Early in the last week I posted a poll asking what color of vestments you expected to see at your church on Gaudete Sunday.

Here were your results:

What color vestments do you think you will see on Gaudete Sunday at your Latin Church parish/chapel?

Total Votes: 1294 Started: 9 December 2009


Now that Gaudete Sunday has arrived, it is time to find out what actually happened!

So, now I ask again…




During Advent Holy Church asks that we restrain instrumental music other than what might sustain congregational singing.  Also, during Advent there are not to be lavish decorations, flowers, etc.  But on Gaudete this Advent penitential discipline is is relaxed.

Let us know what happened for your Sunday Mass.

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  1. dkluge says:

    May we use flowers and instrumental music on feasts and solemnities during Advent? (source?)

  2. Kaneohe says:

    In “Ceremonies of the Liturgical Year” by Msgr.(now Bishop)Peter Elliot he has this to say regarding the second query posted above:

    Sundays in Advent: Par44. “Unlike Lent, there is no restriction on the use of the organ and other musical instruments during the season. The altar may be decorated with flowers, although their use should be moderate so as to highlight the solemnity of Christmas.” (fotnote refer to GIRM#305)

    GIRM #305 says: “Moderation should be observed in the decoration of the altar. During Advent the floral decoration of the altar should be marked by a moderation suited to the character of this season, without expressing prematurely the full joy of the nativity of the Lord. During Lent it is forbidden for the altar to be decorated with flowers. Laetare Sunday(Fourth Sunday of Lent), Solemnities, and Feasts are exceptions.”

    I have not yet been able to find anything specific regarding music for Advent.

    So, which source says what, and which is correct? There seems to be some discrepency in regards to the use of flowers and music. We try very hard to “stick to the facts” as it were – and now I wonder what we seem to have missed in regards to moderate music and no flowers in Advent. I always try to provide our members with citations of texts and documents so they don’t say “That’s only what(my name)says…”

    I spent the last two week-end going over a 24 page document I produced with the approval of our pastor on do’s and don’ts and now I read two things that seem to disagree. Could someone please tell me which one I should be promoting. Many thanks for your help – I really want to keep things as orthodox as possible in our parish. Sources are always very welcomed so people don’t think I am making this.

  3. becket1 says:

    So how many mainstream NO parishes do you think will be wearing Gaudete Rose vestments on Sunday?.

  4. accat88 says:

    I saw very pretty metallic brocade BLUE vestments tonight…

    But I was at a Byzantine Church :)

  5. Phil_NL says:

    As Fr. Z. asked for it, a report from Mass at my (NO) parish:

    The good news:

    – Vestments: rose, of a decent shade. If I’d open a can of salmon, it would come pretty close. Which is somewhat remarkable, as in the dutch language ‘pink’ is actually translated as ‘roze’, which is of course a brilliant excuse to confuse what the english language separates as ‘pink’ and ‘rose’.

    – Music: the organist/musical director invited a ladies choir has also has under his supervision. Most of the time, the men of the normal choir sing the gregorian parts (our high mass has a healthy dose of latin), but these ladies were obviously more talented. Apart from that, a Mass by an unknown Dutch composer, and Veni Domine from Mendelsohn. Quite nice indeed, though my ears wouldn’t have coped if the high notes would have been even higher…. For the record, this is slightly more festive than the usual fare at this Mass, but not overly so.

    The bad news:

    – The second Sunday of the month means that instead of our regular PP, we have the student pastor of the university saying all Masses. Though only 40, he has a good dose of the 60s and 70s in him. He has some consideration for the fairly conservative parish (he celebrates mostly as the PP would, include rose vestments), but there’s no telling what he’d do if left to his own devices. He does manage to replace any word placing the apostles in a hierarchical relation to Christ with ‘friends’, and habitally adds some lines which are, IMO, dodgy. Maybe I should give him a ‘Say the black, do the Red’ mug….

  6. Father Totton says:

    but it must be asked, “who is the archbishop pictured in the photo?”

  7. Rob in Maine says:

    Purple all the way at the 8am Mass. I arrived early and the advent candles were already lit. I immediately noticed that the triangular purple cloths (a square cloth turned to for a diamond) where draped over the lateral sides of the altar. Our priest war a simple purple vestment with an unadorned stole (on the outside) of the same hue.

  8. Huxtaby says:

    Rose was the colour today for the Mass which I attended.

    We started a small choir back in the summer and have rehearsed about every other week as we all travel in and around the north west of the UK.

    This morning we sang, for the weekly Sunday EF Mass at Moreton on the Wirral:
    Kyrie, Sanctus and Benedictus from Missa Aeterna Christi Munera by Palestrina. Agnus Dei from the Mass in G by Casali. The motet at the Offertory was Rorate Coeli by Tye. Credo 1 with a polyphonic Et Incarnatus est (Missa Brevis – Palestrina. Simple chant propers (we have no men that can sing plainchant or polyphony). After Mass we sang the Prayer for the Queen by Viadana and the simple tone plainchant Alma Redemptoris.

    The small band of diligent ladies who have practiced regularly have done a splendid job. We actually sounded professional. Well done to them but if there are any budding male singers or organists out there who live in Merseyside/Cheshire/Gtr Manchester and would like to help us out please do make yourselves known. This morning we had 2.5 sopranos (one had a cold and was under par!), two altos, one tenor and 1.5 basses (I was conducting as well as singing).

    Sorry for the blatant advert Father, it’s in a good cause – I hope you’d agree?

  9. The Astronomer says:

    Here in the liturgically progressive land that is NJ (unfortunately not His Excellency Bp Seratelli’s jusrisdiction), it was bright blue for everyone, including the altar girls and EMs. When I asked the ‘presider’ about the colors, I was told rather dismissively that since Vatican Two, we have been more ‘joyful’ in our liturgical expression. (Basically a non-answer).

    Padre Pio pray for us.

  10. kal says:

    We had a purple chasuble worn with a pink stole over it. Yes, pnk — Father told us it was pink, from the old days in the Church when Advent was a penitential season and this was rejoice, or “lighten up” Sunday.

  11. biberin says:

    Lovely, salmon rose here at our NO parish. An excellent homily, too. I have been disappointed in some of the advent music selection, but last night we got the good traditional stuff all the way through.

  12. Stephen Anthony Gregory says:

    The priest at my parish wore the rose vestments he got in Rome. They were beautiful, simple, silk vestments. They were Gothic cut, as you might expect, with a simple column of gold and red embroidery on front and back. Also, this Advent the parish has, for the first time in 40 years, begun singing the Sanctus. I believe they have been doing the Agnus Dei for a few years in Advent and Lent.

