make them on order.
    Best regards from Una Voce Málaga, Spain.
    Comment by José L. — 5 October 2008 @ 3:09 pm

  3. Jason says:

    I love Spanish Catholicism.

  4. TJM says:

    That biretta is gorgeous. I went to see the other pics and they blew me away. I also noticed it was standing room only. Thank God for young Catholics! Tom

  5. M. A. Labeo says:

    Dear Fr.

    I am 500 km from Madrid and go there from time to time. If you do not have a better option and I may be of help, I will be pleased of doing so.

  6. Rob says:

    Those rebels ;-)

    Loving it.

  7. Fr. BJ says:

    I have sent an email to the first outfit mentioned in the above comment concerning the possibility of buying one of these types of birettas! I would love to have one as well.

  8. Luis says:

    I was there last June. I think there was a place off of Sol on Calle San Geronimo.
    I didn’t see any biretta and didn’t go in but I would have had I known you needed a “boots on the ground” report. I do recall that they had a gold taberacle in the window for sale, although it was rather modern,.
    Might be helpful

  9. Khaled says:

    That Spanish Biretta is indeed nice, but you just can’t beat and Norbertine Biretta.

  10. Khaled says:

    Meant to say just, can’t beat “a” Norbertine Biretta.

  11. Judy Fradl says:

    Mary Popp at sells patterns for the biretta. They are fairly easy to make and less expensive than buying one.

  12. Judy Fradl says:

    Mary Popp at sells patterns for making the biretta. They are fairly easy to make and less expensive than buying one.

  13. Richard says:

    I didn’t know that a Spanish biretta was that big a deal since I used to see one every Sunday. An ICKSP priest at a little oratory that the Institute runs in Santa Clara. Praise God I am used to seeing something like this.

  14. Irish says:

    Very nice, although I believe the blue piping and pom might be exclusive to the Institute. Can anyone verify?

  15. MB says:

    Does any one know of a shop that is making/selling Jesuit-style birettas? Jesuits aren’t allowed to wear birettas that have the “fluffy ball” on top (latin term for that? anyone?) as that is considered an ecclesiastical dignity which their Constitutions forbid them to hold (unless they have no choice, like a Jesuit made a Cardinal).

    I have some Jesuit friends (very conservative ones!) who are celebrating the Extraordinary Form but haven’t yet been able to come by the proper headgear.

  16. jarhead462 says:

    It’s called a POM-POMUS ;)

    Semper Fi!

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