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  1. FrDavid says:

    Tomorrow we are celebrating Happy Catholic Day. Are you happy you’re Catholic?

  2. FrCharles says:

    1.My province has asked me to apply to the doctor of sacred theology program at Boston College for next fall.

    2. Next Saturday we will host of the ordination of two of our friars, one to the diaconate and one to the priesthood.

    3. Next weekend, for the first time since 1998, the feast of St. Francis falls on a Sunday.

  3. Rose in NE says:

    Our FSSP personal parish is having its very first Open House and Parish Picnic tomorrow. It’s been advertised on the local Catholic radio station and in the diocesan newspaper. The day begins with a Solemn High Mass followed by a cookout and other activities. There will be tours of the church, and we’ll get a first look at plans to restore the high altar as well as other improvements.

  4. Supertradmom says:

    I do not have to have chemo or radiation after a cancer operation. Praise God.

  5. TNCath says:

    The Holy Father just concluded an absolutely beautiful Vespers (95% of which was in Latin) in the magnificent Cathedral of Sts. Vitus, Wenceslaus, and Adelbert in Prague. Very well done! After a particularly depressing and disappointing week in our world and in our Church, this gave me some hope that somewhere in the world there is the hope that things are turning around for the better.

  6. Cath says:

    I have seven healthy wonderful children.

  7. Mike says:

    The black vestments I ordered for a Jesuit who will use them (!) for All Souls’ Day have arrived.

  8. CMAA Chant Pilgrimage EF Mass at the National Shrine in DC at 5 today. Jeffrey Tucker’s talk and book signing for his SING LIKE A CATHOLIC on Thursday at the CIC was fun and informative. Jeffrey’s a great speaker with lots of great stories.

    Regular season hockey starts soon. What with the defending champion Pens going so deep into the playoffs the last couple years, it seems like the NHL season lasts almost as long as the Medjugorje fraud. Almost.

  9. wchoag says:

    1. The youth catechism classes (They are called Parish School of Religion here in the Cleveland Diocese) for the parish at which I am a catechetical director started this past week without any major snags.

    2. I turned in one of my two major Projects to the Cleveland Diocese Pastoral Ministry Office as part of my requirements for certification as a Lay Ecclesial Minister. The project was entitled: Introduction and Implementation of the “Extrordinary Form” Liturgy at __________ Parish, __________, Ohio, 2007-Present. God willing I will be certified by Bishop Lennon in January.

    3. I applied to Catholic University of America for re-admission to the Church History graduate program after an eleven year break.

  10. Jayna says:

    The new auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese of Atlanta is getting ordained next week (he and my pastor were ordained together), our parish picnic is next weekend, and – what I find most exciting – we got a new dog today!

    Thanks for mentioning Vespers, TNCath! I had no idea they were airing that. I’ll have to set up my DVR to record the encore so I can watch it after the Gators beat Kentucky.

  11. Neophyte says:

    I am a new Catholic! I love my Parish………

  12. Fr. John Mary says:

    The humidity is lower and the temperature is cooler here in West Central Wisconsin. Praise Jesus! I can breathe again!

  13. Girgadis says:

    The Carmelite Monastery will hold the annual Triduum to St. Therese this week and one of my favorite priests is the celebrant. May St. Charles Seminary turn out many more like him. We adopted a sweet and adorable little mutt from a dog rescue last Saturday and she came to us housebroken and well-trained. The beautiful fall nights have been accented by both crickets and fireflies (the latter I’ve never seen past early July). The lilac bush in our garden is sporting a few unexpected blossoms, just enough to leave a sweet scent in the air.

  14. jantoniello says:

    Yesterday, a friend of mine was Baptized, was Confirmed and received Holy Communion! He had hated Christianity for as long as I had known him…PRAYERS WORK!

  15. patrick_f says:

    Had a wonderfully spiritually fulfilling day. Went to St. Louis Abbey, attended a lecture on church history, then we stuffed ourselves at the Greek Festival.

  16. capchoirgirl says:

    FrDavid–I AM happy to be Catholic!
    A friend of mine who has lupus safely delivered her baby girl a month early. Both Mother and Daughter are doing fine. There was much prayer said for her, so I am glad for St. Anne’s intercession!

