Here is an ALERT to all WDTPRS readers and a request to bloggers to help.

But first, a digression to whet your appetite.

Remember that whole business of a petition by those who are determined to resist the new translation of the Roman Missal?

A reader here sent me an interesting observation:

‘Anonymous’ Asks Bishops to Wait and See

Friends, I scrolled down the list (well, the beginning of the list) of names of the signers of this petition [link]. I was frankly surprised to see the number of ‘signers’ listed there such as the following: "Anonymous — Religious — NY", "Anonymous — Lay Person — Washington". C’mon, get off it. Is this list really supposed to impress anyone, let alone a bishop? Anonymous Religious? Anonymous Lay Minister? Are they really afraid of some kind of unwelcome retribution from a Superior for saying something as radical as that they have reservations about the new translations and want an experiment? Is that so dangerous a sentiment? What are they afraid of, hate mail? (If so, they’d better not ever look into my in-box!) Or do they just lack the courage of their convictions? Or do they really exist at all? Is someone, maybe, just adding ‘Anonymous’ signers in an ACORN-like fraud to make it seem like there’s an issue here? ….. I’m just asking….

"But Father! But Father!", you are no doubt saying by now.  "What are you about?  What’s this got to do with your ALERT and that request to other bloggers?"


In reference to that dissident petition, a priest has started another petition in support of the new translation.  Had the priest in question alerted me to this earlier, I would have linked to it earlier.  But… here it is.

I hope you will give that petition some honest support.

There are not yet many signers.  I hope you will get on board.

UPDATE 19 Dec 1649 GMT:

I see there are now over 1150+ signatures.  This is over 100% increase since I posted this.  Thanks! 

Also, I am glad to see that most of you are not signing as anonymous.  Signing a real name of some kind will help distinguish this petition from that other one.

Speaking of that other petition, an alert WDTPRS reader sent me the following note:

Fr. Z

These two ‘women priests’ want a trial period before they are required to introduce the new translation to their congregations?

Judith Heffernan, M.Div


Unofficially Philadelphia


Rev. Suzanne Avison Thiel


RCWP Portland, Oregon


The above are two signatories to the "Why don’t we just wait?" petition… hilarious.

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. gmarie says:

    signed and supported

  2. PomeroyJohn says:

    I signed and willing provided my name. And it’s not Mr. Anonomyous.

    John from Pomeroy on the Palouse

  3. I noticed the same thing (Anonymous–wherever). Cowards.
    What really got “my goat” were the names of the “usual suspects” from my diocese.
    I’m glad this initiative is going on.
    Enough, already.
    Give us the accurate translations before we really sink into darkness.

  4. ScitoTeIpsum says:

    Excellent idea….I would propose that one of the options should be for “Seminarians”. I think you would see a great response.

  5. Dr. K says:

    I strongly question the credibility of that “other” petition when the following appears on the site:

  6. Brian Day says:

    Signed & Supported

    I would have liked if they had a location option. I have no qualms about telling which diocese I reside in.

  7. ray from mn says:

    It is good that there will be real names on the petition calling for more accuracy and fidelity in the new translation.

    Contrasting with “anon.” and pseudonyms on the petition calling for retaining a translation based on feelings and impressions designed to create an era of good feelings.

    I signed!

  8. Mean-spirited harassment seems to be epidemic in this tiny globe of the internet. It does not surprise me, that anonymity. We too, try to remain low key as we face harangues from harriers and harridans over the simple fact that we dress modestly. While many people are quite supportive, tis also the dilemma that our daily lives are complex enough without anonymous attacks appearing in our emails. Some have even been sent computer virus emails in an attempt to sabotage their computers just because they stood firm in the Faith.

    Persecution has been with the Christian Confession always; and like those first Christians hiding in Rome’s catacombs, those who seek to be true to the Catholic Faith must also at times hide in the cyber catacombs of anonymity. Yet, we must also reach out and be the love of Christ to even our worst enemies: as the youth say, “It’s complicated”.

    God bless the anonymous and the notorious for caring enough to take the time to sign and support this petition.

  9. Jono says:

    Only 465 signatures by 11:24 EST. We must be slacking. I posted a link on my blog, as requested. I hope it will help.

  10. Hidden One says:

    Some of us are not able to put up our names without genuine consequences that could imperil our ability to do our duties to God and to man… and for this reason we ought not sign?

    However, all who are able to give your names, please do. [Noooo…. don’t sign as “anonymous”. Sign some real name, even if it has to be a pseudonym. Real e-mail you can access and some real name.]