  13. ben_g says:

    Due to time and car fuel constraints, I went to a more local parish, rather than my home parish. Purple, as expected, which didn’t bother me terribly. What did disturb was that Father turned over the homily to a woman for a donation request for a fund for retired religious. I have no problem with the request for a worthy cause, but the fact that it was not a straight appeal, but rather a reflection on the readings intertwined with her appeal, made it in effect a homily delivered by a lay person.

  14. Jayna says:

    I was expecting to see rose vestments, but they were purple. Ironically enough, at my ultra-liberal home parish they more than likely wore rose, but that’s not enough to persuade me to suffer through the rest of Mass on Sundays there. Other than there being no rose, Mass was fine (we even chanted the Kyrie and Agnus Dei in their proper languages). However, “Soon and Very Soon” was the recessional hymn, complete with piano and tambourine accompaniment. And they were doing so well, too. Though, come to think of it, there were bongo drums last week.

  15. viennaguy says:

    Manchester, England, Holy Name of Jesus Church, rose vestments for the Extraordinary Form. Nice Sermon. Satisfied.

  16. JimGB says:

    Sunday mass was exactly the same as it was during the first two Sundays in Advent, with the only difference being that the rose candle was lit on our ersatz advent wreath. Our pastor, who is in his second Advent season here, has refrained from using our traditional advent wreath (a large marble and bronze column dating from the parish’s founding in 1891 and restored several years ago) in favor of a home made wreath (by him) in 2008. For 2009, he arranged the altar candles on the floor of the sanctuary as a “wreath” and put some potted greens around them.

    There is a set of rose vestments in the sacristy but they are of a certain vintage and somewhat elaborate in a traditional design, so they stay in the vestment closet on the two Sundays in the year when it would be appropriate to wear them. Our pastor allows the priests to use only one Sunday chasuble for an entire liturgical season, so for Advent and Lent the celebrant wears the same purple vestments each Sunday. For Ordinary time, there is one and only one green set that is worn. Not that there is a shortage of vestments, but the pastor apparently does not allow the other priests on staff any discretion if they want to choose an alternative set.

  17. Mary Rose says:

    We had a beautiful Gaudete Sunday, with Father wearing gorgeous vestments in a soft rose. There also was a pale yellow pattern in the front. What’s interesting is that Father blended in beautifully with the mauve-painted walls. (Our church looks especially Advent-like during this time of year!)

    Here’s my short post with a photo:

  18. ghp95134 says:

    Our Lady of Peace Shrine, Santa Clara, California, is a very traditional N.O. parish where only boys are altar servers, the communion rail is used, and Communion is given kneeling , either in hand or on the tongue; and, they didn’t use EMHCs this time … (dunno if they are no longer used). I attended the Saturday 5pm Anticipated Mass which followed a Mass for Our Lady of Guadalupe. A visiting Franciscan priest prayed the Anticipated Mass wearing a Rosacea chasuble; he explained saying the rose-colored vestments and Advent candle were for rejoicing: Gaudete Sunday.

    Father preached a dynamite homily — he actually refered to Mass as the “Sacrifice of the Mass” — warning us about how intelligent Satan is, etc., etc. He strongly encouraged us to keep “Christ in Christmas” and be proud to be Catholic and Christain “…in this politically correct age. If your boss threatens to fire you for saying ‘Merry Christmas’ instead of ‘Happy Holidays’ …. be a martyr! I would joyfully be fired for that reason. You couldn’t demand a Muslim not obey his holy day …. he’d kill you! — Yet, people push us not to take pride in being Catholic. This is a Christian nation and Christmas is our holiday … so be proud to say ‘Merry Christmas!'” (Or words to that effect.)

    OLOP always makes good use of incense; however, I noticed that along with the Sanctus Bells, this time they also used what sounds like an electric bell — urk! I thought someone’s cell phone was ringing!

    The organ was understated and only one woman on the PA system leading. Flowers were placed in front of a huge (permanent) poster of Our Lady of Guadalupe — not ostentatious at all.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find holy water available; last week at another parish holy water was absent “due to H1N1 fears.”

    –Guy Power

  19. DisturbedMary says:

    As we walked down to Mass this morning, I reminded my husband that it was Guadete Sunday and the rose candle would be lit. He offered that the word gaudy might be derived from gaudete. Our priest did wear the true rose vestment.

  20. JayneK says:

    Our pastor (at a N.O. parish) wore rose vestments for Gaudete last year but he was away today and the priest who filled in wore relatively plain purple. I was surprised at how disappointed I was. But the homily was good and so were the traditional Advent hymns.

  21. TNCath says:

    Purple vestments, no mention of “Gaudete Sunday.” Same old same old, but, of course, we had a second collection for the Christmas flowers. After, all, when two or three are gathered in His Name, at least one of them takes up the collection.

  22. Catherine says:

    At the Anglican-use parish I’ve been attending, the pastor and two deacons (one soon to be ordained a Catholic priest) wore beautiful dusty rose vestments….very traditional. The deacon who gave the homily took the time to explain liturgical colors and their significance. This is a beautiful and holy Mass, always: altar rail, lots of incense, chanting, proper choir and appropriate hymns with an outstanding great organ.

    I plan to leave my NO parish next month and join this one, after 31 years. The focus at the Anglican-use parish is totally focused on Christ, not on community.

  23. vox borealis says:

    Rose vestments…Father even commented on Gaudete Sunday and the liturgical color. Music was same as always. No unusual decorations. That is the good news.

    The bad news: we prayed an intention about climate change and the we lectured in the bulletin to pray that the folks at Copenhagen come up with a “binding, science-based treaty.”

    That and the now weekly prayer for priests (good) said before the dismissal at mass (not so good) following a lengthy explanation about the year of the priest, jocular anecdotes about other priests, references to places where a single priest has “15 parishes to take care of,” more jocular comments, blah, blah, blah…all this before the deacon exclaimed “Our eucharistic celebration has ended, go for to love and serve the Lord and one another.” (very bad).

  24. Dr. Eric says:

    I waited with the last kid from our Catechism class until his dad came to take him to church. When I got in it was standing room only. It appeared that Father, once again, had let the kids from the grade school take on the duties in the Mass. They stood in front of the Sanctuary and sang songs (at least we did sing O Come O Come Immanuel- but the rest were abysmal) they mumbled through the readings and the responsorial psalm and Father had to go over and coach them, they mumbled through the intercessions and Father had to go over and coach them, and the kids brought up the gifts and took collection.

    Father wore pink, but explained “Gaudete Sunday” and where it all came from. He invited us to hold hands at the Our Father, which he always does, as he held the hands of the altar servers (who were all boys this time.) We also had 3 EMHC, but being in the back I got to sneak into Father’s Line.

