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In previous weeks I have been saying that Gregorian chant just isn’t that hard and that it can be introduced in parish worship.  It really must be in cathedrals and major churches, right?

My friend Jeffrey Tucker over at NLM and of Sacred Music has a couple interesting and useful posts.

Sing the Offertory During Lent

Finally, a great tutorial CD for chant


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  1. Choirmaster says:

    Jeffery Tucker is absolutely brilliant and very insightful and practical in his theories and advice.

    I highly recommend reading everything he has written.

  2. Bressani56 says:

    Jeffrey Tucker is interviewed live (on video) by Dr. Mahrt here:

  3. An American Mother says:

    I’m still rather stunned at the widespread resistance to chant. As an Episcopalian child of six I was singing chant (Gregorian and Anglican, but in modern notation). My family IS fairly musical, but even my husband (who is NOT from a musical family) can do it. I had to learn the Solemnes notation, but it’s just not all that hard!

    This is one of the (if not THE) biggest adjustments I’ve had to make in converting. Why is music so unnaturally difficult for most Catholics? It can’t be a question of natural ability — the truly tone-deaf are quite rare. Maybe it’s all the bad modern pop that’s been passing for hymns for so many years. It’s enough to make you crawl under the pews, and some of it is actually UNsingable.

    I’m not sure I buy the Irish theory set forth by Thomas Day. Our rector is Irish and while he can’t sing himself (too many cigars I guess) he has a good ear and excellent taste in music.

  4. gloriainexcelsis says:

    As I’ve said before, it isn’t difficult. Our 8-14 year old choristers sing chant, the congregation knows the various Masses (Lux Origo, de Angelis, Lent and Advent, etc.) and sings antiphonally mostly from memory now. It takes a little time, that’s all. The print-outs for Sunday Vespers and Compline are even in “square notes.” I sang chant as a child during the first half of the last century, taught by a darling nun in full St. Joseph of Carondelet habit (sigh).

  5. Hartmeister says:

    However if you want to listen to Gregorian chant there is a great internet radio station for this, BSO Radio GREGORIANO. The website for the radio station is at http://streaming.bsoradio.com/start/gregoriano/ and the URL for the stream is at icy:// or depending upon your player. It works fine with the excellent fstream (free from the app store) application for iphone. Everybody may already know about this link for all I know, but I just stumbled upon it myself.

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