A few more photos from the Pontifical Mass in NYC

The site The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny features some fine photos of the Pontifical Mass at the Throne offered the other night for the Feast of the Sacred Heart.  More here.

Most Rev. Francois Gayot, Archbishop Emeritus of Cap-Haitien, Haiti was the celebrant at the beautiful St Jean-Baptiste Church in Manhattan.

The sacred music was spectacular.  The choir at the Church of St. Jean Baptiste, under the direction of organist and choir master, Kyler Brown, sang Victoria’s Missa O Quam gloriosum est regnum  along with several motets, including Messiaen’s O Sacrum convivium and Lauridsen’s Ubi caritas.

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  1. TNCath says:

    I wish I could have been there, but I was leaving New York just about the time the Mass was beginning!

  2. irishgirl says:

    Oooo, nice pictures!

    I see you, Father Z, walking on the left of the Archbishop! Very cool!

    As TNCath says, ‘I wish I could have been there’, too!

  3. TJerome says:

    It’s nice to see such young clergy participating!

  4. Gulielmus says:

    I dearly love the Lauridsen Ubi Caritas, as I do most of his sacred music, and I’m glad to hear it was used. Somebody out there commission a Mass from this man!

  5. cmm says:

    Fascinating. Reminds me of paintings of Napoleon’s coronation and other royal and imperial events. This kind of events makes it clear that the church is definitely not a democracy!

  6. TJerome says:

    I don’t recall Jesus holding up the Consecration to a vote.

  7. Mitchell NY says:

    It was very refreshing to see traditions of the Church in their best light. The Church was pretty full as well..The 1962 Missal is rich with much symbolism and beautiful prayers. Both the external symbolism and internal prayers of the faithful harmonize well in this form of Mass.

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