  17. The Egyptian says:

    My new granddaughter is wonderful, My daughters fiance has found a job and she is back in class, I know they put the cart before the horse, they seemed to be so in love before the baby, but unemployment has put a terrible strain on them, please pray that they decide to marry, they are living apart but he is here every day to help with the baby and around the house, he so loves that child, please pray for us

  18. chorst01 says:

    Our FSSP Personal Parish (St. Anne Catholic Church) will celebrate its first Parish Picnic on Saturday October 3. October 7, the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary marks the first anniversary of St. Anne’s as a Personal Parish and an FSSP apostolate. A Solemn High Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, October 4, at 10:00 am. If your in or near San Diego come join us. More details can be found at our website:

  19. On September 22 I welcomed into the world yet another nephew, Christopher William Johnson. I’ve only seen pictures so far but he is absolutely beautiful! I will go home next weekend to meet him in person, and I can’t wait! My sister is doing quite well, this is their second child. It’s so exciting seeing the family grow like this – and great to see that my other siblings are making up for the fact that I won’t be having kids :-)

  20. “Good and Faithful Servant Alert!”

    Immaculate Conception Parish in Ravenna, Ohio (southeast of Cleveland, northeast of Akron, due east of Kent State University in the Diocese of Youngstown); Father John-Michael Lavelle, Pastor.

    Another fine example of the Next Generation of priests.

  21. Father Bartoloma says:

    I am finishing up my last week studying more Italian at the Scuola Dante Alighieri in Siena and at the end of next week I will return to Rome to resume my studies in Canon Law. On a lighter note, tomorrow I’m taking a side trip to San Gimignano which will end with a wonderful wine and cheese tasting!

  22. JosephMary says:

    I leave for pilgrimage to Italy next week. Will be attending ordinations in St. Peter’s in Rome. Also will get to go to Assisi and Siena!

    Ave Maria!

  23. jt83 says:

    The Archbishop of Seattle, H.E. Alex Brunett made his first Pastoral Visit to the new FSSP parish in his Archdiocese and assisted at Solemn Mass from the Throne. The Liturgy was beautiful with 4 FSSP priests assisting and a number of diocesan clergy in attendance. The church was full for this Mass. It was such a joy to see the Archbishop visit and make visible his support for the Traditional Mass and the ministries of the parish. This was my third EF form liturgy and I started to feel very comfortable and could focus my prayer rather than being engrossed in my missal. I had goosebumps at the elevation of the Eucharist! I thought about how my ancestors and the saints were nourished by this venerable form of the liturgy and was nearly brought to tears. Thank you Pope Benedict for re-affirming such great traditions of worship. For this 25 year old cradle catholic , it felt like home. DEO GRATIAS!

  24. ljc says:

    Canada will be getting a new Nuncio!

  25. KAS says:

    Well, when my pregnancy began to develop complications, I had the wonderful support of a good OB and a wonderful Maternal Fetal specialist and we did a c-section early–the doctors determined the date for the c-section and it happened to fall on my Dad’s Birthday!

    Baby was three weeks early but born with incredible lung power. She looked around the room after being pulled out of the uterus, and after taking a good look at the strangers in that cold room decided to scream–LOUDLY. Nothing makes a mom happier than when her baby is born not only healthy but robust and well ready to cope with being alive.

    Complications for me continued but the OB put me on medication (and thanks to modern pharmacology there were medications for my problem which DO NOT interfere with breast feeding)for my pregnancy induced high blood pressure and so far my high numbers are slowly resolving into the safe zone, and the low numbers are staying high enough to remain safe as well.

    So, in short, thanks to many prayers from many people, modern medicine functioned as it ought to function and we have our daughter and me–safe and healthy in spite of some nasty and dangerous problems at the end of the pregnancy!

    God is very good to have given us modern medicine which is able to handle what in past times could have killed both me and my baby!

    Now for me to recover enough to get her baptism arranged! :-) I can hardly wait.

  26. chironomo says:

    Wow! In comparison to all the great news here, mine seems a bit trivial now. We had our second “Singing Session” for choir, Priests and parishioners to learn the Mass XVIII Chants that we will be introducing at Sunday Masses soon. It was well attended and there were many good comments.

