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  1. revs96 says:

    The World Cup gives me 3 Superbowl-caliber games every day.

  2. DBuote says:

    I found an altar rail in the basement of the church.. gonna clean it up this week and see what Fr. thinks about it.
    We’re going to have a TLM in the parish in August.

  3. Lee says:

    This story ( showed up in the June 3rd Catholic Sentinel, the newspaper for the Archdiocese of Portland.

    Since we have a daughter in the one of the convents mentioned, we went up to St. Birgitta’s yesterday for the 8AM Latin Mass. We hoped to meet and speak with some of the families mentioned in the story.

    That we did, but the highlight of the morning was meeting three seventeen year young women who are headed for cloistered contemplative orders. All were homeschooled I believe, and all were of that wonderful type of Catholic girl described as beautiful inside and out.

    I asked one of them where she was going to college and she gave me a very big smile and said she is not applying to any colleges (after all, applications for Carmelite monasteries make no mention of college transcripts).

    Then I asked them how they accounted for their vocations. They all responded definitely and fervently, “The Latin Mass!”

    There’s a message there someplace for bishops and vocation directors-if they will but take it.

  4. I am very fruitfully meditating on the mystery of the water and wine in the Chalice. And Fr. Z, your cleft-in-the-rock allegory from your presentation on Saturday was very eloquent, and I’m including it (crediting you, of course) in my catechesis.

  5. JonM says:

    High Mass in the traditional form at Salisbury, NC yesterday (June 13th) was crowded with young people. That is, not children (though many kids were in attendance) but rather high school and college students.

    The Mass was shocking (in a good way) and really did offer a foretaste of the world beyond here.

  6. Father Bartoloma says:

    Written exams went well this morning at the Gregorianum. Pray to the Holy Spirit that I will have all of the right answers for the oral examinations on Wednesday.

  7. baymedlevel says:

    I passed my re-certification exam for family practice.

  8. doanli says:

    My husband just okay’d us going by Birmingham so I can attend the Friars’ Mass at EWTN this summer! :)

    (I listen to their Mass frequently.)

  9. Charivari Rob says:

    Saturday evening, we marked the retirement of our parish’s permanent deacon after 33 years – and he was sufficiently recovered from a recent hospitalization to attend as was originally planned.

    A beautiful Mass – a bishop, 12 priests and two other deacons with whom he had worked at various times; combined choir from two parishes; his family and friends came from all points; a good crowd in the church…

    …followed by an excellent supper down in the church basement – good food, music, fellowship. Many people remarked on how it was the nicest gathering in recent memory.

  10. mitch_wa says:

    my episcopalian grandmother is getting interested in things catholic and asked how to pray the rosary! (she’s been listening to catholic radio)

  11. irishgirl says:

    Lee-that’s so beautiful about those young ladies!

  12. ipadre says:

    I’m almost finished building a new Live Steam locomotive after six years of work.

  13. wrightap says:

    Our son was baptized in the extraordinary form by a great friend of ours this past weekend.

  14. TLMom says:

    Our Sunday NO High Mass and Spanish Mass are now celebrated ad orientem! Our pastor re-instituted this tradition after a five part instructional series of writings, published in the weekly bulletin, called “Great Theologians of the Liturgy in the Last 200 Years.” He also used his homily at both masses to further teach the importance in context of sacred tradition. In addition to the EF High Mass, offered this is a beautiful Sunday morning line up! Amazing!

  15. StMalachy says:

    The chaplain from my daughter’s school rang this morning asking if she (my daughter) would like to meet the Holy Father when he visits in September. I don’t know how any of us will contain the excitement for the next 3 months!

  16. B.C.M. says:

    I’m getting married in the EF in six weeks!

  17. bnaasko says:

    Two of my boys had their first ever experience serving at the altar yesterday! They were torch bearers for the Solemn High Mass our parish celebrated for the External Solemnity of the Sacred Heart.

  18. ckdexterhaven says:

    So thankful that God has given our parish such a holy and joyful priest. He’s been here 2 years, but every time I go to another Catholic church, I realize how fortunate we are here in the suburbs of Raleigh, NC. God is good.

  19. Sacristymaiden says:

    Congratulations, B.C.M! That’s great!

    I’m graduating in 5 days! And in six weeks I start attending Wyoming Catholic College!

  20. St. Damien’s is almost built! It’s a parish in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City that will be a TLM only church run by the F.S.S.P. We’re also starting a homeschooling coop. there this August! Thanks be to God!

  21. Supertradmum says:

    My good news is that Father Z’s blog gets better and better everyday and is still available. Thank you, Father Z.

  22. ron.d says:

    Having survived being born 15 weeks early and nearly dying several times due to complications following birth, our son turns two years old today. Happy Birthday, Thomas!

