QUAERITUR: antique chalices

From a reader:

A classmate of mine is about to be ordained to the priesthood.  I’m trying to find an antique chalice for him.  Do you know any merchants who sell antique chalices?


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  1. DKR says:

    Well there is certainly Adrian Hamers, which deal in the restoration of antique chalices for their continued use. While pricey, they do wonderful work and have a rather large selection. There is also Luzar, in the UK, which has a selection of chalices on their website. Also, Gardiner Hall deals in buying and reselling many liturgical items, including chalices, and has the added advantage of only buying/selling amongst Catholics, which avoids the selling of consecrated chalices to protestants. They are an excellent company and are very helpful in finding good items.

  2. Sacristymaiden says:

    I’m no great authority on these items, but I’ve been to Adrian Hamers in New York, and many of the things there are antiques–including chalices. They carry just about every metal (and a great many non-metal)religious item you can think of for the mass and church.
    Their website doesn’t even show half the items they have in the shop, which, by the way is stunning to walk into.

  3. rosebudsal says:


    I don’t know where the person who sent you the email is located, but I was wandering around town a while back and stumbled upon a gorgeous chalice and monstrance in this store in Santa Fe. Perhaps the inquirer could email the shop for more information.


    I often wondered why objects such as this end up in antique shops.

    Maria in Santa Fe

  4. ridiculusmus says:

    An antique chalice is, strictly speaking, one that is more than 100 years old. I bought an English chalice from the 1850s some years ago and finally gave it to my local SJXR parish. There are some real horrors out there. Age is no guarantee of quality.

  5. There are some very nice new chalices available in antique designs now, btw. I have seen good chalices in Rome and in St. Paul, MN at Leaflet Missal.

  6. Ygnacia says:

    King Richards is the place. They are a worldwide, full service religious goods company, with a huge selection of new and used anything-you-may-want.


  7. ssoldie says:

    Go to UsedChurchItems.com, great website beautiful every thing.

  8. Rev. Philip-Michael says:

    There are some good online sources but if you are in Rome you should go to the shop, Salustri across the street from DeRiti’s in the area of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva.

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