    My knees hurt and I’m crabby for having had to once again sit through the abuses. Hopefully, next weekend as I don’t have to teach Catechism, I will get to go to St. Francis de Sales Oratory.

  25. Dr. Eric says:

    Actually, this week I didn’t sit through the abuses as the pews were full. I stood or knelt in the back aisle.

  26. An American Mother says:

    Vestments were very plain but a lovely shade of dusty rose. NOT pink.

    Music – no organ except on the hymns, which were pretty good, all good old standbys. Psalm was four part Anglican Chant, something our choirmaster is trying out (congregation seems to like it). Offertory, Pitoni “Cantate Domino.” Commmunion, Hassler “Dixit Maria”. Unfortunately we are STUCK with the horrible Haugen “Massive Cremation” – we are getting rid of as much of it as we can, bit by bit, but there are too many hippie hangovers in the congregation that like it and insist on it. Our choirmaster has composed a lovely six-part chant-based Mass and we have the “Our Father” from that instead of the Haugen. We also chant the Ordinary in Latin every first Sunday — brick by brick.

    We are saving the big guns for the Catholic/Greek Orthodox joint prayer service this evening. The service is being held at the Orthodox Cathedral, but we have been invited to provide the music. We sang for the visit of the Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, and apparently they liked it because they asked us back. Chant “Veni Emmanuel”, DuFay “Conditor Alme Siderum” alternating chant and three voice polyphony (with two handbells on the fifth interval for a light garnish), the Hassler again, the Pitoni again, Palestrina “Sicut Cervus”, then the awful (modern) Becker setting of the Litany of the Saints. The Orthodox liked that so much they asked for it again. At least they don’t like Haugen.

    We are trying the experiment of pitching each work from the final note of the last. It worked when we ran it, but . . . . thankfully our director has perfect pitch, so we should survive.

  27. Jordanes says:

    Father wore a beautiful rose chasuble today, as is only proper (this was one of our diocese’s traditional Latin Mass).

    DisturbedMary said: He offered that the word gaudy might be derived from gaudete.

    Yes, it is: “gaudy” does come from “gaudium,” joy.

  28. jt83 says:

    Father wore a purple chasuble underneath a pink stole. The “reform of the reform” cannot come quickly enough…

  29. Tom A. says:

    Purple all the way, not even a mention as to why one of the candles is rose and not purple. Gaudete was a non-event this year. Fortunately, there was no music. This alas is at the local Novus Ordo. The TLM tonight in a neighboring city, I am sure will be Rose, but I cannot unfortunatley assist.

  30. Louis says:

    Our Pastor wore rose. He even made sure everyone knew it was rose. He did say it was Gaudete Sunday, and gave brief explanation. It was first time I heard the word mentioned during Advent. Luckily, I have been teaching myself about the Faith over the few last years.

  31. Melania says:

    The priest and permanent deacon wore purple only in our NO Mass. That surprised me as the parish is long-established. I thought for sure they would have rose vestments. Instrumental music was confined to supporting the choir, but that’s usual here. The sermon was about following Christ through good works.

  32. Marq says:

    As expected, at the NO Mass I attended, the priest wore rose as well, and he also referred to it being Gaudete Sunday. Not a problem there.

    As far as music was concerned there was no difference with other Sundays in Advent, but that would be because the means of the chaplaincy for students I am active in are little. No choir or cantor.

  33. Frank H says:

    Suburban Columbus, Ohio parish. Violet. Didn’t get a chance to ask the priest about it, but plan
    to do so.

  34. ckdexterhaven says:

    Wake Forest, NC… Rose. And the priest explained why he was wearing Rose, and made sure to mention that it was ‘rose’ not pink. Are you a secret WDTPRS reader, Fr. T?

    It was very beautiful.

  35. Mike says:

    We were not at our normal NO parish for the Saturday Vigil Mass, but rose vestments were used where we attended.

    The priest from the Jesuit parish asked me on facebook last night if I knew where to find rose vestments for his Sunday morning Mass. I replied that it was a little short notice. :p

  36. Victor says:

    This morning in our NO parish, the assistant priest celebrating had a white chasuble and purple stole – because we don’t have a rose-coloured chasuble. However, this evening in the chapel belonging to the parish, our weekly usus antiquor mass was celebrated in rose-coloured vestments. Music: mass ordinary “adventus et quadragesima”, credo I, gradual and alleluia in simple tone, communion with verses, three hymns at introitus, offertory and exit procession (I am the – not very well playing but giving what I have – ersatz organist and cantor). I think it was lovely…

  37. Precentrix says:

    High Mass today with the professional choir – parish priest’s anniversary celebration (ad multos annos!).

    The vestments were technically rose but of the highly ornate variety of being lined with rose but so detailed on the outside (and possibly slightly faded?) that they looked more like white with lots of embroidery on lined with pinkish red. That said, I’m sure they were technically rose… and as we know, finding high Mass sets in rosacea is a little tricky. :)

  38. Genna says:

    We were treated to candy floss pink. M-mmmmmm.

  39. southern orders says:

    We had pink carnation arrangements and yes the deacon and I wore rose. A massive nativity set is in process of filling Our Lady’s Chapel, quite stunning!

  40. Cantuale says:

    I am from Italy, born in a modern parish on the border of a new town. My mother rang me tonight, as she does on sundays after my priestly duties, and she told me she was very impressed because at mass she had seen, for the first time in her life, a priest “wearing a pink chasuble!”. The priest wearing such a “strange” colour is the new pastor of that parish (appointed 3 months ago), and he has started impressing the congregation with very traditional features that the people find quite “new” and “well thought”!!!. Whould you believe? My mom and all my hometown parish was caught by surprise by that “pink” vestment never seen before. I was soooo delighted hearing that.

  41. Cantuale says:

    By the way: at the moment I am in Rome, and today at mass I was given by the sacristan a very dark purple chasuble. Not as lucky as mummy!

  42. VivaLaMezzo says:

    Hmmm… mauve trimmed in purple. Latin Sanctus, Angus Dei, and Memorial Acclamation, some Haugen-Hass. We were told that we needed to be “happy all the time”. The only way to true happiness was through being charitable and just – not through prayers and devotions like adoration or the rosary… those just make us selfish… not holy… That about sums it up. However, we do have a lovely wreath suspended from the ceiling.

  43. jesusthroughmary says:

    Just one time, I would love to see a Novus Ordo choir director do nothing different on Gaudete or Laetare Sunday, except sing the Introit. I find it sadly ironic that a priest would put forth the effort to wear rose, explain it, and even call it Gaudete Sunday, but the choir still trots out “On Jordan’s Bank” as the Gathering Song….

