London Colney TLM training conference for priests: reports coming in

You might remember that in England there was to be a conference/workshop for priests to learn the TLM at a center run by the Archdiocese of Westminster.  The editors of RU-486 (aka The Bitter Pill aka The Tablet) in a hissy fit of panic tried to stir controversy about this conference.  They tried to pit Archbishop Nichols against Pope Benedict through their tendentious interpretation of the Archbishop’s forward in the booklet the LMS published for the event.  The Archdiocese rebuked RU-486.  The Bishops conference there should stop propping up their circulation for that little stunt. 

As His Hermeneuticalness says: Tabula delenda!

In any event, the conference took place and there will surely be some reports about it.

Here are a couple photos via Oxford Events.

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  1. MichaelD says:

    Father –

    Thank you for the link to the blog. In addition to the photos of the conference it has a lot of interesting information. We in the Bay Area are quite excited about the Solemn Mass at the Throne that Bishop Cordileone will celebrate on September 20 in Oakland. I will send news of the event once it has passed.

  2. Catholic Dad says:

    However, is the server incensing during the elevation?
    I’ve never seen that done before. Is that rubrics for a High Mass?

  3. Tina in Ashburn says:

    shoot. i forget. what does “Tabula delenda est” mean again? Is it something ominous?

    Father, maybe your site needs a link to one of those online foreign language translators so dum-dums like me can put in the Latin phrases?

    This reminds me of how I was thrown into a French private school in Saigon when I was seven years old. Didn’t speak a lick of French at first. And they were doing long division in First Grade. But I was speaking ‘courrament’ when we left a year and a half later.

    I’m all for immersion!!

  4. Henry Edwards says:

    However, is the server incensing during the elevation?

    For the “more solemn form” of missa canta (sung Mass), Fortescue et. al. says “The thurifer kneels on the lowest step on the epistle side, facing the gospel side. At the elevation he incenses the Blessed Sacrament with three double swings at each elevation, bowing once before and after each group of three incensings.”

    In my experience, it’s rare to see the simpler form of sung Mass (without incense).

  5. gloriainexcelsis says:

    Our Missa Cantata every Sunday indeed has the incense; and yes, the three double swings are implemented at the Elevations.

  6. mpm says:

    Tina in Ashburn,

    “Tabula delenda est” is Fr. Finigan’s word-play on the resolution the Romans took in the Punic Wars when they had had it up to here with Hannibal: “Carthago delenda est”, “Carthage must be wiped out.” Carthage was wiped out, and the plains around it salted. “Tabula” refers to “The Tablet”, so the translation is: “The Tablet should be wiped out.”

  7. irishgirl says:

    Nice pictures-thanks for sharing them, Fr. Finigan, His Hermeneuticalness!

    Haha, I like ‘Tabula Delenda Est’…I heard the original ‘Carthago delenda est’ on a audio tape Mt. Carmel novena that I have. The young priest who uttered the words-referring to the wiping out of the prophets of Baal after Elias beat the pants off them on Mt. Carmel-sounded like he was uttering a threat when he said them…I could almost visualize his lips curling as he ‘growled’ those three words:


    {and no, Fr. Z, I’m not shouting…I’m being good] : )

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