Return of sparrows and finches

New comers to the feeder.

First, our cardinal is shedding his winter plumage and acquiring his colors again.

There are many pairs of doves.

The birds must be migrating back to the area.  I have not seen the House Finch since the fall.

And the sparrows are returning as well.

They are literally draining every feeder I have in a single day now.

I suspect they are both recovering from migration and also getting ready for nesting.

Yesterday I was out to get more feed.  Feel free to help.

This stuff is more than "tuppence a bag"!

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  1. Laura Lowder says:

    Flocks of robins here! The first sure sign that spring is just around the corner – and how ready I am for it!

  2. John Enright says:

    No birds in Philly other than Canadian Geese and Gulls. They stay all year.

  3. PMcGrath says:

    Good amaranth red on that Cardinal. Gamarelli’s could use him as a color check.

  4. Genna says:

    Father, I know it’s Lent, but they want what was in the other feeder!

  5. DeborahAnne says:

    Father, Good of you to share more photos, especially for those of us waiting for our little feathered-friends to return.

    Excerpt from Poetry of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    Birds of Passage

    …Around Assisi’s convent gate
    The birds, God’s poor who cannot wait,
    From moor and mere and darksome wood
    Came flocking for their dole of food…

  6. Evelyn says:

    Dear Father, may I suggest that you lower the demand for commercial feed by planting a mix of sunflowers somewhere nearby? They will be self-perpetuating after the first sowing. Mine attract a wide range of birds and amaze small children, as well as providing cut flowers for the vases in front of the altar at church.

  7. Evelyn: Not a bad idea! I must discuss that and see what can be done.

  8. Charlotte says:

    Father Z – do you clean your feeders inbetween fillings? People like Martha Stewart always advise doing that, but I always wonder if people actually do and/or if it’s really necessary?

  9. Denise says:

    I wonder, too–when I am at home where I have feeders set up, I must confess to infrequent cleanings, although i do keep the area around swept.
    Thanks for the photos, Fr.Z–I really enjoy the birds!

  10. fr. bill says:

    Do you get any BLue Birds? In the back yard, visible from the sacristy, we have two blue bird houses. Our dear parish secretary has a worm farm in the anteroom and we feed our boys and girls mealworms. Is there a way I can post a picture in a combox?

  11. A Random Friar says:

    Charlotte: see

    You worry more when it’s warm and wet.

  12. Vox says:

    I’m so jealous that you have cardinals where you are. I moved from Indiana to Washington, whre cardinals are sorely lacking, and I miss them like crazy…

  13. mrsmontoya says:

    Thank you Father. I love watching the birds at your feeder.

    One question: has the zcam tipped a little lately? it seems everything is at a little bit of a slant – I can’t tell if it is the angle of the shot or not, but it seems a little tipsy.

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