  44. jesusthroughmary says:

    Oh – as far as my Sunday Mass, TLM at St. Peter’s, Merchantville, NJ. Rose was worn at all Masses (of course). White trimmed in blue for the Rorate Mass yesterday (200+ people at High Mass at 6:15 am = hardcore).

  45. Alfred says:

    The Mass was wonderful, the priest wore rose, BUT…

    Far more important is what I noticed this morning, as the owner of the house I rent a room in was walking his dogs. As I bent down to pet one, I noticed she had a new collar.

    The color? Brilliant rose.

    An awesome sign for the rest of the day.

  46. gambletrainman says:

    By the way, I thought it was Violet, not purple. There is a difference. Violet has a “reddish” hue, while purple has a “bluish” hue.

  47. Hamburglar says:

    The priest at the parish I went to today looked like a glass of strawberry milk. I guess that counts as rose.

  48. jesusthroughmary says:

    Yes, it’s violet. Purple is what bishops wear. Although, strictly speaking, violet is its own color, if anything, it’s violet that is closer to blue and purple that is closer to red.

  49. Today the vestments were rose.

    We have really gotten away from the idea of Advent as a penitential season, at least where I am. This year the parishes in my deanery are participating in this “Advent Conspiracy” thing, which, though it promotes getting away from the commercialization of Christmas (good), also promotes an un-penitential and non-Catholic view of Advent.

  50. Welllll, some kind of rose madder-type color. More on the dusty rose or mauve side, but not bad-looking. We had the young priest, and he explained (while explaining Gaudete Sunday, rose, etc.) that he’d been given them at ordination.

    I was cantoring, which means I announce what Sunday we’re on; so I knew somebody _would_ mention Gaudete Sunday. Same way I knew that somebody would sing the propers verse for the Gospel Acclamation. It helps to know somebody, ne? :) But seriously, we had a very nice Mass today with good music, and the choir sounded very good.

  51. JillOfTheAmazingWolverineTribe says:

    I think I get the prize for an odd combination.

    Peptobismal pink cope for the Asperges Me and a beautiful dark purple velvet + beautifully embroidered chasuble and Mass set.

    I was kind of disappointed, but the priest afterwards mentioned they apparently do have a set of pink vestments, but they are in that peptobismal pink rather than Rose.

    IT’s a fairly new parish, and they’re concentrating on the building fund right now for some additional space – and we’ve had a new (much needed organ) so I’m sure eventually the parish will acquire a nice set of the right color.

  52. Dave N. says:

    “Pink Sunday” here as expected. Think something very close to cotton candy. But obviously not the oddest, as can be seen above.

    Other than that, it was John the Baptist.

  53. JonM says:

    Is there an option for both?

    Monsignor celebrated mass this morning and wore purple BUT dedicated his homily to discussing Gaudete Sunday, what it means, etc. and how in Lent there is something comparable called Laetare Sunday (I wanted to stand up and say ‘I actually know what you are talking about because I read Father Z’s blog!’).

    But at the end of mass I saw that one of our priests had a rose stole.

    No blue – light, navy, sky, aquamarine, or UN/Starfleet – none at all. (Does this count as ‘Good things in ourlives’ you ask us to share?!)

  54. jdskyles says:

    Odd combination

    White Chasuble, with a purple outer stole. Went to the suburban parish where I was baptized. Homily given by the nun pastoral associate. Full of heresy. Pray for the parish.

  55. nemo says:

    EF Mass (FSSP). Rose vestments (beautiful). Organ yes. Flowers yes. Fantastic sermon. I wish everyone could have this. I am so grateful.

  56. Jack Hughes says:

    Secret location in Diocese of Clifton, – 1st Mass- the Priest wore rose vestments (roman) 2nd Mass (missa cantata) – priest wore Wondurful Gothic Vestments (rose), good choir as well.

  57. Tantum Ergo says:

    Oh, my achin’head! Because of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe(which was supposed to be celebrated yesterday,) we had a Mexican “hootenanny band” complete with amplified accordian.

  58. B Knotts says:

    I didn’t get to find out, as I could not get to Mass because of freezing rain/icy roads. :-(

  59. For the Gospel of Life says:

    St. Thomas the Apostle in Phoenix, AZ – beautiful but simple rose vestments… a lovely change from the normal Pepto Bismol pink I’ve seen. There were also pink roses decorating the sanctuary area, and an excellent homily on what joy really means.

  60. Tantum Ergo: amplified accordion…

    … amplified… accordion….

  61. Dunn, NC Missa Cantata (the only one for Advent; the other three Sundays were/will be Low Mass).

    Very pale pink Gothic vestments with pale ivory orphreys outlined in cording so subtle I am not certain what colour (I believe a pale gold/platinum; from the the loft these eyes are too old). For the procession and Asperges, a gorgeous royal purple cappa.

    Asperges, Mass IX, Credo IV; Rossini propers; two verses of Veni, Veni Emmanuel (Jesse; Adonai) in Latin as processional; Conditor alme siderum at the Offertory, Rorate coeli at Communion, all with very tasteful accompaniment at the organ. Three verses of “On Jordan’s bank” as recessional, full accompaniment. Quiet version of the fourth movement of Bach’s Wachet auf as prelude, no postlude. On the other three Sundays there will be very little organ at all Masses, OF and EF, and no solo work of any kind (organ, flute, voice).

    Very lovely, very appropriate as usual. It’s why we drive over an hour to attend Mass there.

  62. Orate Fratres says:

    My parish (FSSP) used violet vestments, but a Rose (“pink”) cope for the Asperges. Best of both worlds? =^)

  63. SidMJr says:

    “The priest at the parish I went to today looked like a glass of strawberry milk.”


  64. SidMJr says:

    My parish priest used a beautiful violet chasuble, the sanctuary was decorated with flowers and musical instruments were used.

  65. StevenDunn says:

    Purple for us! Our TLM shares two priests, of which only one owns a rose vestment. We avoid any problem by scheduling him to say the Gaudete mass, but sadly there were some unforeseen problems and the other priest, sans rose chasuble, said the mass. On the upside the cope was rose, as was the burse and chalice veil!

  66. KAS says:

    One priest wore Pink and Rose, the other a pattern mostly purple. There was a mariachi band and a wonderful picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe comforting the pope.

    Without music in my hand I could not follow the sung responses because they were sung in Spanish to mariachi music so I couldn’t even guess.

    At least with Latin I have some idea if the song is the response or just decoration!

  67. KAS says:

    Oh, and our parish never has Mass in any language other than English except for a rare visit from a priest who might do Latin. We’re a mixed ethnic parish and to do other than English (which everyone speaks) or Latin (which pretty much none of us speak) to be fair you would have to do Vietnamese as well as Spanish.

