WDTPRS POLL: Help me out with these commercials

I liked a lot of the Super Bowl Commercials.

On the frivolous side, I would have to say – for me – the Dorito Dog won.


But help me out.  Which of the following is the better commercial (yes, I know there are other candidates).

First, the Google spot appealed to my cheery optimistic side:


I especially like the Catholic wedding and resulting child vector.

Next, the Audi Green Police spot appealed to my dark dystopian twin:


All it was lacking was the little "sun" logo patch from a recent presidential campaign on the uniforms.

So…, which of the two will it be?

You can say one was better than the other for any reason.


Please vote and give your reasons in the combox.

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  1. JohnMa says:

    I liked both but voted for Green Police. It made some very good, and serious pints, in a totally humorous way. I think this ad made a lot of people wonder about this “green movement.”

  2. moon1234 says:

    The sad part is that I could see the government actually doing something like this. Definitely does NOT want to make me buy an AUDI. I would much rather have seen it race around a course and then tell me it got 55-60MPG. THAT would have been an ad.

    This reminded me of green shirts being swapped for brown shirts.

  3. Agellius says:

    I thought the Audi commercial was creepy without realizing how creepy it really was. They portrayed the Green Police too cheerfully, with their crisp white uniforms and happy music, while barely hinting at how horribly Orwellian the whole eco-Nazi movement is.

    The Google one was, as Fr. said, cheerful and nice and included a church wedding followed by children.

  4. Agellius says:

    I forgot to say which one I voted for! I voted for Google.

  5. smallone says:

    I just found the Audi commercial a lot more memorable. I think a lot of us have had personal experiences with self-appointed “green police” at work, school, etc.

    I’m a cynic, what can I say?

  6. Supertradmom says:

    I loved the google ad for romance and life, but I still think the Green Police one is a chance to laugh at what someday we may not be so free to deride. It seemed to me to be both obvious and subtle at the same time-the guys with the shorts and tall socks reminded me of schoolboys playing games. To me, the Green Police ad is the winner for satire and humor.

  7. cheekypinkgirl says:

    I just wrote an entry on my blog about why the “green police” commercial annoyed me so much. Basically, it was an elitist message for the elite.

  8. Googe/paris ad. A web search leading to marriage and a family appeals to the Chestertonian in me.

  9. Supertradmom says:

    Why is the Audi commercial elitist when we all have to buy the ugly, twisty bulbs-which we do? The car brand does not take away from the nanny-state message, which will effect us all.

    To define things according to Elitism is a Marxist mind-set, not a Catholic one.

  10. peregrinPF says:

    Could not vote. Did not watch the game.

  11. cuaguy says:

    I voted for the google commercial. While I loved both of them, there was just something about the google commercial that I thought pushed it over the Audi commercial.

  12. EnoughRope says:

    Audi was too creepy. I work at a University, so you can imagine all of the Gaia worshipers here. It hit a little too close to home.

  13. Frank H says:

    The Google ad won me over with its familiarity, cheerfulness, and nice story line.

  14. wanda says:

    I voted for the Google ad..it appealed to my starry-eyed optimist, romantic side. It shows what is still attainable.

    The green police was well done..although these days, as others have noted, you never know who is watching you and your garbage.

  15. kab63 says:

    Company-wise, I trust Audi’s motives much more than I do Google’s. Google is already working for the Green Police. (Try typing in “catholicism is” and see what Google suggests as a finisher.) I was surprised to see Google make such a wholesome, likeable ad. Heh. I voted dark and dystopian, though.

  16. Jack Hughes says:

    I prefered to watch the google one, becasue the Girl I plan to court and marry is half-french

  17. revs96 says:

    I voted for Google because the green police remind me too much of the Nazis.

  18. marthawrites says:

    I voted for the Google/Paris ad because two of our three married children met on line, on Catholic websites. Another met her fiance at a different Catholic website. In fact, one son-in-law is named Pierre; his mother is from Paris. So I’m a fan of using the Internet for relationship searches, because my family enjoys the happy results. I realize this isn’t an exact comparison, but the ad reminded me of our family situation.

