“And he returned home, tired but happy!”

My iPhone had its own version of Ferris Bueler’s Day Off.Twitter

But it is now safely back in my hands.

FedEx came today with my iPhone, sent by the Lost and Found office of DIA.

I was for a a very short time in possession of two iPhone 3GS!award


When I learned that my phone was on the way back home, I called the ATT store where I had replaced the errant gizmo.   The manager told me that they could take my brand new replacement back for a 10% fee.  

"Hot dog!", quoth I.

When the phone came today I therefore hopped in the car and went straight to the ATT store.

I had everything the phone came with in perfect shape, even the little clear wrapper for the cord. 

At the store, I chatted for a bit with the manager as we zeroed out my newest phone and got the old new phone going again. 

When he gave me my refund, he said he hadn’t even charged my that 10%!


So, I now have my iPhone back and it is updated and functioning perfectly.

Our long telephonic nightmare is over.

After the ATT store I went to the bird store and spent donation dollars you good readers sent in.   The store was having a big sale on feed and I saved a lot of money by stocking up now.

So, thanks again for the help of your prayers and your help with the birds.

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  1. Brian Day says:

    I’m glad that AT&T did the right thing by not charging you a 10% fee.

    I know you are in MN and I am in CA, but where do you find the best prices for bird feed? Feed store, home improvement store, big box store?

  2. wanda says:

    Welcome home little wayward phone. What stories could you tell of your great adventure? Glad for the happy outcome and that you didn’t have to pay the extra fee. At your service anytime Father – Prayers ‘R’ Us!

    P.S. Brian – Usually the sales at the Feed Stores are good. Sometimes there is a coupon sale at a local hardware store, though. I think they are catching on that there are lots of ‘bird feeders’ out here. (East Coast)

  3. Frank H says:

    Father, have you pursued the security upgrades you spoke of in your recent post on your iPhone adventure? I imagine a number of your readers may find that information of interest. I’m taking the plunge for MobileMe. Just wondering what other security-oriented apps might be advisable.

  4. Frank H: Yes, I have. I installed some apps to beef up security and I added MobileMe as well.

  5. Hi Fr. Z – the pictures on your blog still don’t show up in Chrome … are they jpeg? RGB (Chrome can’t handle CYMK…) Just curious …

  6. rinkevichjm says:

    Now add the Divine Office podcast to that iPhone. Just for the hymns when you can’t pray with a community. (you’ll still have to pray some of the hours on your own). Best of all, its free…

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