This is one goofy cat

And now for something completely different.

This is one goofy cat.

I dunno folks… but is it possible this critter was dropped on its head too many times?

Corollary: Is it possible to drop cat on its head?

Also: If so, is it possible to drop a cat on its head too many times?

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  1. Jack Hughes says:

    this cat is actually quite sensible, [… Let’s avoid the spoilers… ]

  2. Bernie says:

    No, it’s not possible.
    That’s a fascinating clip. I’ve never seen a cat do anything like it. […]

    I’m impressed.
    Thanks for posting it.

  3. joecct77 says:

    We finally have proof of waterboarding.

  4. Bill Haley says:

    I don’t know if you can drop on a cat on its head, but if you could, this fellow did it:

  5. Agellius says:

    That was thoroughly enjoyable. I watched every minute of it in rapt fascination.

    I have heard that individual cats have more distinct personalities than, say, dogs. Anyone know how true that is?

  6. Jack Hughes says:

    sorry Father didn’t mean to spoil it :)

  7. mibethda says:

    A bizarre way for it to slake its thirst – but what can one expect, after all it is a cat.

  8. Paula says:

    Yes, individual cats have very distinct personalities.

  9. Stu says:

    All cats are goofy.

  10. Don says:

    I’m not sure if it is possible to drop a cat on it’s head, but it’s fun to try.

    And no, I don’t think it’s ever possible to do it too many times.


  11. chloesmom says:

    Never saw one of our 3 doing that, but cats are full of surprises.

  12. Charivari Rob says:

    I’m curious, though, as to what the cat was listening to. Album? Radio station? Audio feed from some website?

  13. The Egyptian says:

    Yeeeaaahh, I’ve had hangovers like that ;>))

  14. Let’s try this again…

    Don’t spoil it for people by… how do I put this… telling people what this is before they see it?

  15. If someone was really clever, he could create a voice over for this… think about it.

  16. Supertradmom says:

    Our Puddy, Vladimir, and Miho have more sense than this kitty. They just wait by the bowl and look cute until we put in clean water.
    This one is adorably weird, though.

  17. SophiaGrace says:

    Lather-shmather. It’s all about the Rinse and Repeat!

    Father, thanks for posting that clip. I still have tears in my eyes from laughing so much! We always had a cat or dog when I was growing up, yet I do not ever remember seeing anything like that before! Goofy indeed!

  18. jjoy says:

    My Juniper does the same thing, but in the bathtub.

  19. JackG says:

    Maybe he wants to be baptized.

  20. jennywren says:

    This cat is clearly wasting natural resources and is a drain on the earth’s sustainability – he should be dropped on his head one last time.

    KIDDING!!!!!…i found this hysterical and the longer I watched, the funnier it was.

  21. Subvet says:

    All cats are strange, we’ve had three so far and none are “normal”. The first one loved sauerkraut, black olives and red cabbage. Number two hates all men and children and used to get stuck behind our entertainment center. Fully loaded it weighs over two hundred pounds (the center, not the cat) and you can guess who had to “rescue kitty” everytime.

    Our youngest takes the prize, while most cats won’t accidentally back up off any height this one does. After talking to a vet we figured he’s brain damaged from starvation prior to our adopting him (or his adopting us).

    I used to think cats were just like dogs except for the eyes. BOY, was that a dumb idea!

  22. Agnes says:

    JackG – Bath of Regeneration.

  23. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is the reason I love cats so much. They do the strangest things and think what they are doing is normal. Thanks for the laugh Father Z.

  24. catholicmidwest says:

    Yes, cats have more distinct personalities than dogs. I love them both but cats can be very funny and eccentric.

  25. trespinos says:

    I’d probably soak my head, too, if I had to listen to jazz for very long.

    Seriously, I like cats. I just can’t eat a whole one.


    I wouldn’t have believed this without seeing it.

  26. Geoffrey says:

    That was hilarious!

  27. dcs says:

    In my experience cats definitely have more distinct personalities than dogs. That’s not to say that dogs aren’t fun or that they’re not worthwhile companions – they are – just that dogs tend have similar personalities (unless they’ve been abused). One of our cats (we have two – they take care of the mice for us) likes to eat bread (he will chew through a plastic bag to get it, and always has his nose to the floor looking for crumbs) and will play fetch (but only with a certain toy), while the other will roll over like a dog and let you scratch his belly. I once owned a cat that loved popcorn – you could throw it on the floor and he would chase after it – and saltines – these he would knock right out of your hand.

  28. Jayna says:

    My cat drinks out of the faucet and does put his head totally under the water. He’s never done it with the water on that high, though.

  29. Fr. John Mary says:

    I can totally relate with that cat…although I am more of a ‘dog person’…I want to stick my head under the faucet many a time when it’s so darned hot and humid…maybe cats are smarter than we think?!
    But my experience with cats is that they HATE water. Must be some kind of genetic problem there.

  30. Fr. John Mary says:

    And you should watch our Jack Russell Terrier play hockey with an ice cube…strange…

  31. dmwallace says:

    Seeing how the cat’s mouth opens and closes so much like it does, I would suggest that someone out there synchronize and dub in some humorous dialogue…perhaps a PodcaZt excerpt.

  32. Dr. Eric says:

    My kids thought that was hilarious.

  33. Quadraginta Abhinc Annos says:

    Reverend Father:

    I agree with JackG. The cat obviously craves to be baptized. Just as obvious is the fact that he is traditional. Otherwise, he would be listening to funk or rock or something equally secular, whereas, he is listening to progressive jazz. Mozart would be better still, but cats are cats.

    Very respectfully,


  34. Mariana says:

    My late cat used to like to drink water running from the faucet, too, but turned her head sideways the more easily actually to catch the water in her mouth. My theory is this cat has a stiff neck and can’t turn his head!

  35. Beau says:

    That was fun to watch! :)

    Now that it’s been a couple of days, can Jack Hughes go ahead and tell us why the cat is doing that? (I’m assuming it’s not just thirsty).

    I could ask for the “cat to be let out of the bag”, or I could say that “curiosity is just killing the cat”, but that would be to easy…

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