Save the Liturgy – Save the World… the coffee mug

Some people noticed my SAVE THE LITURGY SAVE THE WORLD coffee mug in another entry.

So… by popular demand…  you can get your own!

They are available through a Cafe Press store I set up.

I made a prototype but I found that the writing was just a little too big.  I reduced the size slightly, and I think it will be better.

There are also bumper-stickers.

Here are shots of the two mugs.  Keep in mind the writing on the one on the right has been made a little smaller, so that it is easier to read at a glance.

These are the large coffee mugs, which I prefer for obvious reasons.

The writing is red, edged with black.

Buy WDTPRS stuff!I have been putting the Say the Black – Do the Black mug through the dishwasher on the lower shelf to see how it would stand up.  I was worried that the image would wear off.  But it is holding up perfectly so far.

I have been punishing these mugs, microwaving them for long periods and putting them in the bottom part of the dishwasher near the heating element.  They are holding up, though under this relentless hammering with heat, etc., they are showing some wear after a year or so.  If you don’t mistreat them as I purposely do, they should last for a long time!

If you are in the USA

You can get the WDTPRS mug here.
You can get the Save The Liturgy mug here.
You can get the Say The Black mug here.

If you are in the UK…

You can get the WDTPRS mug here.
You can get the Save The Liturgy mug here.
You can get the Say The Black mug here.

If you are an Aussie …

You can get the WDTPRS mug here.
You can get the Save The Liturgy mug here.
You can get the Say The Black mug here.

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  1. Paulus says:

    What timing. I was afraid I was going to have to order these from the UK.

  2. dmwallace says:

    How about a coffee mug that says, “Drink the Black, Do the Red?” [And a wine glass that says “Drink the Red”?]

  3. I was wondering how they stand up to running through the dishwasher. I had been hand washing my “Say the Black” mug, but prefer to use the dishwasher whenever available. Hmm…might have to order a “Save the Liturgy” mug to have a matching set. [I also microwave it everyday.]

  4. Jack Hughes says:

    Fr. Sticha

    I’ve had a ‘Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club’ mug for almost two years now and its held up extrmley well even though I regulary put it through the dishwasher.

  5. Bogna says:

    It’s bad it doesnt translate nicely to Polish. It doesn’t look or sound well: “Czytaj czerwone, rób czarne”.

  6. lofstrr says:

    Now we need a

    Pope Benedict XVI
    Marshall Plan Special Agent


  7. Agnes says:

    I think I need to buy stock in this.

  8. Agnes… just buy a mug.

  9. Marcin says:

    Bogna, I tried it too. It just doesn’t make it in Polish. (Or we need a professional to spin it our way…)

  10. How do you say it in Polish?

    (Not “it” obviously.)

  11. Frank H says:

    Good idea to add the website address to the mug!

  12. Marcin says:

    Father, in Polish it would be literal “Powiedz czarne, zrób czerwone” (perfective aspect) or “Mów czarne, rób czerwone” (durative/imperfective aspect). The former has more of a direct order flavor.

  13. Marcin: I thought “czerwone” was beet. Hmmm… I lack vocabulary.

  14. Marcin says:

    Nope, Father. Yet very close: ‘czerwony’ (masc.) = red; beet = ‘burak’ (pl. buraki). You have most probably probably seen ‘czerwone buraki’ meaning, well, red beets.

  15. Girgadis says:

    I’m not a coffee or tea drinker but I wanted to support the cause so I got one for my pastor. I think he’ll love it.

  16. wolskerj says:

    Just FYI, half the image on my “Ratzinger Fan Club” mug flaked off in the dishwasher. I’d recommend hand-washing.

  17. JoanW says:

    Is there a way you could add the coaster option to the Save the Liturgy, Save the World store? (I saw the one in the Say the Black, Do the Red store)
    I really need a coaster at work, and I think that one would be perfect. : )

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