  19. I voted the green police one, funny..also quite creepy

  20. The Green Police but only because I like Cheap Trick.

  21. Debbie says:

    The google ad was very cool. Loved the last google surprise. The green police made me laugh and I liked the music, so I voted for it. Both were really very good.

  22. Joshua08 says:

    In and of itself the Google AD, but in a way it is disqualified. The Google AD was not a super-bowl ad. Oh it aired during the superbowl, but it is not new. I have seen it many times before. It is several months old in fact

  23. lucy says:

    The Google ad hands down. Very cute and optimistic. The green police ad was too Orwelian for my taste. We laugh today, but tomorrow – who knows ?

  24. Torpedo1 says:

    I voted for the green police ad, because I think it makes a good point, that even the advertisers get how too far the Green crowd has taken this thing. I did love the google ad though. The man currently courting me, met me online as well. We tell people we met out of pitty, because my twin sister had all of these online friends and I didn’t have any. So, one night, while I was complaining about that fact while in her room, she said I could add some of her friends to my instant message list. Well, we started talking from there, and it was one of those situations in which I didn’t notice him romanticly, that is until I did. He’s the most wonderful man for me. Sorry to get girly on everyone… I’ll stop now. Please pray for us. We’ve got a ways to go before anything’s settled.

  25. LarryPGH says:

    Given the choice of these two, definitely the Google.

    “Green Police” did accurately portray the slippery green slope that we seem to be heading down. Now — if Audi had shown that their product helps get us away from such an Orwellian future, then I’d be applauding; however, all they show is “yeah, the government’s turning into an overbearing Big Brother… but don’t worry, you, personally, can slip away by buying our product.” BOO!

  26. KAS says:

    I found the green police one creepy. It is too close to the fascism of some people in the green movement.

    I also found the dorito dog a bit disturbing because it implied a violence to the bark collar that it hasn’t got.

    The google ad was rather cute so I voted for that one.

    I liked the simplicity and humor in the Tebow ad.

  27. Paul M says:

    I’ll admit I laughed at the Audi ad, the Orwellian aspect has a ring of truth to it. I think California is closer than anyone to achieving that enviro-utopia. I don’t know how effective the ad will be as I think most people will remember the “Green Police” and not the car.

    Given that, the Google ad was much more effective and I believe people will be talking about “the Google ad”. Interesting that Google was even advertising given their market dominance. The irony is that Google is much closer to fulfilling the Orwellian vision than anyone else out there. They track your searches, what news you read, your email, your desktop, now Google Docs, Chrome, etc, etc. Lately, I’ve been analyzing how reliant I’ve become on Google…scary.

  28. JonM says:


    First of all, it was such a true depiction of how one could, in a savvy manner, fantastically leverage Google.

    [The danger is of course that we stop doing real research and rely on Google to send us to a few top sites, but none the less, I have found myself surf Google and pick up so much information, which only would have been possible by going to the library when I was little.]

    Perhaps even more importantly, I the Catholic church wedding and resulting child. That is countercultural.

    Father is right, the Audi commercial was good, but the eco-cops lacked correct dress: ‘sun’ patches and jackboots apparently did not make CBS’s cut.

  29. JackG says:

    LarryPGH — You nailed it.

    As an ad, “Green Police” doesn’t work. As Larry points out, it sets up one thing (the Orwellian state – something you don’t want) and then delivers something else (not how to overcome it, but how to get around it — for the time being). Not a satisfying prospect, unless of course you like being a slave.

  30. pseudomodo says:

    How green do you want to be?

    A resident downtown in Vancouver lives near the Olympic opening ceremony venue. He is annoyed because the organizers have installed diesel generators at the site that run ALL THE TIME.

    He complains and a local TV reporter is immediatly dispached to get to the bottom of this ‘ungreen’, noisy problem. She asks the usual questions, “Whats going on here? I thought these games were going to be the greenest in history?”

    The Olympic spokerperson replies, “Well you are going to have to ask VANOC (Vancouver Olympic Committee) about this but my understanding is that this was required for the broadcasters.”

    In another time and place you would almost be able to hear a churchlady voice saying ‘nevermind…’

  31. eulogos says:

    I was so pleased that the Google one ended with marriage and a baby, so I voted for that.

