Cincinnati: 7 May Solemn TLM for 5th anniv. of pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI

A reader alerted me to the following:

Una Voce of Greater Cincinnati has arranged a Solemn Votive Mass of the Holy Ghost, in the extraordinary or more ancient use of the Roman Rite, to mark the fifth anniversary of the Holy Father’s pontificate. The Mass will be celebrated by Fr. Lawrence G. Juarez, with the assistance of Fr. Cyril Whitaker, S.J., as deacon and Fr. Valentine Young, OFM, as subdeacon, and a schola comprised of parishioners from Sacred Heart and Old St. Mary’s parishes.

The Mass will have three intentions: to give thanks to Almighty God for all the graces received by the Church through the first five years of the Holy Father’s pontificate; to make reparation for the calumnies and attacks on his person that have recently been published; and to implore the continued guidance and protection of Almighty God upon the Holy Father in his future ministry.

Date:     Friday, May 7, 2010
Time:     7:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: Old St. Mary’s Church,
123 East Thirteenth Street

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  1. kradcliffe says:

    Old Saint Mary’s is an awesome parish. I had my first son baptised there and was married there. I know they have a security guard watching the parking lot during Sunday masses, but I don’t know if they’ll have one for this occasion. I wish I could be there!

  2. kradcliffe says:

    I’ve just found out that there will be security there for that Mass, so people who might be nervous about going down there in the evening shouldn’t worry. It’s a beautiful church – the oldest in Cincinnati – and the parishioners are wonderful.

  3. ljc says:

    EWTN is showing another Extraordinary Form Mass this Saturday, from the Shrine in Alabama, a Missa Cantata for Our Lady Mediatrix of all Graces, at 8 AM est.

  4. Sedgwick says:

    OSM had a sign-up sheet right after the promulgation of Summorum in 2007, to see how many parishioners would be interested in having a traditional Mass (they have been offering the Novus Ordo in Latin). This presumably to meet the “stable group of parishioners” requirement (??). However, no traditional Mass was ever instituted. Recently, though, OSM has been offering a traditional Vespers at 4:00 on Sundays. Perhaps the departure of Archbishop Pilarczyk, an enemy of tradition, along with this Votive Mass, will hasten the arrival of the TLM at this beautiful parish. This Mass is being sponsored by the new Una Voce chapter in Cincinnati.

  5. TJerome says:

    It’s an absolutely beautiful Church and a worthy venue for this Mass.

  6. I left Cincinnati nearly 30 years ago, but visit OSM on occasion when I visit. There are two unique things about the place. One is a privileged altar, with the remains of a martyr inside, a gift from Pope Leo. If a priest says a Requiem Mass there, it grants a plenary indulgence to the intended.) The other thing is the mural behind the high altar. Actually, it’s three of them. Some kind of mechanism scrolls one down in place of another, depending on the occasion. I’ve only seen it work once, and it’s pretty awesome.

    The last time I checked, they didn’t get big crowds for the Latin Mass (ordinary form), even though they use the high altar now (last time I looked). But the choir is exquisite, and it is arguably the most beautiful church interior in the diocese.

    My family’s connection to the place goes back even farther, to the 1950s, when a classmate of Dad’s from the seminary was a priest at OSM. He got Dad and a few other guys together to form a schola. I still remember as a little boy peeking into an old Army chest in the basement that was full of chant books. (Probably the Liber Usualis.) A friend of the family ended up with them. Wish I had.

  7. Consilio et Impetu says:

    Art & Architecture Notes
    Altare privilegiatum

    Under the consecrated stone of Old Saint Mary’s high altar lies the relics of bones and a vase of blood of St. Martura (Latin for martyr), an unidentified first century Christian martyr. These relics were taken from her tomb in the Catacombs of St. Priscilla in Rome on January 24, 1844.

    On the Feast of the Annunciation, of that same year, they were solemnly placed by Bishop John Baptist Purcell under the main altar for public veneration. There they have rested undisturbed for 154 years.

