Comment of Card. George on the Roman Missal

From the monthly newsletter, November 2009, of the USCCB’s Committee on Divine Worship:

Catechetical Resources for the Roman Missal

After the final votes were taken, Bishop Arthur Serratelli, Committee Chairman, addressed the plenary meeting and outlined the process of catechesis for the new Roman Missal …. Following the address, Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., USCCB President, added the following reflection on the importance of the Roman Missal:

“The Missale Romanum – the Roman Missal – is a book that not only expresses the faith as the people
come to understand it, but constantly challenges people to move that faith into what is the heavenly
Liturgy. And it is a book that has been defended by martyrs: the English Martyrs at the time of Elizabeth
died for the sake of the Roman Missal and the Mass that was incorporated in it.

“We have a liturgical tradition that is a necessary part of the Magisterium, of handing on the faith. It is
the Missal, along with Scripture, that indeed tells us how God wants to intertwine, inter-work in the
affairs of the human race
. So there is a tremendous moment of religious renewal that is possible now and
that I really hope, with the help of our own Committee [on Divine Worship], we will be able to take
advantage of it.”

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  1. Rich says:

    Do I hear an AMEN!?

  2. And here I thought that description was interesting.

  3. idatom says:

    Fr. Z.

    I would like to see our priest give a short instruction at each Mass as to what he will be saying and what we will be saying when the new Roman Missal replaces the old. They could sometimes show why the new translation is an improvement. This, I think, would also be a good time to bring the tabernacles back to the alters and for all priest to turn towards Him while saying Mass. In other words, with much explanation, slowly prepare us for the upcoming changes.

    Tom Lanter

  4. asperges says:

    Whilst I admire and applaud the sentiment and reference to the Elizabethan martyrs who died for the Mass, I do wonder what they would have made of the Novus Ordo, with or without better translations…

    No-one in the UK has said much about the new translations yet: we have no Trautpersons to lead the bandwagon of objectors here. We were dragooned into the last awful ICEL offerings in the 70s because of the US lobby and the fact that Paul VI insisted on one English set of translations for everyone. Any change now though will undoubtedly be for the better.

  5. ssoldie says:

    “We have a liturgical “tradition” that is a necessary part of the Magisterium, of handing on the faith. It is
    the Missal, along with Scripture. And should not this be done organically, as has been done down thru the centuries? Not a fabricated on the spot manufactured product? Called “NEW”.

  6. catholicmidwest says:

    Nevertheless, what Cdl George said about the Roman Missal is correct. People have died for it, and still do. It’s important that they get it right.

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