nimrods against crucifixes

My friend Patrick Madrid posted a story about a fellow in St. Louis, MO, a Catholic, who has a crucifix on display in his grocery store.

Freedom hating and generally obtuse "atheists" are complaining.

You know… the more I hear arguments of so-called "atheists", the less I think they are really "atheists".


My friend Richard Lane brought this irksome story to my attention, and so I now bring it to yours:


“It startled me. It seemed so out of place” was the comment of a patron of the new downtown Schnucks Grocery Store in St. Louis, Missouri. While driving to work this morning, my wife and I were listening to commentary KMOX Radio on this issue and then I went online to get the story from St. Louis Today Website.

Basically the person who felt the Crucifix was ‘out of place’, (also was Jewish – I am in no means insinuating that all Jewish brothers and sisters feel this way) went out of their way to write a letter to their local Jewish Newspaper on this issue complaining about what many say is the ‘obvious symbol of not just Christianity, but Roman Catholicism, since the dying Corpus of Christ was placed on a Cross. Obviously people are disapproving of this display of someone’s faith, Culinaria (Store) Manager Tom Collora, Jr., who is a parishioner at the Old Cathedral, located in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.

"It’s bad taste and bad business. Who wants to (shop) where someone else’s faith is being pushed down your throat?" were the comments from an Atheist who lives next to the store. Personally, if this Atheist was so loyal to his cause, then he should not be using United States Currency, which displays this Country’s Faith… but this is not the point in my opinion.  [Has this nimrod noticed that he lies in a city names "SAINT Louis"?]

What Mr. Collora has done, is answer the call of the New Evangelization, specifically the Mandate of Christ to ‘Go an make disciples’ by sharing our Faith; by sharing the Salvific Message of the Corpus of the Messiah on the Cross, which is not a sign of exclusion, but the opposite; this is the Glorious Sign of Inclusion into the Body (all pun intended) of Christ, who was ‘lifted up’, suffered, died and rose three days later in Triumph over death.

According to Pope Paul VI; the Roman Catholic Church exists so that She may Evangelize, taking the Eternal Message of Salvation to every end of the earth, every Home, Hamlet and Hovel; every Town, City, State, Country and Territory; Our (Roman Catholics) mission is to share the GOOD NEWS of Salvation through Jesus Christ to all mankind… and as Christ told us; “Do not be afraid!”

As one who has given up a secular life to continue to proclaim the Gospel, I applaud Mr. Collora and wish the other 1 Billion Catholics around the World would imitate his example. . . . (continue reading)

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  1. Tom Ryan says:

    ANTI-Theists would be more accurate

  2. lucy says:

    I wish we would see more folks standing up for their faith and placing religious articles where folks could see them. I’ve been in Asian restaurants where a Buddha is placed in decoration. I have no problem with that. I have seen symbols of the Jewish faith when in a deli. I have no problem with that. Can’t we all just get along ? (smirk)

  3. medievalist says:

    Why do atheists always fear Christianity? If, as they belief, it’s all hocus-pocus, then why worry about it so much? Are the illogical or are they simply fearful of the Truth?

  4. KellyH says:

    Funny you should make this entry on ‘International Blasphemy Day’, of all days. Speaking of nimrods…

  5. FrCharles says:

    From someone who has attended a Catholic theological school without crucifixes in the classrooms, and who has lived in a house of Catholic religious wherein the guest room has a statue of the Buddha, but no crucifix, I can only applaud Mr. Collora and thank God for his good example.

  6. Fr. John Mary says:

    Kelly H: I forgot about this…you are right! That’s why there was no heat in the Oratory or priory today and we blew some fuses! I knew evil had something to do with it. FrJM

  7. priest up north says:

    Since when is this so-called “atheist” to shop only in this one store…Why doesn’t he go somewhere else if it bothers him…(I think the tired argument that stores not say “Merry Christmas” is of the same principle – if you don’t like it, don’t go in the store!)

  8. Peggy R says:

    So far, the grocery chain is supporting this manager who has always put up a cruficix at each location he has managed. He’s been with the chain for maybe 40 years, I think I read.

    Here’s the original STL P-D article.

    The religion reporter, Tim Townsend, is a fair reporter. When they want to do a screed about women priests and all that, the paper uses some one else, invariably.

  9. Clinton says:

    I hope that this atheist is being consistent, complaining to the management of Jewish delis that display Jewish symbols,
    writing letters of complaint to Asian restaurants that display statues and prints of Buddha, and upbraiding the Hindus that display
    statues of Ganesh in their stores. If they aren’t consistent, then their complaint is mere bigotry, and should be met with scorn.

    Something tells me that this person is only upset with Christians displaying symbols of their faith in their place of business.
    I’d bet the farm that other faiths get a hall pass. Which would tell me that these people aren’t “offended” by the public display
    of a religious symbol by a business owner, as long as the symbol isn’t the “wrong” sort. Which, in the end, is stupid prejudice.

    If these folks sensibilities are so delicate, I would suggest that they never go to Latin America. Their heads might implode from an
    overload of offenses to their prissy anti-Christian bigotry.

  10. Willebrord says:

    I’m noticing that recently, often once it gets past a certain point, all the text on the page is in italics. I’m guessing this is due to some error in html.

  11. polski says:

    What’s so frustrating is that atheists or anti-catholics will praise this homosexual group for making such blasphemies against our catholic tradition in praying the rosary…that’s totally acceptable but a crucifix offends???? Please I beg readers to make reparation for these sins committed against the immaculate heart of Mary. And tell you friends to make reparation as well.