  23. RCOkie says:

    Our parish recently purchased new attire for the altar servers. We now have the surplice and cassock style. No more albs! Hooray!

  24. The Egyptian says:

    My daughter’s wedding is finally over with, stress is, off now we can relax for a while. Father tried to return my stole fee, but finally accepted it. Thanks Father Z for the advice

  25. marniebcn says:

    Our friend Deacon Joan (Juan in Catalan) was ordained priest in the service of Christ His Church last night along with five other men at the Basílica de Santa María del Mar in Barcelona. Praise be to God!

  26. Christopher Gainey says:

    My new son, Hugh Michael Gerard Douglas was born last tuesday. He weighs 10 lbs 4 oz, born at home, our 8th healthy child. His Mother is doing very well and our family is filled with Joy.

  27. Mark R says:

    The collection agency notice delivered to me was a mistake! :-)

  28. chatto says:

    I went to Oxford (the original one here in England) on Saturday for a Newman-themed tour. Stood in the very room where he was received into the Church by Bl. Dominic Barberi, visited his colleges (Trinity and Oriel), and went to Adoration at the Oratory. Can’t wait for September. Venerable John Henry Newman, “Ora pro nobis”!

  29. lux_perpetua says:

    i will be off food stamps in a week!

  30. lux_perpetua says:

    speaking of now being gainfully employed [and thus able to be freer with monetary donations], does fr. z get any proceeds from purchasing things at the cafe press store or not?

  31. rakesvines says:

    The Kingdom of Saud will stand down their air defenses to allow Israel passage through their airspace to neutralize Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities.

  32. Henry says:

    Nearing the first month of a weekday TLM each dawn at the local parish within 5 minutes of my home, it’s still not entirely easy to get up at 4 am daily to finish Matins, Lauds, Rosary, etc. before Mass.

    Just three years ago – BSP (Before Summorum Pontificum) – when the nearest daily TLM was closer to 5 hours away, it would have been quite impossible to imagine this problem, or that now there would be four TLM priests within a half hour or so in our diocese. Obviously, this must be the “new springtime” we were hearing about.

  33. Ellen says:

    A young man from my home parish was ordained 2 weeks ago and said a Mass for us Sunday. He looked so happy, and I was so happy for him.

  34. Henry Belton says:

    My eight year old son served for the first time yesterday.

  35. beez says:

    I just completed an eight-day silent Ignatian retreat, and I may have a chance to serve at a Extraordinary Form Mass this summer.

  36. apagano says:

    My husband and I are expecting our 4th Soul to enter the external world in December. We’re very excited!!!

  37. prairie says:

    The bedroom we’ve been remodeling for several months is finally getting paint today. Our tax return allowed us to pay off several bills. Kinda mundane around here.

  38. capchoirgirl says:

    I’m going to visit The Dominican Nuns in Summit, NJ over labor day weekend! I FINALLY settled on a date w/ the novice mistress. Next stop–buying the plane ticket!

  39. PomeroyJohn says:

    The visiting priests who were in our parish for the month our priest has been on vacation and in Rome sure make me glad for our priest. Even though I wish he’d follow the red more, he gives great sermons and isn’t an “it’s all about me” priest during Mass. Plus the bishop just extended his “stay” here another 4 years.


  40. Augustine Terra Mariae says:

    The 5th annual conference of the Anglican Use Society convened at the archdiocesan center and the cathedral in Newark (NJ) this past week (June 10-12). A Solemn High Mass was celebrated ad orientem in the stunningly beautiful cathedral, an esteemed canonist discussed Anglicanum Coetibus, and the primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion spoke–alongside several other excellent talks and much time set aside for networking and information sharing.

  41. wanda says:

    Blessings to all newlyweds, newly ordained, new-arrivals and everyone here.

    My good news is that Hyundai is stopping the blasphemous commercial!

  42. yatzer says:

    I got my letter confirming employment next year.

  43. nbSPSSOD says:

    I found out a week ago that I’ll be entering the Saint Paul Seminary this fall! That’s pretty good news! :-)

  44. Philangelus says:

    My Christmas novella The Boys Upstairs will be released as an ebook this December. It’s about a priest who’s housing homeless kids in the rectory, how the kids begin to take their place at the heart of the parish community and how they eventually lead to reconciliation with his estranged brother.

    It was going to be published last Christmas, but the publisher closed, so I’m thanking God that it found a new home. :-)

  45. GregS says:

    Breakfast with the Archbishop, late afternoon Rosary and TLM, and looking forward to another Doctrinal Conference this Thursday at Queen of Angels Oratory (FSSP) with Fr. Webb in St. Catherines.

