It’s hockey …day… in Canada!




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  1. Random Friar says:

    Canada up 1-0 after 1.

  2. Fr_Reif says:

    Do you remember the USA v. USSR hockey game at Lake Placid in 1980? Now that was high drama. Go USA! Watching the game now.

  3. Henry Belton says:

    Living in a border town, I see and hear the magnitude of this game to the Canadians. For them, it’s kind of Christmas morning, the Superbowl and Y2k all rolled into one. It will be a national tragedy if they lose. Fort Niagara needs to be on high alert – keep your muskets ready!

    Go USA – awesome Uncle Sam rolling up the sleeves on Millers helmet!

  4. Leefstrong says:

    I’m boycotting the Olympics. Morals issues.

    I’m just glad they’re nearly over.


  5. irishgirl says:

    What’s the score now? I don’t have TV, and trying to access any live video from NBC is a hassle on my computer.

    Oh, I love the Uncle Sam image on Ryan Miller’s helmet-very cool!

    Do I remember 1980 in Lake Placid? I loved it! And I got to meet members of the hockey team when they came back for a reunion in July of that year. And in November 1980 I met Mike Eruzione, the captain who scored the winning goal against the Soviets! He came to my hometown to speak at a sports awards banquet the day after Thanksgiving. My twin sister made him a red-white-and-blue Christmas ornament as a gift. When he lifted it out of the box it came in, he said in that Massachusetts accent of his, ‘Hey, it’s a satellite!’ And then my sister said, ‘No, it’s an ornament!’ And then the next thing I knew, he turned to me and gave me a kiss…right on the mouth! I think he got confused because we were twins!

    GO TEAM USA 2010!

  6. Random Friar says:

    PARISE! Ties the game with 22 seconds to go! We’re going to OT!

  7. medievalist says:

    OT. Can’t watch! Come on Canada!

  8. JohnMa says:

    At least it was a Penguin that scored. :(

  9. Peggy R says:

    My huz was glad that his Penn player Crosby scored the winner–if Canada must win. Congrats to our friends to the north.

  10. Sedgwick says:

    Where was Herb Brooks when we needed him?

  11. capchoirgirl says:

    Glad Sid scored the winner (I’m a Pens fan)…GREAT game for both teams. Party night in Canada, for sure.

  12. chloesmom says:

    Amazing game! Well played on both sides — too bad both teams couldn’t get the gold medal!

    That said, I am a very proud and grateful Canadian today. And Sidney Crosby, from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, getting the winning goal — that was wonderful to behold in the eyes of this former Newfoundlander.


  13. capchoirgirl says:

    NS will probably throw Sid ANOTHER parade. :)

  14. Penguins Fan says:

    Sedgwick, Herb Brooks died in a car accident in Minnesota several years ago. His assistant coach on that great 1980 USA hockey team, Craig Patrick, hired Brooks to coach the Pittsburgh Penguins during the 1999-2000 season. Had Brooks not died in the accident, he would have likely returned to coach the Penguins.

    I was pulling for Pittsburgh native, Ryan Malone, as well as current Penguin Brooks Orpik and the rest of the USA team to bring home the gold. The USA Olympians played their hearts out and came up just a little bit short.

    Sidney Crosby scored the shootout winner against Ryan Miller in the 2008 Winter Classic game (outdoors in Buffalo). Crosby scored four against Miller in a Monday night game in early February. Now, Crosby tortured Miller again. I feel bad for Miller – for now.

    Crosby plays against Miller Tuesday night in Pittsburgh.

    All in all the Olympic hockey was great – but too hard to find on TV.
    Perhaps a few people who haven’t watched the sport be fore will watch now. It’s a magnificent game.

    Congratulations to Canada! It was a well-earned win.

  15. Dear Father,

    When it comes to hockey and um…CURLING.


    But given the Winnipeg Statement, I can’t see why we deserve it!

  16. Matthew in Vancouver says:

    Great Game! I saw it with around 2500 people in downtown Vancouver on a big screen. Absolutely awesome!

  17. Breck says:

    Right after watching the game on TV (on one of four or five different channels) I went to McDonald’s.
    Who should show up but a bunch of young teens all dressed in red, etc. They cheered and sang Oh Canada and we all cheered too. If I had been quickwitted, I would have offered them all free cones — like we used to treat carollers at Christmas.

  18. robtbrown says:

    Sidney Crosby scored the shootout winner against Ryan Miller in the 2008 Winter Classic game (outdoors in Buffalo). Crosby scored four against Miller in a Monday night game in early February. Now, Crosby tortured Miller again. I feel bad for Miller – for now.
    Comment by Penguins Fan

    Wasn’t Miller voted the MVP of the tournament?

    I’ve only seen one hockey game in my life. Some years ago KC had an NHL team and saw the game against Montreal, when the Canadiens had Yvan Cournoyer, Guy LaFleur, and Peter(I think) Mahavlich. KC was edged 7-2. It is still the best sporting event I ever attended.

  19. robtbrown says:

    After having watched most of the opening ceremony and a portion of the closing one, I am left wondering whether anyone in Canada is capable of writing decent music (Oh, Canada excepted).

    Still, the individual competitions at the games were magnificent. Alpine skiing seems made for HDTV.

  20. ejcmartin says:

    It was a great game to watch. It’s very hard to lose a game like that.

    Right after the game we said our family Rosary then I grabbed my bag and sticks and headed to rink. It’s playoff time in my “rec” hockey! We won 4-2, now up 2-0. Go “Computer Shack” go!

  21. boko fittleworth says:

    @robtbrown: Neil Young is bringing some redemption, music-wise.

    @Penguins Fan: Pens and US D-man Brooks Orpik was named after Herb Brooks. Go Sid and Go Pens!