    The other one was funnier, however.
    Actually, I am attracted by the product advertised, as I always loved my diesel Rabbits and would like to go diesel again, but New York State won’t let you buy a diesel car except used. So I am thinking, if a bunch of people buy these, after a while there will be used ones around and maybe I will get one.
    I was irritated by the Green Police for sure. Especially the incandescent light bulb thing. How will I keep baby chicks warm, for one thing, without 100 watt incandescent light bulbs?
    I have my own internal green police about the compost thing, bring my orange peels home from work to compost them; if I start to throw them out, just feel too guilty. I was raised that way.
    When they took the guys out of the hot tub, it started to feel as if they were anti-pleasure police.

    Thanks for posting these. I didn’t watch the game, and seldom watch TV, so I would never have seen them.
    Susan Peterson

  32. Brian Day says:


    The Green Police/Audi ad really creeped me out. I know they were trying to be humorous, but it reminded me of the similarity to the true believers of human-caused global warming.

  33. momravet says:

    Google/Paris. It was sweet (not sappy).

    The Green Police was too foreboding for me. Reminded me of “The Prisoner” with Patrick McGoohan.

  34. GoZagsGo says:

    I voted for the Audi commercial… I wasn’t crazy about it at first, but the last shot made guffah (I work for the PD)… The Google one was good, but I’ve seen better ones from them in the same format… My personal favorites this year were the Doritos “Keep you’re hands off…” and the Dodge Charger commercial :) Hilarious!… There were a lot of really stupid/non creative/ offensive ones this year though — really disappointing. Anyone else feel this way?

  35. California Girl 21 says:

    “Green Police” was just a little too-close-for-comfort, given the way things seem to be going these days. Funny, but a little too scary.

    The Google ad was positive, uplifting, funny, sweet–and ended with an “aaaaawwwww….”.

    So I voted for Google.

  36. TC says:

    Green Police hands down, a dystopian SF novel in 30 seconds.
    All if left out was children being indoctrinated to worship Gaea.

  37. Traductora says:

    The Google ad was a great ad, charming, sweet and imaginative.

    However, the Audi ad really surprised me with its use of the best weapon, humor, to criticize the incipient Obama/green dictatorship. Naturally, the purpose of an ad is to sell something and not to do commentary, so it also had the well-off white Americans who were the targets of the police pursuit ultimately evading capture by complying to the max with the new rules. Actually, I have read that diesel itself is now unpopular with the greenies, so maybe this was a preemptive strike by Audi. In any case, I voted for it because I thought it was a really good satire, especially now that Obama and his minions have just announced the formation of a new uber-“climate control” agency that will probably have its own “green police.”

  38. The green police is not merely a commercial, but a secular “prophecy” of what’s coming shortly. I was happily surprised to see the Google ad hint at some good morality, although that also hints on total dependence on computers and internet to live.

  39. MarieSiobhanGallagher says:

    I laughed more at the Green Police Audi ad. I loved that within the very ad they used to promote their car, they mercilessly mocked the environmentalist religion. This is true satire, and I appreciated how they did it in such a way that while the “Greens” would actually like to see the world behave this way, the rest of us could see how funny it actually was, so everyone could enjoy the commercial.

  40. greg the beachcomber says:

    Google, though I missed the ad during the game due to yakkety-yakkers. I didn’t miss the Audi ad, which says something about the effectiveness of each ad.

    The Doritos dog was best, but dogs make everything better.

    And no comments on a Catholic team finally winning the Super Bowl?

  41. Tiber89 says:

    The Green Police… such an inconvenient truth :) Makes me wonder… were those in violation hauled off to the Soylent Green factory!?!?

  42. catholicmidwest says:

    Audi can’t make cars anyway. Their repair record is abyssmal. They’re tin buckets with wheels.

    I like the stupid fat cop in shorts though. If that’s what the world looks like in 10 years, I may not die of old age or persecution after all–I’ll laugh myself to death.

  43. catholicmidwest says:

    I like the dog commercial, just because I like dogs and junk food. (And am suspicious of Google, and derisive of most things ‘green’ which are generally stupid and mostly turn out to be not ‘green’ anyway — except in the profit sense.) ($$$$$$$)

  44. Tom Ryan says:

    Re Green Police:

    Is that an aardvark at the 41 sec mark?

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