  27. Mamma B says:

    I went to confession last Sunday, and the Lord is merciful to sinners like me.

  28. Tricia says:

    My boys will be confirmed tomorrow! Daniel will take the name of Sebastian, and Michael will take the name Dominic Savio!

  29. Jack Hughes says:

    went to confession today, and I have finally clawed my way out of plato’s cave :)

  30. mother undercover says:

    Our parish (St. Margaret in Oceanside, California) will celebrate a Solemn High Mass tomorrow, September 27, at 6 p.m. with Fr. Cavana Wallace, Fr. Mark Withoos and Fr. Carl Gismondi. Though we regularly celebrate the Missa Cantata on Sunday evenings, this will be our parish’s first Solemn High Mass. We are so blessed!

    chorst01 – Thanks for loaning us Fr. Grismondi! Hopefully we will make it down for your picnic.

    Supertradmom – I am glad your surgery went well and look forward to the return of your blog.

  31. cuaguy says:

    I just got back from my first Solemn High Mass. All I can say is WOW. I am still in complete awe.

  32. cuaguy says:

    Also, I met some fellow z-chatters yesterday and today!

  33. lucy says:

    Today is the last day of 100 degrees in Fresno, CA !!! Yeah !!! We’re ready for cooler weather. Tomorrow is our regularly schedule FSSP Mass (only twice a month and they travel more than 2 hours to get here for us – thanks be to God). We have a Rogationist say the Mass for us the other two weeks of the month. Thank God for that dear man who comes to our parish to say a low Mass for us. We wish we had a real parish life, but for now, this will have to do. And we are thankful……

  34. Henry Belton says:

    Audrey Grayce was born last night! Our fifth.

  35. introibo says:

    Just got home from the Auriesville pilgrimage (the one-day walk, that is) and had a good time.

  36. Catherine says:

    God has given me the courage to stand in front of Planned Parenthood yesterday as a member of Silent No More, in the 40 Days for Life event, and to hold the sign “I Regret My Abortion.”

    It is very good news indeed that He has been so merciful to me, the greatest of sinners….

  37. Fr. John Mary says:

    God love you, Catherine!]
    May Jesus, Mary and Joseph give you every grace and blessing and make you know how much the heavenly Father loves you!

  38. kelleyb says:

    our Granddaughter is in stable condition. She may be released Wednesday. thanks be to God!!

  39. ssoldie says:

    The second’Gregorian Rite Mass’ in over 40 years is going to be prayed by Fr. Eric Hastings of Duluth, Mn. at St. Frances Catholic Church in Brainerd,Mn., Sunday Nov 8th the twenty third Sunday after Penecost at 5:30, Thank you Fr.Anthony Wroblewski, and Fr. Eric Hastings, God bless you both.

  40. Father!

    My girlfriend of two years and I were engaged on Sunday! And the Bishop of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, who was my spiritual director for years, has agreed to preside at our Solemn High Nuptial Mass in the Extraordinary Form!

  41. TXKathi says:

    Catherine –
    May God bless your courage with saving one soul, for being the sign some young, scared, pregnant woman is seeking from God to change her mind for life for her unborn child.

    I prayed in front of a mill this week that had a save. I couldn’t believe it was while we were just announcing the third decade of the Joyous mysteries – the birth of our Lord.

    There was also a woman who came out in a wheelchair. I prayed fervently that she knew we were praying for her in love, that she be able to experience the love of the Sacred Heart, that God have mercy on her child’s soul & that one day she will be with us on the sidewalk holding a sign that says, “I regret my abortion.”

  42. “CMAA Chant Pilgrimage EF Mass at the National Shrine in DC at 5 today.”

    Hey, I was the MC for that Mass. I gotta tell ya, all you guys joining in the Chant, it sounded totally awesome. The priests were terrific, I had a great crew of servers to work with, and the staff of the Shrine was very accommodating. What a privilege. But the REAL good news is… only three years ago, we could never have had a Traditional Mass there. Talk about “brick by brick,” that’s a whole lotta bricks. Soli Deo Gloria!!

  43. laurazim says:

    Catherine, God bless you. You are a brave soul indeed, and God has clearly blessed you in your faith.

