The Feeder Feed

I was away for a while.

Boy, are they glad I’m back!

Where ya’ been?




They eat by your donations!  Thanks for your help in the past.

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  1. irishgirl says:

    Ha ha-love the birdie pics, as always!

    Oooo, the ones of the chickadees are wonderful! The feathers are soft enough to touch!

    You got SNOW already ?!? Gaaa-not ready for it!

  2. tewter says:

    I’m jealous of you. The many kinds of birds are beautiful and looking at them in your pictures makes me happy. God is so wonderful to have created such a variety of beings. I am sure paradise will be what God has meant for man from the beginning, birds and all.

  3. wanda says:

    Brrrr! My beak is sooo cold! Where’s that heated birdbath again? Santa?

    Thank you for the beautiful pics of your feathered friends. I’m sure they are glad you’re home.

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