  68. KAS says:

    and our mariachi band also had an accordian, as well as the guitars and brass instruments, and they were up front behind the altar, dressed in their suits with their big hats, and as much as I love mariachi bands, I really didn’t feel that good about them at Mass.

    Most of the time this is a pretty good place liturgically.

    Is it less bad if the band is good? @@

  69. TomB says:

    Not exactly “rose”. but a lighter purple probably half of the way to rose, but not quite. Fr. made quite a deal of it, and added that he has not been able to acquire rose vestments for only two Sundays of the year. We will soon rectify this I am sure! Most of our extra money has been spent beautifying the sanctuary, and, oh my is it becoming beautiful, thanks to some very generous parishioners.

    Time to call those lovely sisters in Kansas City!

  70. TomB says:

    P.S. I had to vote for “purple” since it wasn’t really rose. But it wasn’t actually purple either.

  71. JustDave says:

    We had purple vestments. Father did mention that it was Gaudete Sunday in his homily. In front of the altar was a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe and next to her were a dozen roses whose color was “Rose” (as close to liturgical rose as I have ever seen a flower anyway). The music was led by a cantor and a piano player. Horrible music selection.

  72. Willebrord says:

    Well, I sadly went to the military chapel… and it was an ugly blue. While I know the instruments are supposed to only sustain singing during Advent, I was glad the organ was played well, as it silenced the guitar a bit.

    Last year I was at a TLM where the priest wore a lovely rose set of vestments and the Mass was served by the excellent schola singing plainchant, unassisted by the organ.

  73. gloriainexcelsis says:

    Pale rose at St. Stephen’s with a glorious burgundy/purple lining and like colored Chi Rho on the back of the chasuble with crossed palms. A parishioner has donated many new vestments and altar accoutrements, lovingly made by the Benedictines of Mary Queen of Apostles. God bless whoever. They are all wonderful. The sermon was grand, ABOUT THE DANGERS OF RELATIVISM AND THE DUTY OF CATHOLICS TO DEFEND THEIR FAITH BEFORE THE WORLD – anti-abortion, same-sex marriage, etc., etc. by Fr. Lyons, O.M.V. WOW!

  74. Ef-lover says:

    rose vestments at the traditional mass i attended but at the OF mass following the vestments were pink

  75. Gail F says:

    We had our usual Advent vestments — they’re very attractive, the color of African violets. I don’t think we’ve got rose vestments. For the first year that I can remember, our pastor DIDN’T mention Gaudete Sunday. Usually he explains what it means. The music selection was better than usual, but the homily was all about some new project we’re going to do at the parish. Our pastor tied it into the people who asked John the Baptist what they were supposed to do, which was a pretty good tie-in to an announcement of “what we’re going to do as a parish,” but not particularly good for anyone wanting to know what to do to lead a better Christian life. Oh well, you can’t have everything!

  76. Gail F says:

    BTW, is Gaudete Sunday the only day for rose vestments? If so, I can understand parishes not buying them unless they have cash to spare.

  77. Widukind says:

    I wore a wonderful rose colored vestment, sewn by a local woman. I was surprised at the early Mass by the lector who wore a deep rose jacket. After Mass she told me she had chosen it precisely because it was Gaudete Sunday! When she reads, she often tries to coordinate with the liturgical color of the Sunday.

  78. Supertradmom says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that salmon is not really pink, but pinky-orange? Our priest wore salmon with an extremely bright purple band down the front and across the neckline. All his vestments look like picnic tablecloths. Sigh…

  79. JosephMary says:

    FSSP mission…

    and Purple?

    I was surprized. I thought sure it would be a lovely rose.

  80. mom2six says:

    The priest at the Cathedral in Las Vegas wore rose, BUT, he told those in attendance that he did not like the vestment and said he looked like a clown. An announcement was made that those receiving Holy Communion would HAVE to stand and receive in the hand because that is the way it is done in the Las Vegas Diocese. Those receiving were also NOT to genuflect, but bow because that is also how it is done in the Las Vegas Diocese. It was announced that if you did not follow these directions, then you would not be given Holy Communion. I suppose our pro-abortion politicians could receive Holy Communion though.

  81. Supertradmom says:

    I am standing up for the FSSP mission, because I know that that order is extremely strapped for cash. Perhaps the people at the mission could get together and buy some vestments. I know for a fact that many of the priests have had to buy their own, and some cannot simply afford all the colors.

  82. homeschoolofthree says:

    We had Mass Ad Orientum with Rose Vestments and a beautiful Introit written by our resident Seminarian. We are a small parish, only @ 140 families, but we manage to have 5 servers(all male of course!) every Sunday so we get the bells and smells the Mass deserves. We had a visitor to our parish today that drove miles out of their way from school in NC to northern Ill. just because he had seen something about our great parish on this website, I understand he was not disappointed! Thank you Fr. W. for making St. John the Baptist, Osgood, In. a great place to worship!

  83. Luce says:

    I haven’t got it all figured out yet (new convert 2009). Father processed in very light violet (processional music today for the first time during advent). He then did his usual change of vestments at the altar (to the side of the altar) into a beautiful Pink garment. We also had flowers on the altar today (pink roses) for the first time since Advent began.

  84. Nan says:

    More toward the bubble gum pink end of the rose spectrum; Parochial Vicar focused on living our lives appropriately, with no mention of Gaudette Sunday.

  85. bookworm says:

    From the now beautifully restored Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Springfield, Ill.:

    Nice rose pink color for the priest, a slightly darker pink color on the deacon. Full explanation of Gaudete Sunday provided as well. Yes, we opened with “Jordan’s Bank” but I kinda like that song, it was very well done by choir and organist, and since the Gospel was all about John the Baptist anyway, I’m not complaining.

  86. Steve K. says:

    mom2six? He said that? Completely without irony?

    How a priest can complain that wearing the appropriate rose colored vestment on Gaudete Sunday, and say he looked a clown, *in Las Vegas Cathedral* is beyond me. That place is, hands down, the most hideous and un-Christian-looking house of worship I have ever been in. It makes many wreck-o-vated or 1950s/60s new construction churches look like the Sistine Chapel. Worst has to be the harlequin looking fiery spirit thing on the big mural behind the altar. I suppose it is an angel, but it looks like something from the other team.

    Anyways. St. Benedict’s, Chesapeake VA – rose vestments, lovely Mass, and good sermon on lying. Awful, awful weather though which put a little damper on the gaudete.

  87. JenB says:

    Well, we were saddened (and surprised) to see purple vestments today. Especially since a few weeks ago, father corrected my 4 year old son that it is not pink, it is rose. So, very surprised to see purple. And the homily never mentioned the readings, or even advent or Christmas except to talk about the tradition of having a pink candle, the tradition of setting up a Christmas tree, the tradition of the children’s Christmas pageant that was after mass… Not much other than 30 minutes talking about traditions actually. Very sad.

