Thanks to readers

First, WDTPRS went over 8 million visits recently, at least since I have been keeping stats.  Thanks!

Also, a long time ago a kind reader sent me an old but unused network power switch, I finally have it installed and functioning.  It is a twitchy but useful piece of equipment!  This critter allows me when I am on the road to use my laptop or even my phone to reach into my home network and turn the power on/off on certain pieces of equipment I access from afar or even switch lights on/off, etc.  This eliminates the need for someone to come in when I am gone and physically reboot things. Very useful!

More recently, WB of CA used my amazon wishlist to send me a small but extremely important Uninterruptible Power Source, which is a surge protector that is also a battery backup.  A storm swept through a couple months back when I was away.  It completely blew out one of my big UPS units.  Had I not had things plugged into the surge protection… well.. it could have been a lot worse.  If you don’t have even small UPS units on your important equipment, such as your computer, you are playing with lightning.  Seriously, this is something you should think about if you have a computer… and I assume you do if you are reading this, or a big flat panel TV – together with something that cleans up your electric current and keeps it consistent.  I remember reading a story about a man who kept his vital medicine in a small fridge and it was preserved during that long blackout in NYC some years ago.  Consider, for example, plugging the base of your portable phone into a UPS.  Unless you have one of those old fashioned phones that run off the power in the telephone line itself (which is separate from the other power grid) you wouldn’t be able to call for help if there was an emergency during a power outage.  Frankly, any in in, say, Florida in storm season who doesn’t have at least one old phone and/or a couple UPS units should rethink their options.  But I digress.

WJ of MO, also using the amazon wishlist, sent the book by John Baldovin, SJ, Reforming the Liturgy: A Response to the Critics.  This book purports to assess the changes to the liturgy made subsequent to the Council’s mandate for reform.  I have not started to dig into this one yet, but look forward to what Baldovin has to say.  Given the publisher and the people acknowledged in the preface, I am not expecting an entirely friendly examination of critics of the post-Conciliar reform.  But… as I said, I haven’t yet read the book.

Many thanks to those of you who have visited, participated in discussion, downloaded and listened to PODCAzTs (I wish there were more, given the time it takes to make them… I must figure out a better way to make these and save some time!) and, especially, who have used the donation button on the left side bar and on some posts.

I do not forget to pray for benefactors, which is my pleasure and duty.  I will during this upcoming week, as is my practice, bring a list of those who have sent things or donations along and say Mass for the intention of benefactors.

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  1. JohnE says:

    Thank you for your prayers.

  2. NLucas says:

    Interesting. Let’s compare your numbers with, say, the National Catholic Reporter’s print circulation. WDPTRS monthly average since January 2006 (44 months) would be approximately 182,000 visitors. NCReporter prints 42,000 copies a week. Considering the number of copies of NCReporter that sit unread on church literature racks in the “puppeteer progressive” parishes, WDTPRS seems to have quite a bit more “heft.”

    What would be really interesting would be a comparison in hits between WDTPRS and NCReporter’s website, as well as the website for the Jesuit publication America.

    In Christ,

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