1st Thursday plenary indulgence wrap up

Lay people can gain a plenary indulgence on 1st Thursdays during this year for priests.

Did you try to gain this indulgence?

Did you even know about this indulgence?

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  1. Konichiwa says:

    I got the indulgence yesterday, and I knew about it from you. Thanks!

  2. laurasplat says:

    I found out about it yesterday from you, but sadly had no opportunity to gain it. I am hoping to try again next month.

  3. jas548 says:

    I prayed for the indulgence. Thanks for your reminder Father! I made sure to mention it to others before Mass as well.

  4. JohnE says:

    Sadly I forgot — so much for my gratitude I guess. I put it on my calendar so I’ll get a reminder next month. The anniversary of my baptism is coming up later this month as well. Wouldn’t have known about that one either except through this blog.


  5. Jayna says:

    I didn’t know about it until after you posted it, which was after the last Mass of the day at my church. I’ll go for it next month, though.

  6. Flambeaux says:

    I didn’t know about it until your post yesterday. I was unable to get myself to Mass, but it is in my calendar now for the rest of the Year.

    Thank you, Father.

  7. laurazim says:

    We are so blessed here! Our home school group (about 30 families, plus some other wonderful parish members!) has been taking part in this blessing since July’s First Thursday. The litany of Jesus Christ, Priest and Victim can be found at http://www.opusangelorum.org/Prayer/Litanyforthepriest.html . It’s beautiful.

  8. Agnes says:

    I went to Mass and when I came home and saw your post, I prayed for it and did plenty of scrubbing for Frs. Whats-their-names. Hope that counts! I also spread the word to the moms’ prayer group. Nobody around here seemed to have any idea, so I emailed it to the priests too. Thanks, Z!

  9. chcrix says:

    I knew about the indulgence, but needed the reminder to jog my memory. I was able to fulfill the requirements. But it would be useful (in my mind) if the conditions were spelled out a bit more clearly on the vatican link. I reformatted them this way:

    The Plenary Indulgence is granted to all the faithful:

    * who are truly repentant

    * who, in church or in chapel, devoutly attend the divine Sacrifice of Mass and offer prayers to Jesus Christ the Eternal High Priest, for the priests of the Church, and any other good work which they have done on that day, so that he may sanctify them and form them in accordance with His Heart,

    * as long as they have made expiation for their sins through sacramental confession and prayed in accordance with the Supreme Pontiff’s intentions

    -> on the days in which the Year for Priests begins and ends

    -> on the day of the 150th anniversary of the pious passing of St John Mary Vianney,

    -> on the first Thursday of the month or

    -> on any other day established by the local Ordinaries for the benefit of the faithful.

  10. Frank H says:

    I had read about it early on in this Year For Priests (probably here) and have followed the requirements both in August (on St John Vianney’s feast) and September.

    For the feast, our new Associate Pastor – a young, orthodox, prayerful, bright guy – said the Mass and gave a talk after. He had done his pre-ordination retreat in Ars and has become quite well versed about St. John Vianney.

    After he had announced this Mass and talk at the preceding Sunday Mass, I asked why he had not announced the plenary indulgence, saying that would surely help attendance. It was clear from his reluctant reply that the pastor must have quashed such an announcement. Too bad. He did, however, mention it at the feast day Mass and in his talk. (A couple of older parishioners told me it was the first time in decades they had heard the term plenary indulgence mentioned from the ambo at this parish.) God bless all priests, and especially these young ones!

  11. Agnes says:

    Ok, so did I get it? Maybe a partial indulgence since I wasn’t particularly praying for the priests during Mass (I was devoutly chasing the baby in the vestibule) or aware of the indulgence until a few hours later. Does God work retroactively?

  12. chcrix says:

    I don’t know Agnes, but there are still quite a few more First Thursday’s till next June.

  13. Agnes says:

    Too true!

  14. Alfred says:

    Two things—

    1. I’m a new convert (yea!) and I tried to bring the info to my grad school’s thursday mass. They didn’t mind, per se, but the leader told me he “knew nothing about indulgences.” As a new convert, is this a Catholic thing that was downplayed after VII, and no really does it anymore? I did it, but no one had any idea it was even a thing to do.

    2. In my readings (obviously not extensive), I’ve encountered the idea that you have to be free of attachment to sin to receive the indulgence. What, exactly, does that mean, as I doubt I fit the bill?

    Thank you, Father.

  15. Scarlett says:

    I’d thought about it, but the whole “freedom from attachment to sin” gets me every time. Is there ANYONE who fulfills this? I know I certainly do not.

  16. Agnes says:

    Scarlett, I think one can be detached from sin by going to frequent Confession and always knowing it’s much much more God’s work than our own. God is Mercy. He gives us so many opportunities for grace even after we fall headlong into stupidity. For me frequent Confession sparked a desire for frequent Communion, and that became preferable to nasty old corn husks. He knows what we’re made *of* and what we’re made *for*. I say we just do it and see what happens later on. Trust Him!

  17. grottoflower says:

    in did not know of this 1st thursday indulgence, thanf you for letting people know

  18. I knew about it, and have told others about it. I was on vacation last week and didn’t realize it was 1st Thursday. :( I do have it marked on my calendars, though! I’m all for indulgences!

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