  88. Servant of the Liturgy says:

    NJ: 3/4 Masses celebrated with rose vestments. Didn’t have the time to pick up two dozen pink roses for the Altar, so we went with bare, as the rest of Advent. BTW: NO, versus populum. Introit and Communion Antiphons chanted in Latin at the choir’s Mass. People Look East and O Come O Come among the hymns. Not a bad weekend…

  89. Father Ignotus says:

    I wore Rose vestments today. I have to say that I very quickly tired of the ladies after Mass who couldn’t restrain themselves from saying (jokingly), “Oh Father, you look ‘pretty in pink’! *laugh*”.

  90. JohnMa says:

    Our Priest, Deacon, and Subdeacon all had rose for the Solemn High Mass today at St. Mary’s in DC.

  91. isabella says:

    I made the mistake of going to the Hispanic Mass because I overslept after taking my headache medicine last night. I WAS going to attend the Vigil Mass, but had a headache and had to leave early, it was so bad. I wish I’d stuck it out. At least the priest was wearing rose vestments and there was an Advent wreath. I was unfortunately getting a migraine, so I didn’t think I could make it through the Mass without causing a scene.

    But today! Oh, ick!!!! The vestments were white, and half the Mass consisted of a play and liturgical dancing. They were apparently celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe’s feast day from yesterday instead of Gaudete Sunday. The loud guitar music was deafening, so was the applause that broke out at strange intervals, and the people wandering around with cameras gave it the atmosphere of a floor show at a bad restaurant. I abstained from Communion because of my bad state of mind, and left before the final blessing. It was horrible.

    And THIS is why we don’t have time for a Latin Mass on Sundays??? I tore up my collection envelope and didn’t give anything to the retired religious fund either. I am fluent enough in Spanish to follow a properly said Hispanic Mass (which is why I went), but couldn’t believe this was happening. Even one of the priests looked embarrassed to be there – the other one doesn’t like tradition anyway, so he was pretty blissed out.

    I don’t even feel like I have really been to Mass, and now I will have to go to Confession for what I am still thinking about that performance. I want to emphasize it is NOT the idea of a Hispanic Mass per se that was so awful. It was that they ignored Gaudete Sunday and had what seemed more like a floor show/play than a Mass. I don’t know if this is typical or if it was just an aberration b/c Our Lady of Guadalupe’s feast day was yesterday. Which takes precedence on the Sunday?

    And if that gets me the Sour Grapes award, I will just mix them with honey and herbs and in 6 months, I’ll have mead bubbling away out in my garage. Is the Church even allowed to DO this? I need a louder alarm clock so I never have to sit through a travesty like this again. What a trainwreck.

  92. Mary Bruno says:

    Purple here.

    No mention of Gaudete Sunday.

  93. mom2six says:

    Steve K.,

    Yes, the priest said, without irony, that he thought he looked like a clown wearing rose. AND, they said they would refuse Communion to anyone who did not stand or tried to receive on the tongue. AND, don’t genuflect either, rather bow. I agree the Cathedral is hideous. How can this happen in a Cathedral?

    Isabella, I’ve been to Hispanic Masses where people wander around too. I’m not sure what they were doing. They even brought their strollers in and pushed the babies around. I’m sorry about your migraines. I get them too.

  94. Paul_S says:

    At St. Thomas the Apostle, Ann Arbor, our 12:30 Mass is the “chant Mass” – an vernacular OF with Greek/Latin Kyrie, Sanctus and Agnus as well as a Latin communion and occasionally other Latin propers as well. We hope to introduce a Latin Gloria in two weeks.

    Today, for perhaps the first time since the 1970s, the schola was able to sing the Gaudete Introit (as a prelude).

    At the conclusion of the procession, Father (not the pastor) greeted the congregations “Gaudete in Domino semper! Rejoice in the Lord always!” He then explained that it was Gaudete Sunday – calling attention to the rose candle and noting that, while he was wearing purple, the appropriate color for vestments would be rose. He stated the hope that perhaps we could have such vestments before next Gaudete Sunday.

    Up in the loft, I was rejoicing.

  95. Tom A. says:

    Oh Isabella, you poor thing. No one should have to suffer such nonsense. But alas, the abuses are out there and sometimes in not so obvious ways. I can’t tell you how many times I do not communicate because of my “bad state of mind.” But tonight I was fortunate and was able to unexpectedly attend the 6:00pm Solemn High Mass at the Basillica of the Immaculate Conception in Waterbury, CT. Rose vestements of course. Great uplifting chants. There was no need during the homily to mention this being Gaudete Sunday since it was obvious by the Introit, the vestemnts, and the Epistle. Instead Father gave a wonderful homily on John the Baptist. It was, as they say, the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven.

  96. Mary G says:

    I guess it was purple – but is was the not the usual vestment we see on ‘purple days’. Possibly very old, because it was a very pale color, but very tasteful. Father did explain it was Gaudete Sunday and urged us all to be joyful.

  97. michelelyl says:

    Rose vestments at my NO Parish today. Awesome homily on the readings…as per usual. The music was a capella (we usually have a guitar/choir at 10:30AM Mass) but we had a zillion flowers around an enormous painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the statue of the BVM at the front of the Church was covered up with a huge rose colored drape! The OLG Mass was last night, after the Vigil Mass and the Hispanic community had a huge party after Mass.

  98. Emilio III says:

    Purple vestments here, but the deacon homilist mentioned that they would wear rose vestments if they had them. Unfortunately, this was followed by a lame joke about “Father and I being secure enough in our masculinity to wear pink”. The homily was otherwise pretty good and quite appropriate for the day and season.

  99. TomB says:

    Gail F: Rose vestments are worn on Gaudete and Laetare Sundays, IIRC.

  100. Ellen says:

    We had purple vestments. Our parish isn’t exactly rolling in the ready, so our vestments look a bit ugly. But the sermon was good, the singing was good and we lit the rose candle.

  101. JPG says:

    I unfortunately was working this weekend. I am a physician and started my day @ 6:30 -7:00 am I did not get home until 10pm. I went to Mass at the Hospital chapel where the priest wore the 1970’s -80’s off-white alb with ,I am not kidding, a blue stole. The stole was a miltistriped polyester or wool variety with multicoloured blue stripes of various shades. Of course the Sacred Vessels were of glass of some sort. This same fellow in times past has so improvised and mangled the Eucharistic Prayer that one doubted the validity of the consecration. I felt slightly guilty but I walked out at the beginning of the homily. (I arrived at the Gospel). The more I think about it the less guilty I feel.

