A report about that TV program in Sweden

From a reader in Sweden about the TV transmission on the SSPX Bp. Williamson thing:

A brief report from Sweden regarding the documentary from Sweden, yesterday evening.

The documentary "Uppdrag granskning" was mostly a boring failure: very, very little was new. Most of the time, clips from the January documentary were repeatedly recast. No one in Rome, nor the nuntio to Scandinavia accepted even to talk to the people from "Uppdrag granskning". In their stead, towards the end, a known Swedish modernist dissenter was given 10 minutes to condemn the Pope’s "conservatism" and talk about the need for women priests etc.

Unfortunately, the Bishop of Stockholm and Cardinal Kasper did talk to the Swedish television. With no apparent reluctance.

Kardinal K assured that he had told Cardinal Castrillon-Hoyos that the SSPX had extreme views, whatever this means.

The Bishop of Stockholm talked about a report (about the interview with bishop Williamson) that he gave to the Papal nuntio several weeks before the first "Uppdrag granskning" was sent.

Now, this is interesting. For two reasons: 1) how, in the first place, did the bishop know about an interview known only to the Swedish television, and this several weeks ahead of its being sent? The Swedish TV is openly hostile to the Church – why would they collaborate? 2) Then, how did the Swedish television know about the Bishop’s report given to the Papal nuntio? How did they even get hold of this very report addressed to Rome (for they did, as shown briefly during the documentary yesterday evening)?

All in all, the documentary tried but failed to prove that the Pope had previous knowledge of the Williamson interview. Then, it tried to portray Cardinal Castrillon as a crypto-Nazi disloyal to the Pope. With the help of Cardinal Kasper and Bishop Arborelius. It also voiced the usual radical Leftist Catholic minority concerns.

That’s it what I received.

Today the whip the Church with the Williamson affair.  Tomorrow it’ll be with whatever lies close to hand.

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  1. Fr. John Mary says:

    The “smoke of Satan” is surely at work. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Our Holy Father, as in the apparitions of Fatima, “has much to suffer”. But God will smite His foes.
    St. Michael, the Archangel…Amen.

  2. becket1 says:

    What do you expect from a country that is mostly atheist.

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