    On September 14, 1879, Pope Leo XIII granted a special spiritual concession to Old St. Mary’s Church. He gave the high altar “privileged” status. A privileged altar is one to which the Holy See has attached a plenary indulgence applicable only to the souls in Purgatory. Every time a Requiem Mass is offered on such a privileged altar a plenary indulgence is gained for the deceased for whom the Mass is offered.

    Painted on the base of the high altar, below the glass reliquary are the words, altare privilegiatum, “privileged altar.”

    Thank you, manwithblackhat.

    Does anyone know if any Pope has granted a “priveleged altar” status to any parish church since the Second Vatican Council?

  8. Frank H says:

    WDTPRS discussed privileged altars last June…

  9. doanli says:

    Privileged Altars….I am learning so much on this blog! :)

  10. m.w.scott says:

    I am leaving the Cincinnati area (Oxford, Ohio) tomorrow to return home to Toledo from college! I am so disappointed. I hope I can find away to stay here. I am so used to hearing about wonderful liturgical events in places everywhere but Ohio its exciting that something so close is here!

  11. Cincinnatensis says:

    Father, thank you very much for publicizing this Mass.

    Anyone wanting further information about the Mass, or about the newly-formed Una Voce of Greater Cincinnati chapter, may visit, or email The Mass will be sung with full Gregorian propers and ordinary (Mass II). After Mass, the prayer “pro Pontifice” and the Te Deum will be sung, and the “Laudes Regiae” will be sung as the recessional.

    This Mass will be the last of a Triduum of Masses in the traditional use for the Holy Father’s intentions. The first two will be Low Masses offered at 6.30 a.m. this Wednesday and Thursday.

    Old St. Mary’s is located by Main and Thirteenth Streets in downtown Cincinnati. Parking is available in an adjacent lot on Clay Street (to the west of the church). The parish is indeed beginning to offer the traditional liturgy, planned so as to complement what other churches in the area are already offering.

    As another poster has already pointed out, Sunday Vespers in the traditional rite have been sung at 4 p.m. every week since the beginning of Lent. This has now been adopted as a permanent part of the parish’s public worship, except for the summer months.

    The parish now plans to provide evening High Masses on certain midweek feasts and days of devotion, when Mass is not currently being offered in the area. A full program will be available shortly, and will be published on the local Una Voce website. In addition, there is usually one Low Mass each week, details of which may be in the parish bulletin, available at, or by calling the parish.

  12. Subdeacon Joseph says:

    I have such fond memories of this place. Being Orthodox I would leave Divine Liturgy and catch the tail end of Mass there with my friend. We would then proceed to the bar at the parish and spend a few hour drinking Warsteiner with his dad and grandpa . It was a wonderful ecumenical endeavor. The kind that always works!

  13. Tom Ryan says:

    I went last night. Beautiful Church, Lovely music but the acoustics when it came time for the readings in English and the sermon from the pulpit were abysmal. If you were more than halfway back, you couldn’t here it.
    This was unfortunate because what I heard was some good information on the pope’s encyclicals, recovering out identity, christian unity, liberation theologian and the place of the Extraordinary Form in the Reform of the Reform.

  14. m.w.scott says:

    The Mass was beautiful! I do agree with the above poster however. I think that the celebrant should have used a microphone to read the Epistle and Gospel in English and give the sermon. It was quite hard to hear and I was rather near the ambo. It was really beautiful to see Fr. Young serve as the subdeacon. It was very apparent he has a very difficult time getting around. It was also very cool to see Fr. Whitaker who is a rather newly ordained Jesuit priest.

  15. Cincinnatensis says:

    Many thanks to all those who assisted at last night’s Mass. There were approximately 200 people, no doubt partly due to the publicity received here from Fr. Zuhlsdorf, for which we’re very grateful. The Mass was a beautiful and prayerful occasion, and a wonderful manifestation of gratitude and support for the Holy Father. It also represented a significant moment in the life of the traditional community in Cincinnati.

    Fr. Young is indeed a great warrior of the faith. His fidelity and perseverance, and enthusiasm for the apostolate, is extremely edifying, and Fr. Whitaker’s commitment to learning the traditional rites has been likewise.

    The comments above about the acoustics will certainly be taken into account in future. The pulpit has worked well without a microphone in the past, but perhaps only with a smaller congregation.

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