Wonderful photos, not to miss

My friend John Sonnen of Orbis Catholicus has some great photos from the recognizable Gesu e Maria on the Corso in Rome, where the older form of Mass is celebrated on Sundays.

Long time readers will remember I that I had some pretty spiffy photos there of moments during Holy Communion.   John caught the same moments.

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  1. Desertfalcon says:

    Oh, that is just glorious Father! It makes me wonder if they laid out the church in such a way that the sun would drench the altar like that. Magnificent.

  2. idatom says:


    Beautiful photos, I whish I had taken them.

    Tom Lanter

  3. btb says:

    Beautiful! – But scrutinizing the photo are we quite sure it’s not Sen. Ben Nelson imitating a priest like he imitated being pro-life???

  4. Wow, absolutely beautiful!

  5. irishgirl says:

    Glorious pictures, especially with the sun streaming in!

    Was this Cardinal Dulles’ titular church as Cardinal Deacon, by any chance?

  6. ssoldie says:

    How does one discribe “the most beautiful thing this side of heaven”.

  7. Robert_H says:

    Those are gorgeous. I’ll try to recall them to mind next time I’m at a Mass with a gazillion EMHC’s, tambourines and wind chimes.

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