  102. S Petersen says:

    I have never seen “rosacea” used to refer to a color. Is this a custom of those who are experts in the area of liturgical vestments, or is it some kind of sarcasm, or both? Perhaps you meant “roseate”. (The general use of “rosacea” is, of course, to refer to the disease.)

  103. Kimberly says:

    Advent purple – yawn. Fr. Z, you actually got me excited to see what color Father was going to wear. I was hoping….just hoping.

  104. msproule says:

    Advent purple, BUT during his homily our priest mentioned that throughout the world priests ought to be wearing rose (not pink) but that our parish does not own rose vestments so
    purple is an acceptable option. I was very satisfied with that explanation!

  105. medievalist says:

    Pretty standard NO parish:

    Stunning rose chausable (a liturgical leftover from the ’50s?)
    Homilist in choir dress with rose stole, as was the Monsignor who helped with communion. The same appeared after Mass in a ferraiulo.

    Missa de Angelis Kyrie, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei. Eucharistic Prayer 1 (The Roman Canon) was used in a departure from the normal use of no. 2!

  106. ivan_the_mad says:

    The mass I attended was celebrated by our pastor, who explained that his robes were rose in color, and that “real priests don’t wear pink”.

  107. Kris says:

    How about a nice Pepto-Bismol color?

  108. Henry Edwards says:

    At Holy Ghost Church in Knoxville (TN): Rose vestments of course, Gothic for the OF Masses, Roman for the EF Mass. Matching rose burse and chalice veils for both. Rose stole on second priest distributing Holy Communion.

    In addition, one thing I haven’t seen mentioned in any of the previous 100+ posts: Rose tabernacle veil covering the large tabernacle on the high altar.

  109. MrsHall says:

    In my NO parish, Fr. wore the rosiest rose, explained why, preached up a storm about John the Baptist and being ready for Christ to come as a Newborn King and for Christ to come again, we sang only Advent hymns, there no flowers and the Gloria has been suppressed for Advent. The Christmas greenery is up but bare. There is a decided atmosphere of _waiting_. Fr.’s bulletin articles have been about putting Christmas back where it belongs… not in Advent but in Christmastide, even though our culture would like us to start thinking Christmas as soon as Halloween is over.
    Brick by brick, priest by priest, parish by parish. I sometimes forget there are priests in blue and mariachi Masses. I am so blessed and thankful for it.

  110. irishgirl says:

    I went to a different church for the TLM-the one I usually attend doesn’t have Mass on the second Sunday of the month.

    Nice dusty rose vestments worn by the priest, with rose tabernacle veil, and rose chalice veil.

    No music-first Mass at 7:30 is a Low Mass, so the choir sings at the High Mass at 10:30.

    There were two rose bouquets on the altar-nice red ones, don’t know if they were real or artificial.

    Sermon was about St. John the Baptist-it was okay. The priest didn’t speak very loud, but I was in the front pew so I could hear it.

    Lots of families and lots of kids. Had a little one who kept looking at me-couple of times I gave her a grin and a wink out of the corner of my eye. She and her sibilings were pretty well-behaved.

  111. irishgirl says:

    Father Totten-I think that’s Archbishop Chaput of Denver in the photo! He’s a Capuchin friar, and I believe I can see a trace of a tonsure on his head.

    S Petersen-yep, ‘rosecea’ is a disease, a facial rash to be exact. I know, because I suffer from it.

  112. Rob Cartusciello says:

    Saturday Vigil at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City: Rose for presiding priest, but purple for the assistant priests.

    One deacon wore a purple stole in the >>Eastern<< style.

    The remainder of the altar dressings were purple.

    Three friends report rose vestments (Brooklyn & New Jersey). One purple vestment sighting in the Poconos of eastern PA.

  113. crnugent says:

    I need two votes! Our deacon wore rose and our priest wore purple. Don’t know why, he has a rose chasuble. Maybe something happened to it. St. Joe’s – Bryan, TX

  114. The skin condition is a latecomer to the dictionary. The classical Latin word “rosacea” merely is an adjective that means “made of roses” or “made from rose oil”. So the winning Kentucky Derby horse wears a rosacea wreath. :)

    Later on, it became a color adjective as discussed in this post. It’s pretty common in English to reach for a word from another language that has the exact term you want, if there’s any question. Most people don’t need this particular color word very often; but I’m sure priests do.

    I don’t know when the skin condition was compared to the look of roses or the color of them. No doubt some doctor out there knows his Galen….

  115. irishgirl says:

    Suburbanbanshee-the name of the skin condition comes from the color rose.

    Not a medical doctor myself….

  116. Marcin says:

    No, I haven’t spotted any rose color in my Latin DC parish.

    Not even Pept-abysmal…

  117. Re: Hispanic Mass

    The milling around thing is not anything to worry about, although it’s distracting. Very medieval, really. It doesn’t look all that bad if you’re in a church with no pews, and you’re sort of expected to alternate between sitting on the floor and wandering around to keep the baby quiet. Probably will go away as folks get more assimilated, or it will stop worrying us here as we get assimilated. :) Of course, it’s still important to follow the rubrics at the right times.

    Re: mariachi

    Eh. Once a year, I think it would be okay. Though it probably would be better to have the mariachis lead a procession in and a procession out, if they’re going to play everything in mariachi style. If they have a more solemn style, it’s not necessarily horrible. There’s been plenty of brass band church music before.

    I don’t see why you’d have to amp an accordion, though, unless the acoustics are horrible in your church. An accordion is a concert instrument. It carries. I don’t know if I’d be all for using one, though, unless the player had figured out how to get a sacred sound. I’m sure it could be done by a good player; but probably not everyone.

  118. lucy says:

    Here in Fresno, CA, at our EF Mass where the FSSP presided yesterday, Fr. wore a gorgeous rose fiddleback. And he blessed some water since our pastor has taken it away on the advice of our bishop. God, forgive them for they know not what they do. We want our sacramentals back. Otherwise a beautiful Sunday Mass. It was nice to have asperges.

  119. ar_danziger says:

    I saw some sort of purple/blue combo at my NO parish, but for the past few weeks we’ve been singing the Sanctus and Agnus Dei in Latin, so I’ll definitely take what I can get :)

  120. Crbtre says:

    In Tallahassee, the bishop of the diocese celebrated Mass at a local Mission in purple vestments and at the co-cathedral the rector also wore purple…

  121. asperges says:

    To add to Kaneohe’s query above, for the Old Rite, Fortescue O’Connell has: “During Advent (and Lent) the altar is not to be decorated with, flowers or other such ornaments; nor is the organ played at liturgical offices. But the organ may be played at Benediction and it is tolerated, even at Mass if the singers cannot sing correctly without it. In this case it should be played only to accompany the voices, not as an ornament between the singing.

