Grand Central

On Christmas Day Grand Central Terminal is not as frenetic as on a work day but people are still bustling through. Terminals are odd places. People only come in order to leave. I will leave when I have met my friends at the clock. Then it’s off to lunch somewhere.

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  1. Father Steve says:

    Merry Christmas Fr. Z! There is nothing like Christmas in New York… unless you can go to Rome!
    Have a blessed Christmas!

  2. Doc Angelicus says:

    Fr. Z, Grand Central has a gourmet food alley that is well worth a visit to NYC in itself. I was hoping you’d have visited it and given your impressions!

  3. Mary Bruno says:

    When I went to NYC it was thrilling to get off the train in Grand Central Station! Funny how it still looks the same after all those years have passed.

  4. stpetric says:

    Good on ya for getting the name right — Grand Central TERMINAL! Grand Central STATION is the post office at Lexington and 45th.

  5. Mitchell NY says:

    I always find something new when I walk through it…It is so big..And the main concourse is fantastic. So muc to look at…I was so happy when they cleaned up this gem instead of tearing it down as they did to the former Penn Station..Now that was a wonder to behold !!!

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