  12. gloriainexcelsis says:

    A Catholic owned ice cream parlor (homemade ice cream) in Sacramento has a crucifix prominently displayed. It is a family business and one of the family is a priest. The place is always packed. I’m sure not all the customers are Catholic. The only protest came after it was made known that the owner supported Proposition 8, the anti-same sex marriage initiative. The newspaper published names of businesses that supported the initiative. The most obnoxious, hate-filled letters to the editor, many anti-Catholic, threats of boycott, etc., even lying about the hygiene of the place and poor service, were all too prominent for quite awhile. It was great publicity. Business got even better.

  13. Traductora says:

    We don’t even have a crucifix in the altar area of our own Cathedral (although there is one in the nearby Blessed Sacrament chapel). I think that driving the crucifix out of public sight – even in church! – was one of the worst things that happened after Vatican II. It was meant to assuage Protestant sensibilities, but it seriously harmed Catholic understanding and expression of the Faith, and the Protestants didn’t like us any better anyway.

  14. catholicmidwest says:

    Nobody forces them to shop there. If it bothers them so much, then these people need to find another place to shop and stop their darned b*****ing. What’s on the wall of a store they don’t wish to frequent is none of their business. They don’t have the right to run over everyone else like that. BIGOTS.

  15. Dr. Eric says:

    I couldn’t believe it! I read the article, and I know the woman who made the complaint. I went to school with her, and she is not happy unless she is complaining. Perhaps you know people like who are like that. My Dad, who is not Catholic, has a name for women like her, but I can’t write it here.

  16. Dr. Eric says:

    Furthermore, about a mile down the street from where we went to school together was a Muslim grocery/restaurant. There were many framed pictures of Arabic calligraphy, the 99 names of Allah, and pictures of women in head scarves in the shop. I didn’t complain, I loved the lamb and the other tasty treats that the man from Iraq served. I didn’t see her protest that place, or the Mongolian barbecue that we all went to that had the giant Buddha statue in the lobby and I’m fairly certain that she and I met up there once with a few of the other students.

  17. I had a somewhat similar experience. While having lunch with my boss, he once asked me why I always wear a Miraculous Medal. He is an indifferent Catholic, not going to Mass only if a Jesuit says it(?!), and is a believer of feng shui. He once said he’d rather play golf than go to Mass. So when he asked me that question, I knew it was loaded. Knowing that he is “gaga” over the Jesuits, I answered in a “philosophical way”. “Sir, this medal is an outward expression of an interior reality, the reality that I love Jesus and His Mother. Just as you are wearing your wedding ring.”

    He just smiled and continued eating.

  18. wolskerj says:

    I’m a bit confused. I kept thinking this post had something to do with Nimrod, the mighty hunter. As in people hunting for something to be offended by?

  19. bernadette says:

    I would advise these oh so sensitive folks to never go to Europe where religious murals adorn the outside of buildings and crucifixes are present in the dining rooms of family owned hotels and bed and breakfasts. Religious shrines such as crucifixes and pictures of Our Lady and saints are all along the roads in some countries. So upsetting, its enough to make you drive off the cliff!

  20. Paul says:

    For the record, I used live a mile from the store in question and shopped there for years. I knew the manager. No finer man in the city. His record of helping the poor and keeping a decent store in a declining neighborhood is exemplary.

  21. Around our neck of the woods (south of Boston, MA) almost all of the pizza/sub shops are run by Greeks or Greco-Italians . And they all have, in addition to the mandatory framed print of the Parthenon, icons on the wall somewhere. Why wouldn’t they; it may be all well and good that there are no religious symbols displayed in government offices (although we all know that’s not universal), but in a private business? Some people just look for trouble.

  22. Paul says:

    For the record, I used to live a mile from the store in question and shopped there for years. I knew the manager. No finer man in the city. His record of helping the poor and keeping a decent store in a declining neighborhood is exemplary.

  23. irishgirl says:

    Bravo to the grocery store owner for standing up for the Faith!

    If the atheist [and other complainers] don’t like seeing the crucifix in the store, then go somwhere else to shop!

    There’s a Greek restaurant in my area, too; and I think, the last time I was in there, I saw an icon of the Theotokos [Our Lady with the Child Jesus] in the vestibule.

  24. genxrevert says:

    Here in NY, all the pizza places have statues of Saints, crucifixes, or pictures of Padre Pio. I ate in one that even had a Padre Pio clock!

  25. lome says:

    Don’t forget, though Catholics believe in the supernatural, we sometimes also forget that our spiritual enemy, host of demons even devils in some higher hierarchies of hell are very much afraid of blessed Crucifixes, blessed rosaries, pictures ,objects. If they are blessed by a legally ordained priest, they are not trinkets, but sacramental. And there is no use explaining this to an Atheist.

    Oh! They disperse very quickly from the most very ordinary of elements…Holy Water! Read the lives of those holy men and women, St.Theresa Padre Pio, ect.their experiences in battling the demons. They said that most of them doesn’t comeback…Maybe it hurt their excessive pride being driven away by this simple H2O….blessed.
    We are further reminded that all of those who really rejected Christ those who are out of Grace are easy hand pick to them. BE it men, women or children.

  26. lome says:

    We are further reminded that all of those who really rejected Christ those who are out of Grace are easy hand pick to them. BE it men, women or children.
    Anyone walking,talking living normal but with a dead soul can be used
    and re-used!Harass ect.

  27. lome says:

    Anyone walking,talking living normal but with a dead soul can be used
    and re-used!Harass ect.

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