Creepy spinning blue light in Norway. Obama in Norway. Coincidence?

You have no doubt heard now that there was a weird spinning blue light over Norway lasting some 10 minutes.

Fuller story here.

This was from a failed Russian missile test… so we know there was nothing supernatural or alien about this.

But it did happen at this particular time.

Coincidence?   You decide!


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  1. pseudomodo says:


    At the exact moment Obama goes to Norway, the Russians decide this is an oppourtune time to launch a quirky ballistic missile OVER NORWAY from a submerged submarine in the White Sea.

    Miraculously, it FAILS!

    Obama is all powerfull…

  2. EXCHIEF says:

    It is indeed symbolic—the screw like pattern is indicative of the fact that Obama is in fact screwing the USA.

  3. Random Friar says:

    A most beautiful failure, I must say.

  4. pseudomodo says:

    It is reminiscent of the circular hand signals the aliens made in “MARS ATTACKS”.

    Of course the REAL miracle is that nobody has yet claimed it to be an apparition of the BVM on her feast day!

  5. maynardus says:

    It’s the Obama “Spin Machine” en route to Oslo. Due to the high concentration of fog-like gasses emitted during its operation it was briefly visible in the sky. I believe the current model can receive direct uploads from The Imperial Teleprompter!

  6. chironomo says:

    Seriously…Putin rattling a very large nuclear Sabre…even if it was defective. If anything that made it more impressive. This was no coincidence.

  7. Sedgwick says:

    The key word is the common denominator, “creepy.”

  8. JonM says:

    The blue gas is haunting. I’m not a chemist, so someone will have to help me out. What kind of propellant (or rocket payload) would cause that?

    I want to say that this test was more than just a sub launched cruise missile; perhaps it was some advanced black budget stuff.

  9. catholicmidwest says:


    They’re testing ICBMs by shooting them from nuclear submarines. This is not the first one and it won’t be the last, for sure. Trust me, they have at least the UV signature of this event as well as all the others and they know what burned. It’s part of the test data, even though this particular missile test is said to have been a failure.
    If I were in Norway, I’d be keeping an eye on this kind of activity AND I’d be having a dose rate meter in my car.

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