  11. Robert of Rome says:

    Signed. Thanks for posting the petition, Fr. Z

  12. Robert of Rome: You are very welcome!

  13. Dave N. says:

    Done. Real name.

  14. Melania says:

    And with my real name. Forgot to say that.

  15. Signed.


    Posted on the blog :)

  16. Timbot2000 says:

    Signed, real name, real state in life. Though I feel like I’m parking at teh following establishment courtesy of Matt Groening

    “Welcome to Akbar and Jeff’s Downtown Parking Garage ‘Where We’ll Park Your Car as if We Care'”

  17. Rob in Maine says:

    Signed with name and title: Robert Carignan, Knight of Columbus

  18. smallone says:

    Signed with my real name and everything.

  19. irishgirl says:

    Signed, using my real name.

    That’s right-enough is enough. Let’s get this new translation implemented.

  20. mpm says:

    I signed the petition with my real name, etc., but if there are any Ecclesiastical Authorities who read this blog’s comboxes, I am seriously (if humbly) making the following suggestion:

    Suggestion for a generous and tranquil introduction of the New Translations of the English texts of the Liturgy of the Eucharist

    To avoid allowing the new translations of the Roman Missal to become a bone of contention between factions in the Church, I submit the following proposal to the proper Ecclesiastical Authorities.

    General Principle: All the Translations must meet with the approvals of the respective Episcopal Conferences and the Congregation for Divine Worship including the Pope.

    When such Approvals have been completed for any given subset of the Texts, I would recommend allowing their immediate use by priests (in a manner similar to that used in the Motu proprio “Summorum pontificum“.

    [Thus, today, it would become permissible that the Ordinary of the Mass be celebrated with the amended Texts.]

    A “sunset date” for use of the unamended texts could be established, or Diocesan Ordinaries could be allowed to decide for themselves the date after which the unamended texts could not longer be used. [Such a date might never have to be enforced, since there might naturally and organically arise a situation where the new translations, by force of their evident preferability, might simply become the norm.]

    What is chiefly avoided hereby is a situation where the entire English-speaking world is held to a less appropriate Text while enemies of the amended Texts have an opportunity to mount a campaign against their usage, which could only be based on falsehoods.

  21. Joan M says:

    I have signed, using my full real name.

  22. Signing with a real name will help to contrast this petition from that other one.

  23. I have signed, using my name. At the risk of sounding elitist, though, I would say that we should not expect the “we’ve waited long enough” petition to beat the “let’s wait” petition, for the following reason: there are more people who are (and it is easier to be) ignorant about the whole issue.

    Do they know how bad the current translation is? Do they know the problems with the previously proposed translations? Do they know what the texts actually are? Have they looked at them THEMSELVES?

  24. ALL: Note the latest UPDATE to the main entry.

  25. An American Mother says:

    Signed. Real name. My paper trail is so wide that anybody who really wants to find me can do so.

    (besides, my parish is extremely orthodox and I can’t imagine anybody being ill with me for signing this. Even my Methodist boss wouldn’t turn a hair. He was interested and intrigued, but not disapproving in any way, when the relic of St. Mary Magdalene visited our parish.)

  26. wanda says:

    Re: Latest Update. Argghh, not again. Now I have to go and wash out my eyes.

  27. frleo says:

    Fr. Z,

    Folks can sign their real name and uncheck the box “Show my name . . . .” if they think their may be a problem. I believe the original creator of the petition will be the only one who will see the whole list of names, and probably what ever authority to whom the final petition is presented.

  28. MichaelD says:

    I found this “signature” – No.1396

    Name: Racist Right-Wing Catholics on Dec 19, 2009
    What is your state of life?: Bishop

  29. The Cobbler says:

    Gotta love the disrespect… “Tolerance” means that since my killing of my conscience is threatened by those who try to behave you must all misbehave so I don’t feel uncomfortable in my misbehavior!

  30. catholicmidwest says:

    All those anonymous ones? They’re the same 3 people over and over.

  31. Tyler says:

    Oh. No.

    “Rev.” Suzanne Thiel is the mother of a friend of mine. Until I saw this post, I had no idea that she fashioned herself a wymynpriest… for shame.

    On the one hand I am deeply disturbed to see this, but on the other hand, I am now aware that she deeply needs prayer.

    I’d like to ask that all those who see this also pray for her conversion.

  32. TonyLayne says:

    Signed, sealed, delivered …!

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