9-22 Feb ’10 – Berlin, NJ

I have tentative plans to be in Berlin, NJ at Mater Ecclesiae to help out for a few days.  Not yet concrete.

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  1. JonM says:

    But Father! But Faaaather!!

    Why must you visit south New Jersey in the winter? In the summer time the southern part of the state truly lives up to the namesake, the Garden State. I have very fond memories driving through New Egypt on 539 trekking back from a certain barrier island beach after an easy day with sand and surf.

    With the corn fields, fresh fruit stands, horse stables, and jets on maneuvers, it is a really, really neat experience.

    As a north New Jersyian in exile, now of the South (which has some of the best Catholics despite our humble numbers), I can tell you that the people in the Southern part of the state are a little more ‘welcoming’ than those above the Turnpike.

    But it looks like you will receive quite a welcome from the climate. They already had one snow up there and according to various predictive models are in store for an ample winter. Probably you will chuckle at how things close up in NJ over 8 inches of powder as much as I grin when the entire Triad shuts down upon reaching the threshold 3.8cm.

    FYI, word is governor elect actually takes his Catholicism seriously. Though not particularly forceful, he did not waffle on the issue of life (sadly NJ is one of the least life friendly states – despite the high number of Catholics on the roles).

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