    Also, I’ve been using Bing instead of Google. They have great pics on their homepage, a new one (sometimes more) each day. Their Olympics pictures have been fantastic.

  22. wanda says:

    Great game. We’re not huge hockey fans, but we sure were rooting for the USA. Great fun, spaghetti, salad, garlic bread and best of all, sharing a visit with our 2 grown sons. Great time. (Except now the Canadian National Anthem is stuck in my head! It’s a good one, though!)

  23. robtbrown says:

    @robtbrown: Neil Young is bringing some redemption, music-wise.
    Comment by boko fittleworth

    I thought he was terrible 35 years ago, and he doesn’t seem to have improved. Young the singer makes Ernest Tubb seem like Pavarotti. He’s good on the harmonica. More importantly, when he’s playing it, he’s not singing. And the lyrics of whatever he “sang” tonight often didn’t match the musical phrase.

    At least, tonight there was a bit of Rusky music-Borodin and Tschaikowsky

  24. wanda: spaghetti, salad,

    Here too. The salad was a super crispy iceberg wedge with an excellent blue cheese. The spaghetti as spicy hot as the iceberg was cold.

  25. Breck says:

    The best music at the closing ceremonies was the Russian national anthem sung by a large and full-voiced Russian chorus. I’m sorry, but in comparison to that all other national anthem renditions are milk toast.

  26. A few things I feel the need to say:

    1) Go Canada Gold!
    2) Thanks for the Olympic updates Fr Z. They were much enjoyed.
    3) Inflatable moose were spectacular.
    4) Music selections for the closing ceremony (with the exception of Mr Young) were terrible. Most of those bands have not put out anything new or worth noting in a number of years. Poor choices VanOC, poor choices. Where were the Tragically Hip? Where was Rush? Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire? Arg!

  27. canon1753 says:

    I am happy for my Northern Neighbors. As someone said- Paul Henderson, meet Sidney Crosby…

    I will root for Canada when they aren’t playing the US. Many of the Canadian skiiers and boarders are from within 200 miles of my home. I can be in Canada in 5 minutes or so. Vanoc did a great job with a lot of the Olympics. (They had trouble with the sliding track though. It is just too fast. Its interesting, they had a quick clip from a World Cup race from Lake Placid and it is a relatively new track but it looked a lot slower than Whistler. The death of the Georgian Luger should also not be downplayed. Life is important.)

  28. Leefstrong says:

    Sour grapes??

    That would imly that there was some goal I couldn’t achieve and so I’m bitter about it.

    But there was no goal for me here, nor was I bitter about the outcome of the Olympics. I had no stake in who won or lost.

    Maybe a “Killjoy Award” instead? :-)

    Moreover, I provided a link so that people would understand what I was talking about when it came to the Olympics and morals (or lack thereof). For some reason that was removed from the comment before it was posted.

  29. Canon1753 said, ” Many of the Canadian skiiers and boarders are from within 200 miles of my home.”

    That’s not hard to believe, 90% of Canadians live within 200 miles of the border with the United States!

    Say what you want about our singers, but you’ve got to admit (other than the pagan lyrics) the Olympic Anthem sung at the opening by Measha Bruggersgosman and at the closing by Ben Heppner (both from southern Ontario) was pretty special.

  30. Jordanes says:

    Leefstrong, I’ve also been boycotting the Olympics for years, so I guess I’m also a sourpuss or killjoy. I know they still bring joy to a lot of people, but ever since they ended the amateurs-only rule and made the games into just a grand multi-sport international professional championship. they just haven’t been the Olympics any more. I’m also disappointed that they never commission a new theme for each Olympics like they used to, but just recycle the same three best themes from years ago. Call me when they go back to amateurs-only and a new theme has been composed, and I’ll watch them again.

  31. robtbrown says:

    Moreover, I provided a link so that people would understand what I was talking about when it came to the Olympics and morals (or lack thereof). For some reason that was removed from the comment before it was posted.
    Comment by Leefstrong

    The Olympics are about sport, not the personal life of the athlete. Is it nice to find athletes like, say, Roger Staubach, who are daily communicants? Yes, but they’re not many like that.

    Ditto music, which is about beauty not the moral life of the artist or composer. If I would screen it acc to morality, that would eliminate Mozart, Beethovan, Bach (Protestant, and most others.

  32. robtbrown says:


    I agree about the negative consequences of the move to professionals. On the other hand, the amateurism had become a joke.

    Even with the move to professionals, still no one has equalled Al Oerter’s 4 golds in 4 different Olympics.

  33. robtbrown says:

    Should be: Yes, but there are not many like that.

  34. ChadS says:

    As another poster said, if Canada had to win I’m glad a Penguin made the game winning goal. Don’t forget on Tuesday night Crosby gets to face off against Miller once again as the Sabers come to the Mellon Arena.

  35. Daniel says:

    Best hockey game in hockey history.

  36. The Cobbler says:

    Why did the players advertise shoes on their helmets? You’d think they’d fond somewhere less opposite to advertise shoes… or, you know, that the Olympics wouldn’t require commercial funding of the advertising sort. I mean, if they’re really that big of a humanitarian thing, why do they need companies to trade support for sales? Obviously more of us are consumers than humanitarians. Which means the whole Olympic spirit is a bit of a sham.

    (And now you know why I don’t rave about the Olympics. The sports are great, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see it as anything more than an international all-around sports competition. Granted, often an awesome one, but you can do that with any truly good sports cometition.)

    (Also, c.f. the comic strip “Foxtrot”: “I never understood the technology behind NASCAR. How do they get those billboards to run around the track? And how do those human-shaped billboards pilot them?”)

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