    The exceptions to this rule are the third Sunday of Advent— mid-Advent, ‘ Gaudete”—and the fourth Sunday of Lent – mid-Lent, On these two days in the year the liturgical colour is rose (color rosaceus). On both those Sundays the altar may he decorated as on Sundays outside Advent and Lent, and the organ may be played.”

    Mansfield, Nottingham yesterday: Old Rite, Missa Cantata, Mass XVII (plainsong), Credo I; Veni, veni Emmanuel (trad). Organ throughout, Bach, Buxtehude. But alas, no rose vestments, hasn’t got any – fire of a few years ago to blame for that.

  122. wmeyer says:

    Jayna, Fr. Chito wore rose (not the pink of Fr. Greg!) The music was restrained and pleasingly traditional, prior to dismissal. The rest, of course, I missed.

  123. Supertradmom says:

    I skipped a Mariachi Mass on Saturday, as I do not think this type of worship honors the sacredness of the Host in any way and keeps the attention on the congregation. As the Pope recently stated, the Mass is not merely a social gathering. What are we handing down to the next generation? More chaos…and a doubt as to the Real Presence.

  124. trespinos says:

    Violet. Although I spoke with the pastor who was wearing it, I didn’t think to ask him whether we have rose vestments. I suspect we don’t.

    Not taken down from the previous day’s celebration was the enormous floral backdrop honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe, dozens and dozens of bouquets ascending two-thirds of the way to the ceiling. But I think leaving it up was appropriate for “Rejoice” Sunday.

    BTW, I have noticed here three or four instances of “dusty rose” to describe the color many of us were used to seeing, before the brighter shade started appearing. And to think that for all those years, I thought it was “dusky rose”.

  125. seanm says:

    (more or less from my perspective) matching rose vestments for the 8 or so concelebrants and a slightly more elaborate chasuble for the principle celebrant @ my school

  126. Nan says:

    SteveK; “harlequin looking fiery spirit thing” Is it wrong that I want to go to Las Vegas for the trainwreck now?

    mom2six, I can’t imagine a priest saying that! The priests at my parish must be incredibly versatile as they’ve said nary a peep about the mechanics of receiving; in the hand, on the tongue, standing after bowing or genuflecting, while kneeling.

    isabella, I saw liturgical dancers once, at Easter Vigil a couple of years ago. It didn’t feel like I had been to Mass so I went on Sunday. To a normal Mass.

  127. IL Catholic says:

    suburban parish: Rose vestments for both deacon and celebrant. Fr. mentioned it was Gaudete Sunday as well. Nothing beside the mention, though.

  128. Agnes says:

    I was off traveling and went to the Cathedral of St. James in Seattle, WA. Purple vestments.

    Stuff I liked: Hand bells for the procession. Asperges – took a while to sprinkle the whole cruciform church (theater-in-the-round w/ a square altar table in the center of what looked like a black granite helipad – we didn’t really know where to sit…). Latin Sanctus and Agnus Dei. Decent homily.

    Some stuff I didn’t like: Many male & female active participants processing, reading, cantoring, and EMHC-ing. Very busy traffic up and down, in and out. CLOW – after the Penitential Rite the kids were invited up to be blessed by Fr. and ushered off to a separate chapel to have the Word preached “at their level”. Honestly, there wasn’t anything in the Word or the homily that was overly difficult for grade school kids to understand.

    Some abuses: Crystal ciborium, red glass chalice, pewter chalices for the distribution (though I don’t know if they were gold-lined, probably not). “This is the Lamb of God” – congregation (except us) remained standing.

    Question in regards to the Matter for the Sacred Species: Is white wine permissible? I know it must be fermented wine from grapes, unspoiled (not vinegar). Is red wine specified? I never partake of the Precious Blood when It’s offered, but it was very bizarre to see white wine in the cruet (the size of a nice large crystal wine decanter). Seemed, at the least, unfitting.

    It was all sort of a weird mix of tradition and liberalism – perhaps beginning to shake off a 40 year hangover.

  129. smcollinsus says:


    We only have one set of Rose – not pink, and with purple orphries. So they were used in the church for all the Masses. The Parish Hall Mass had to settle for purple.


    The OF Masses use a short organ prelude/postlude, but very little “filler”. In the Parish Hall we had Celtic music on harp and violin as prelude and Communion background.

    The EF Mass had no instrumental music whatsoever. Four hymns, including “Adoro te devote” using the Nova Organi Harmonia accompanitment at Communion. I also chant the Introit as Prelude and the Communion Antiphon at the beginning of Communion, both accompanied from NOH.

    Also, we refrain from ringing our peal of English “change ringing” bells during both Advent and Lent.

  130. Dave N. says:

    I’m thinking Agnes about would have mentioned puppets if there had been any this time.

  131. rinkevichjm says:

    Fr Paul said his Masses at St Ann with the Tabernacle behind the altar in what the Fresno diocese priests say is Rose (more pink than salmon), while the blessed sacrament continued to be perpetually adored in its chapel and the purple/violet flags remain draped throughout the main church. The 10:30 choir opened with O Come, O Come, Emanuel.

  132. Agnes says:

    Dave N, maybe they had puppets in the CLOW. It was all so weird…

    In the bulletin – advertisements for an ecumenical Taize service and a “Communal Penance Service” (To give the benefit of the doubt, I’ll guess Form II with individual confessions after the examen but I didn’t stick around to ask!) Security escorted a loud cussing homeless fellow back out onto the street just before Mass – and then the priest preached on the homeless he speaks to as having such a deep faith. Sounds like they do a lot of social justice for the neighborhood.

    I thought, Yep, that’s very interesting. Condos in that city sell for $600K min., and we saw beggars on every other corner – tolerated like the seagulls and the pigeons.

    It was a weird Sunday.

  133. Francisco Cojuanco says:

    It was rosacea, same as last year, and the year before that. We had minimal instrumentals (all we have is a piano), but a really great choir – the first time I’ve heard chant in that parish for months. If only they could do all the Masses…

  134. Jenny says:

    We had a strange split on Sunday. The altar was dressed in violet, the priest was vested in white, and the deacon was in rose.

  135. Willebrord says:

    Some posted a comment saying that there wasn’t any holy water in their fonts (done on advice of their bishop), which reminds me that recently at the local church there hasn’t been any holy water recently…

    I’m wondering, that since some churches take out the holy water for all Lent (which is wrong, I know), some also now take out the holy water for Advent as well?

    At first I thought they’d run out… but after a couple of times at the 2 different churches in the parish I knew something was up.

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