    This afternoon, my husband and I visited dear friends who six days ago welcomed blessing number seven into their family. Thanks be to God!

  44. My book on the new English translation of the Mass is selling well, and is now on What’s more, the bookstore at the National Basilica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception will probably be making an order this week! :)

    Deo gratias!

  45. Oh, and that Gregorian chant pilgrimage/seminar was SPECTACULAR! I got Jeffrey Tucker’s book and I look forward to reading it. Scott Turkington is an EXCELLENT choir director. After only 15 minutes I felt completely comfortable under his direction, which was pastoral without being bereft of authority.

    The Mass was beautiful too. God will be glorified!

  46. PatrickV says:

    I was fortunate to be able to attend the Eucharistic Congress in Charlotte, help an elderly priest who needed a ride home on a dark and stormy night, and this morning, see Father bless one of our parishoners who is going to Californiaa to begin a new chapeter of her life as a cloistered Carmelite.

    Pretty good weekend if you ask me, and it ain’t over yet!!!

  47. BLC says:

    Catherine, may God bless you abundantly!

    My good news is that my new university is exceptionally orthodox in its teachings (I’m a theology undergrad). I am so lucky to be here – not only is every single teacher faithful to the Magisterium and proud of it, but some of the department actually attend Mass at the FSSP chapel I go to… and we’ve even managed to get a weekly low TLM on campus in addition to our Solemn High Masses on First Fridays and major feast days!

  48. Agnes says:

    My husband is maybe sort of kind of thinking about coming back to the Church. Maybe.

    The kids are great.

    I’m teaching CCD.

    Moral Theology A came in the mail the other day. Good stuff.

    I had a nice whitbier last night.

    And life is pretty darn good.

  49. jennywren says:

    Agnes, will pray for your husband. I just heard of a man yesterday who at the age of 57 (I think) is coming into the church on Tuesday. Although having had six children and sending them to authentic Catholic schools (Seton High, Christendom College)and going to Mass with the family, he had never become Catholic. Now, after all this time, he is. Granted, it is coinciding with the need for having a pacemaker put it, but there’s nothing like the contemplation of your death to make you think about your life…..but most don’t wait that long. :) So, will pray for the reversion of your husband’s heart.

    I guess that was my good news – Praise be to God!

  50. Willebrord says:

    The catechists at the local Catholic military chapel are using Faith and Life and are apparently teaching the kids real, substantial Catholic teachings (shocking in a parish with guitars at every Mass). Granted, the kids don’t know anything yet (doubt if they could list the Ten Commandments or say what the Trinity is… but you have to start somewhere).

    Certainly seems better than when I tried CCD at a church in fifth grade. It seemed like an unholy version of “show-and-tell” where they had some pita bread and some grape juice (and some other things) and talked about what they represent in Mass (I do hope they got the point across that the bread and wine in Mass doesn’t represent, it actually IS the body and blood of Our Lord).

    As for more good news… I finished an essay on Divine Providence in Robinson Crusoe, finished three essays on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, then two on Out of the Silent Planet (one more to go). Seton has difficult English 12!

  51. Met a fellow Catholic on the train when we were both praying the rosary. Check out the story:

  52. Dr. Eric says:

    My dad is going to start going to church with my mom every week. Maybe he will finally convert after 34 years of marriage.

    My colleague has confided in me that he is very attracted to the Mass and the Catholic Church and is grilling me with questions about the Faith. (He got some very very pathetic answers in the RCIA classes he quit.)

    We went to our first High Mass a few weeks ago, my wife would like to only go to St. Francis de Sales from now on!

    My wife and I are teaching the First Communion class for PSR and the head of the PSR is very happy and said she has heard great things about our first class. We are going to use the old blue St. Joseph Catechism that I used when I was a kid.

  53. ejcmartin says:

    My seven year-old did his first “solo” with the paten assisting at the TLM today. A proud moment for Daddy to receive communion as my son hold the paten.

    Later in the day we went a NO Mass where we have a wonderful priest. When I told my three yar-old it was time to get ready for Mass, he asked what type of Mass and I replied “english”. He then went into a tantrum complaining “I don’t want to go to an english Mass, I want to go to Latin Mass!” This lasted several minutes until I told him that Father Jeff was back from holiday, that seem to make him more ready to attend an “english” Mass.

