Lunch under the bridge

I met two friends after Mass for lunch at Pershing Square under the bridge at Grand Central Terminal.

Best. Corned Beef Hash. Anywhere.

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  1. servusmariaen says:

    Father, I used to go there to meet friends for breakfast when I lived in NYC. If I went to Mass at St Agnes. There’s a nice German deli inside of Grand Central Station. It makes me miss NYC.

  2. Doc Angelicus says:

    I ate there once with my wife, I remember it as being pretty good. We spent an anniversary weekend at that hotel, went to one of our first EF Masses at St. Agnes, and ate at Pershing Square (among other places).

  3. Fr: Vincenzo and I are wondering what happened to your deli post that was here and gone. I hope some troll or stalker was not after you.

  4. Cathy of A: It’s gone? I will hunt it up.

  5. Mitchell NY says:

    I go to the EF Mass for Easter at St. Anges. I hope you are enjoying the city Father while you are here..It was in the 50’s today..I will take that for December…It was nice seeing you at Holy Innocents on Christmas Eve. You sounded just like your podcasts!!!

  6. Charivari Rob says:

    Does thhe Oyster Bar still exist? Or is this thhe same space?

  7. Mike Morrow says:

    Corned beef hash! Excellent, but it contains about 10 million calories per serving! :-)

  8. Fr: It was the post on Katz’s-best pastrami! :-)

  9. Oh, never mind, I see you reposted it! Good morning. Have a safe trip home.

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