Magic… “action at a distance”

One way to describe magic is "action at a distance".

At times when I am on the road, I can reach back to my house network and all its components via a laptop or my phone and remotely control them.  I even integrated a network power switch which allows me in a pinch to cycle the power on some items so they will pick up new IP addresses. This alleviates the need to have someone go into my house and reboot or cycle the power physically if something happens.

Whenever I reboot the whole network, or recycle power on the router or more important items, from across the world, all goes blank and black.

I hold my breath with anxiety and ask the help of my guardian angel to make it all go smoothly.

From the very cool department….

I can’t imagine the sense of anticipation this must have produced! 

Mars Odyssey Mission Status Report
Spacecraft Reboots Successfully

PASADENA, Calif. — NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter properly followed commands today to shut down and restart, a strategy by its engineers to clear any memory flaws accumulated in more than five years since Odyssey’s last reboot.

The procedure also restored Odyssey’s onboard set of backup systems, called the spacecraft’s "B side," allowing its use in the future when necessary.

"For nearly two years, we have not known for certain whether the backup systems would be usable, so this successful reboot has allowed us to ascertain their health and availability for future use," said Odyssey Project Manager Philip Varghese of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.

Odyssey has been orbiting Mars since 2001 and has never switched from its primary set of components, the "A side," to the backup set, which includes an identical computer processor, navigation sensors, relay radio and other components. In March 2006, the B-side spare of a component for managing the distribution of power became inoperable. Analysis by engineers identified a possibility that rebooting Odyssey might restore that component, which proved to be a side benefit of today’s procedure to refresh onboard memory.

The Odyssey team began a series of steps after the reboot to carefully return the spacecraft to full functioning over the next few days. Following that path, the science instruments will be back to studying Mars by next week.

An unexpected rise in temperature of the star camera in Odyssey’s navigation system on March 9 had prompted a postponement of the rebooting originally scheduled for the next day. Engineers identified the cause as a heater circuit that was temporarily stuck "on." The circuit was turned off before today’s reboot.

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  1. John Enright says:

    Really gotta love this stuff! It’s great!

  2. Al says:

    Hey Father,

    This is that crazy Wannan character at your chats. The company I started actually make system software that gives my customers the ability to remotely locate, track, monitor AND Control their assets… them “Total Operational Visibility”. Buzz words…ehhh. We can trigger actuators to switch remotely. Our system is hosted and our software is completely delivered through web browser via desktop or mobile.

    Company is called Pedigree Technologies

    It is fun to see you go that technical…awesome.

    God Bless….and shucks my wife is not pregnant. We will try again.

    Anybody interested in what we do visit the website and give us a call. (Not done tweaking our new website yet with content etc but its coming)

  3. DeborahAnne says:

    Father, Commando Cody and Rocket Man would be so proud of you!

    Celestial blessings.

  4. Addison DeWitt says:

    They aren’t using “Windows” that’s for sure.

  5. John Enright says:

    Addison DeWitt:

    You have to try out Windows 7. It’s pretty good.

  6. DeborahAnne says:

    Sometimes it’s just great to sit back and enjoy with marvel and amazement something which we have received.

    I enjoyed the ‘action at a distance’ post. Thank you.

    “The heavens show forth the glory of God, and the firmament declareth the work of His hands.” Ps. xviii I

    Caro Padre, La vostra buona sapienza e di grazia continuare

  7. Postumus says:

    Oh you deleted it all and blocked another IP! How clever! All for not showing instant obedience and daring to question your actions. Well perhaps you would deign to emulate the Holy Father and show paternal solicitude and mercy by remitting the extreme punishment of excommunication. I promise no holocaust denials. You have praised his jesture. Do you walk the walk too?

  8. Friend o' Postumus says:

    Guess no solicitude or mercy here. Do what I say not waht I do. Loser.

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