  46. basenji says:

    I finally decided to fully eschew the Parish of Giant Puppet People and, instead, drive across town to where the Dominicans celebrated the EF ad orientem on Corpus Christi.

  47. capchoirgirl says:

    Basenji–be careful! once you go to a Dominican parish your life will never be the same! I was there less than SIX MONTHS and I had an answer to my prayer to find a convent that would take me!
    The Dominican joy is contagious!

  48. Moved by Fr. Z’s example, I bought a little chapel-shaped bird-feeder and set it up this morning outside my kitchen window.
    That’s more happy birds in the world!

  49. bookworm says:

    God must be smiling on our new bishop, Thomas Paprocki (to be installed next week in Springfield, Ill.), also known as the “Holy Goalie” of the Chicago Black Hawks, since the Hawks won the Stanley Cup! :-)

  50. downyduck says:

    We raised enough at our church’s annual Pro-Life Dinner to buy 36 cases of diapers, 7 cans of formula, and 72 containers of baby food for the St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Pantry and donated $571 to our local Pregnancy Center.

  51. Ken Patterson says:

    The good news is my wife and I are leaving for 3 week holiday to Portugal. My sister and her her husband are taking us there. We have never been on a holiday like this before and have been only to places in Canada and the US. So, we are quite excited. But after we go to Fatima, what else is there to see in Portugal? My brother in law has family there. We would like some suggestions about points of interest.

  52. TLM in NYC! Blessed be the faithful priests taking Gotham by storm!

  53. New Sister says:

    @ LEE – I saw that article, too! Isn’t it amazing? The ONLY parish in all of the archdiocese of Portland (Oregon) has all these vocations coming out of it.
    Thank you for being a good Father, raising a bride for Jesus Christ. DEO GRATIAS!!

  54. New Sister says:

    Ken – my suggestion: get the Eyewitness Guides – they are always good. After that, hike thru villages; sit by the sea; pray your Rosary; and enjoy the WINE & olives!

  55. Agnes of Prague says:

    Ken Patterson, I only went to Fatima and Lisbon (we were there 2 days instead of 3 weeks) but those were quite nice. Lisbon is where St. Anthony of Padua is actually from, so there is a lot of devotion to him there. The people were very kind, and they don’t serve cappucinos (only coffee-and-milk), and in a combo hamburger plate one of the side options is a fried egg. Those are my main recollections… I remember visiting a castle/fort sort of museum. I think this was it: That website looks like a good source.

    Good luck and enjoy!

  56. JoyfulMom7 says:

    Something unjustly taken from me and my family has been restored to us. As we have prayed and prayed for this, we are so grateful to God (and to the Holy Saints who interceded for us) for this answer to our prayer.

  57. cicada380 says:

    My epidemiology abstract about H1N1 vaccine was accepted for an oral presentation at the American Public Health Association in Denver, CO in November.

  58. Maltese says:

    Although I guess this news is belated, we had our fifth child a bit over two months ago. Our fourth girl, she is wonderful in every way: her face lights-up in smiles when I come home and talk sweetly to her.

    Although I’ve been a fireman and in law-enforcement, which some might construe as “macho” jobs, her smile slays me, and I’m a total push-over!

    Every time I see her, she melts my heart, and I can’t stand time away from her, although she is only 2+ months old!

    Yeah, well, if you’re reading this you’re rolling your eyes, like I would be if I were a disinterested person reading it!

    But family is the bedrock of society, and we need to foster and preserve it with the greatest might we can!

  59. mamamagistra says:

    We just found out who our new pastor will be and I happen to know that for the past few months he has been saying the Mass in the EF once a week at one of the parishes where he currently serves. So I’m hoping that our parish will have the TLM soon (after a few architectural restorations).

  60. wanda says:

    Maltese, You keep right on melting every moment you are with your baby girl. May it always be so. What a blessed little girl to have a Daddy so in love with her. God bless you and the whole family.

  61. Scelata says:

    The CMAA Colloquium begins on Monday in Pittsburgh!

    Incidentally, the liturgies are all open to the public, and will be very beautiful indeed. And I can pretty much guarantee excellent, reverent presiding. This thread contains a link to a PDF with information about them.

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

  62. petr says:

    I joined The Church at Easter Vigil. My wife is following me cautiously, along with our three daughters. I truly get to lead them completely. I have never been filled with more joy.

  63. Jayna says:

    Turned in my final thesis and have thus completed all degree requirements for my Masters of History. While I won’t be “officially” graduating until August, everything’s done and I am on nothing more than continuous enrollment for the semester (no tuition!). I also found out that my loan payments are still deferred until September even though I’m not registered for any hours.

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