    To top it all off after Mass my son told our NO priest about helping at the TLM and Father said “I’m have to going to learn that!”

    Brick by Brick.

  54. Kaneohe says:

    Our parish was originally begun by Blessed Fr. Damien de Veuster – we are now very busy preparing to celebrate his upcoming canonization by our Holy Father on Sunday 11 October.

    We are blessed in also being able to venerate his relic on 21 Oct. We will have three days of prayer and special Masses as part of our way of “welcoming” him back home.

  55. bernadette says:

    I’m home from the CMAA Chant Pilgrimage and it was a wonderful experience. Attendance at the EF Mass in the Crypt Church was way beyond expectations, I understand there were about 450-500 folks there. I only wish that all Catholics could experience liturgy like this. I think that soon the vocations crisis would be over.
    Sunday morning I attended the EF at Old St. Mary’s in Chinatown. Two EFs in two days! Am I blessed or what!

  56. @bernadette “I think that soon the vocations crisis would be over.”

    Agreed! Just think of the number of men (young and old) who would leave their nets and follow Him!

  57. Melody says:

    I heard a seven year old singing the gloria in Latin at mass yesterday. Also some Norbertine nuns from Europe are establishing an active apostalate here.

  58. Jack Hughes says:

    myself and a friend are to start learning how to serve the TLM within the next few weeks!!

  59. Agnes says:

    jennywren, THANKS! He came to Mass yesterday! Huzzah!

  60. irishgirl says:

    I went to the ‘Pilgrimage for the Catholic Restoration’ at Auriesville Saturday-same as introibo-and had a great time! I brought my replica of St. Joan of Arc’s battle standard-I don’t do the walking part-and joined up with the walkers at the main gate. We sang in harmony ‘Na Nobis, Domine’ [from the 1989 film ‘Henry V’ by Patrick Doyle], then made our way to the Coliseum Church, where we did another harmonization, ‘Jubilate Deo’.

    I met the priest who said the Mass, Fr. Hofer of the ICKSP, afterwards. I showed him my standard. Then after I had my [late] lunch, I wandered over to the picnic pavilion and met the lone FSSP priest who came up from Pequannock, NJ, Fr. McCambridge. He was soooo kind! I thanked him for his priesthood, kissed his hand a couple of times, and then he gave me a blessing-in Latin, of course-through the intercession of Our Lady, St. Joan of Arc, and St. John Vianney!

    And earlier that day, after I arrived at the shrine, I met a lady from Michigan who has a daughter in the Ann Arbor Dominicans…and…get this…is going to the ‘Call to Holiness Conference’ in Detroit! I said, ‘You’re going to see Fr. Z!’, and gave her a ‘high five’! We exhanged phone numbers and email addresses-maybe she’ll send me pictures from the conference!

    Our Lord is good!

  61. irishgirl says:

    Oh-I also thanked Fr. Hofer for his priesthood, too…couldn’t forget to do that!

  62. irishgirl says:

    Should have checked my spelling before submitting….there’s supposed to be a ‘c’ in the word ‘exchanged’….oh, well, that’s what happens when your brain gets ahead of your fingers on the keyboard….sigh….

    Kaneohe-I am so excited for you, with the upcoming canonization of Blessed Damien! I’m from the hometown of his fellow worker on Molokai, Blessed Mother Marianne Cope!

  63. JohnE says:

    Went for a nice hike in the mountains with my family yesterday. My 3-yr-old did the 2.2 mile hike without complaint and without being carried.

  64. David says:

    I was teaching Confirmation class this Sunday. Two children knew the Our Father only in Spanish; two knew it only in English; two didn’t know it at all. I half-seriously suggested that we should just say it in Latin. They thought this was a great idea, asked me to do so, and thought it was great once I had.

  65. Nan says:

    Mass at the Shrine of St. Paul where we remembered St. Wenceslaus, Martyr.

  66. cl00bie says:

    My wife and I are going to Syracuse for the Permanent Deacon seminar next month. This will be the first step in our discernment of my secondary vocation.

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