Check a new blog on sacred music, Chant Cafe

Allow me please to direct your attention to a new blog of a friend of mine, Mr. Jeffrey Tucker, who is well-known as a Church musician.  He is editor of the journal Sacred Music, which for many years had been edited by my late mentor, Msgr. Richard Schuler.

The new blog is called Chant Cafe.

There are several contributors, including some fine church musicians.

Please take a look at Mr. Tucker’s blog, bookmark him, and add him to your RSS feed reader.  Give him some traffic.

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  1. AndyMo says:

    Wait until you hear the recordings from this year’s CMAA colloquium. It’s been incredible.

  2. Timbot2000 says:

    Economist, Musician, Catholic apologist, household hints master, and snappy dresser, Mr. Tucker is truly a man of many talents, each of which I have benefited from over the years.

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