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COVID-1984, Your iPhone, and You

This… It seems the statement attached to the software update means the new coding supports contact tracing apps. When a user accepts the update, they are consenting, legally, to this data being collected/distributed from this device to these or future … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z muses about his inner Gollum

Here is some food for thought from the The Catholic Gift Shop via the blog Acts of the Apostasy: I have to admit, there have been times when I have realized that my phone (aka The Precious) was not nearby … Read More

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Question for readers: free texting from iPhone to iPhone anywhere

iPhone users: please educate me. I have been told that if you have an iPhone running 5.0 or higher, you can text to any other iPhone, anywhere in the world, for free.  Apparently, you must use the app iMessage. Anyone? … Read More

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More with Morse Code – cool app

I have lately posted some items about Morse Code.  One of you readers sent me a video, dated from the beginning of April, of a very cool alternative to those nasty and inconvenient touch screens on our iPhones. Enjoy! [wp_youtube]1KhZKNZO8mQ[/wp_youtube] … Read More

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Tips For Priests

Here is a fun and useful… Tip For Priests! I occasionally post about some poor priest whose phone erupts during Mass or in the confessional.  By “erupt”, I mean Father forgot either to leave the phone in the sacristy (best) … Read More

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What’s on your reading/listening list right now?

Slated for reading on my Kindle right now: I think he might have not quite understood St. Thomas More’s notion of Utopia, but he is exceptionally good. More Mitch Rapp from my homey, Vince Flynn.  Prequel. Hoping it will be … Read More

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Self-healing iPhone case?

For the Just Too Cool file, this from FBN: Nissan has announced the world’s first self-healing iPhone case, which the car manufacturer claims can quickly repair itself when scratched. Developed by the car manufacturer in collaboration with University of Tokyo … Read More

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iPhone app for Le Barroux

I sometimes listen the podcasts of the Benedictine monks at Norcia, in Italy.  They record and post on demand recordings of their hours and Mass.  Alas, they tend to go flat, a problem many groups have when singing psalms and … Read More

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iPhone question for readers

Have any of you iPhone 4 users noticed any problems with your OS after updating to 5.0? When the 4.0 update came out, the 3GS became very sluggish. Observations?

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Question for readers on iPhone stuff (jailbreak, unlock, dual sims, then what…?)

Do any of you iPhone users have experience of using a dual SIM in 3gs or 4? Also, yesterday I did a jailbreak and unlock on my 3gs.  Very cool and a lot easier than I thought it would be.  … Read More

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New iPhone app for Catholic voters to access US Congress

I received a press release about a new Catholic app for the iPhone.  The app is FREE. New App Empowers Catholic Voters New Tool Allows Users to Access Congress From Anywhere SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Little i Apps, LLC, makers … Read More

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New iPhone/iPad app for The Catholic Herald and a sneaky way to get it cheaper

The best Catholic weekly in the UK, The Catholic Herald, now has a spiffy app for your iPhone and iPad. You can find it HERE.  To see the whole paper you have to get a subscription. I have used the … Read More

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REVIEW: 1962 Roman Breviary iPhone app

The Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate created an app for the 1962 Breviarium Romanum.  It is now available, FREE, for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This may be a way for some of you to get more familiar with … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Eucharistic Adoration for the first time: use an iPhone?

From a reader: My confessor strongly recommended I spend time in adoration. I’ve been hesitant because I’ve never done it before, but I decided to do it tonight after Mass. I just have one problem… What exactly am I supposed … Read More

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REVIEW UPDATE: Confession app for iPhone now for Android

Remember that iPhone app intended to help people make a good confession? It is now released for Android as well. The developer wrote to say that they had added the ability to add a “count” for the sins, to help … Read More

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iPhone alarm glitch

Those of you who have iPhones… have you noticed a glitch in the alarm function since the first of the year? My alarms have not rung either yesterday or today.   It is a good thing I woke up when I … Read More

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Not the direction I usually want to launch my phone!

This is definitely for your Just Too Cool file. From cultofmac comes this great story: Father and Son Launch iPhone, HD Video Camera into Space By Adam Rosen (4:00 am, Oct. 12, 2010) Taking their iPhone Where No iDevice Has … Read More

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QUAERITUR: use of iPhone, hand-held for liturgical readings

From a reader: One sees the Magnificat missalettes in the hands of lots of folks at daily Mass nowadays. With its beautifully presented (briefer) morning/evening/night prayers from which many (like me) have gone on to the LOH or DO, plus … Read More

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iBreviary iPhone app… free?

I received an SMS saying that the iPhone app "iBreviary" is free right now. I have mixed views of iBreviary, frankly.  At first, it was quite promising.  Many languages were promised including Latin. But most of the time the Latin … Read More

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Rest assured

At the airport off to Philadelphia. Security was a ZOO, but within it is rather calm. Go figure. Many people here had to change flights because of snow on the east coast of the USA. With that in mind I … Read More

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