REMINDER: 19 September

original message 15 September

Talk Like A Pirate Day!

UPDATE 17 Sept 16:32

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  2. NOT YET! 19 Sept! Save up the good stuff.

  3. chloesmom says:

    Ahoy, me hearties!

  4. How about the Feast of Our Lady of La Salette day?

  5. LarryD says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Fr. Z.

    I wonder if you’ll fisk an ARRRRRticle from the NC”ARRRRRRRR” that day.

  6. “Our owner just pockets the luxury tax and we haven’t had a winning season in 17 years. Great ballpark, though.” Or is that not what you meant?

  7. Lee says:

    Why, youuuuuu……

  8. Tantum Ergo says:

    I’m talkin t’yew there under the crow’s nest. Swab the poop deck! Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!

  9. Jayna says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Padre! I’ll be sure to wear my Talk Like a Pirate Day shirt. Until the game starts. Then I have to put my Gator shirt on, I don’t mess around with stuff like that.

  10. Tim Ferguson says:

    Good thing this Saturday isn’t an EmbARRRRRRR day. We won’t have to abstain from grog or bARRRRRRRbecue

  11. The Astronomer says:

    ARRRR….ye’ll be walking the plank iffin we catch ya pallin’ around with the likes of Richard McBrien…

  12. Avast there! Belay! Save it for 19 September!

  13. John Enright says:

    OK, Father,! I won’t say anything in “Pirate” until the appointed day. Aaaar! (So sue me, I told a white lie!. LOL)

  14. RlovesJ says:

    Who is a pirate’s saint? The Vicar of Ars.

  15. Carolina Geo says:

    Tim: Sarrrrrry to disappoint you, but Satarrrrrday IS an Embarrrrr day. (They arrrrrr the Wednesday, Friday, and Satuarrrrrday aftarrrrr Septembarrrrr 14).

    Instead of eating, go and watch a movie. Find one that’s rated arrrrrr.

    (Sarrrrry, Fatharrrrr. I got carrrrried away. Besides, I’m a method actarrrrr. I have to be in charactarrrrr.)

  16. berenike says:

    James Preece reported last year: “Despite earnest efforts by the Bishops Conference of England and Wales, Talk Like a Pirate Day has not been moved to the nearest Sunday.”

  17. chironomo says:

    In SW Florida here, we also have “Gasparilla Day” in February, so TLAP Day is like a scaled down version! In the past, we have gone to Ponce De Leon Park with the kids…(OK, not a Pirate, but there is a big statue of him there, and he looks like a pirate..). We also have a pirate-themed breakfast (pieces-of-eight pancakes) for the kids and drink out of our “skull mugs” that we also use at Halloween. And of course, we talk like pirates…

  18. Lee says:

    Father, we’re just warming up. It’s difficult to make the sudden change overnight. Avast!

  19. Dubya Ay-See says:

    Remember, you can set the language settings on both Facebook and Google to “Pirate”. On Facebook, the setting is “English-(Pirate)”

  20. Agnes says:

    Walk the plank, ye scurvy modernists! (ok, worth a try)

  21. Totus Tuus says:

    What Does the Pirate Really Say?

  22. One could mine the works of Patrick O’Brian for the perfect phrase, FWIW.

  23. Traductora says:

    Here in St Augustine, which is probably the only place in the US that actually was raided and destroyed by pirates (British and French), there were less than fond memories of the pirates, and the Spanish quaked when they heard oars in the water at night. One raid on this tiny town left 60 people, including women and children who had run out of their homes, dead in the streets.

    However, in modern times, we make a great living off the pirate image and Talk Like a Pirate Day is a big local favorite. There was another Pirates of the Caribbean movie filmed here a couple of years ago, but I don’t know when it’s coming out.

  24. Supertradmom says:

    A little naughty fun-does a pirate sound like Father McBrien? Haven’t the liberals plundered and stolen our inheritance in America-the continuity of Tradition and Revelation in the Holy Catholic Church?

  25. Lee says:

    This should help everyone to get ready:

    Now I have a taste for rum. Guess I will splice the mainbrace!

  26. Tim Ferguson says:

    It’s also the feast of St. JanuAAARRRRius.

  27. irishgirl says:

    Tim Ferguson-ye struck again! “St. JanuAAARRRius’….love it!

    AAARRRGGGHHH-avast, ye lubbers!

    [oh, well, I tried]

  28. Tim Ferguson says:


  29. Ceile De says:

    My wife attended her first ARRR….CIA class on Thursday at St Therese Alhambra CA. About half of the class of eight said they were attracted due to the pARRRish’s weekly EF Mass. Strangely, though, the class will be brought to a teen life Mass and an OF Mass but not an EF Mass. At least it is a fairly ARRRR..thodox pARRRRish.

  30. Ahoy mateys! I’d love to splice the mainbrace with ye, but I must be off to fix some grub and swab the decks. Godspeed!

  31. Michael in NoVA says:

    Just make sure ye landlubbers eat at ARRRRby’s today.

    I have to drop me son of at ARRRRvard, where he be studyin’ ARRRRcheology so he can identify the valuable ARRRRRtifacts we plunder.

    So if you be excusin’ me, I needs to feed me parrot, ARRRRlene, before we sail.

  32. gmarie says:

    Aye! Ne’er a squiffy be me! It be swashbucklin’ n’ the sweet trade fir me til’ I be in Fiddler’s Green. I be about t’ sail on me ship th’ Calypso Evil Lie. Do ye wan’ t’ come or do ye’ wan’ to be a lily-livered landlubber? Arrrrrr.

  33. Dr. Eric says:

    How much does a pirate pay for corn on the cob?

    About a buck an ear.

  34. Dr. Eric says:

    How’s that for a Pirate joke, ye scurvy dogs?

  35. Tim Ferguson says:

    hardy harr harrrrr, Dr. Eric

  36. Yar… grass combing scrubs… yar…

  37. Tim Ferguson says:

    Yar, we lost to the San Diego Padres today, woe betide us!

  38. Thomas G. says:

    Please . . . stop this madness . . . .

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