Blackfen’s Rose Vestments

Mulier Fortis has sent some images of the inaugural appearance of the solemn rosacea set at the mighty parish of Blackfen, that locus of terror for the progressivist Tabletites.  His Hermeneuticalness, Fr. Timothy Fingan is celebrant.

A good view of the cope.

Those of you who helped WDTPRS to "pound Fr. Finigan", helped with these vestments.

The humeral view is on the subdeacon to the right.

The humeral view on the subdeacon as he holds the paten.

An action shot: the genuflection during the Last Gospel.

I still think that tablets of the Decalogue should be applied to the back.

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  1. RichR says:

    How rewarding for those who contributed to see the fruits of their labors. “Long live His Hermeneuticalness!”

  2. Excellent! Beautiful!

    I see my “pound” on one of the threads on the lower left.

  3. “locus of terror”–I spit coffee all over my monitor laughing over that turn of phrase, but to Progs it is thus.

    Beautiful vestments. Reverant Mass. Wonderful.

    To paraphrase something our esteemed host said in a recent PODCAzT (he was talking about food but I turned it around in my head because I do wack stuff like that):

    “Taking wonderful ingredients and making bad Mass out of them does not give God any glory and honor”

    Why not go for the whole package: wonderful “ingredients” AND good Mass?

  4. Mac McLernon says:

    Glad you liked the pictures! I have to say that, personally, I prefer your “rose” colour to that of Fr. Tim… is that terribly disloyal? However, the ones we have at Blackfen are still pretty amazing!

  5. Dino says:

    Wow! “Pink” vestments! And altarBOYS, too!

  6. roxanne says:

    How wonderful to see the fruits of our pounding Fr.Fingan! Thank you for inviting us to help! I too am still chuckling over the “locus of terror!!”

  7. Tim Ferguson says:

    terribilis est locus iste!

  8. Fr. Aidan Logan, OCso says:

    Note the generous proportions of the humeral veil!

  9. irishgirl says:

    Great pictures of the fruits of ‘pounding’ His Hermeneuticalness!

    ‘Locus of terror’-oh, that’s funny!

    If I were drinking coffee in the library-which I’m not-I’d probably spit all over my screen, too!

  10. Richard says:

    Modernism! Everywhere, modernism sneaks in! His sub-deacon has a beard. Disgraceful.

    Someone call for the archdeacon, to carry out the orders of Pope Alexander III (who ordained that clerics who nourished their hair and beard were to be shorn by their archdeacon, by force if necessary).

    (Sorry, I should have given up banal comments for Lent. Splendid pictures, and so pleased that something so fine should have come out of that nasty Tablet article)

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