The Feeder Feed: jelly issue

It has been a while since I have shared any of the guests at the feeder.

It is amazing how many species are digging into the grape jelly which I put out for the orioles.

I should buy this stuff by the case, at the rate they are cleaning it out.

Here is a House Finch.

The usual Oriole.

Mr. Grosbeak.

A real expert jelly eater is Mr. Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker.  This is an older fellow, I think.

And just for nice, Mr. Indigo Bunting is around once in while.

They like millet.  But they haven’t been going to the millet feeder.

Instead, he seems to want to pick it out of the buffet.

This Nuthatch is just hanging out, probably waiting to see who might click the donation button!

I will be on the road soon, if God so desires, and I am a little concerned that the house-checker will feed the birds, especially at the rate they are eating.  I must be sure to make it really easy to feed them.


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  1. doanli says:

    You are so blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful birds, Father! Love this!

  2. irishgirl says:

    I love the beautiful indigo bunting-what gorgeous blue feathers!

    Yes, it looks like you’re going to need a case or two of grape jelly, Father Z! These guys are eating it up…literally!

  3. doanli says:

    Who can say there is no God when we have beauty such as this!

    Will all of you please say a prayer for the people and wildlife of the Gulf of Mexico/Coast today? The spill is 7 miles off the shore of my hometown of Pensacola, Florida as of this morning.

    I’m very sad about this happening to the beautiful beach I grew up in.

  4. This morning there are four Cedar Waxwings enjoying the jelly in our yard.

  5. pberginjr says:

    Where did you get the jelly/orange contraption?

  6. doanli: If you feed them, they will come.

  7. wanda says:

    Wow, Father, your birdz are really diggin’ the jelly! That’s quite a gob of goo on the sapsucker’s beak!

    They are so beautiful, what a variety. I think that even Solomon in all his splendor would have a hard time coming close.

  8. Maltese says:

    Mr. Grosbeak looks ornery; if I was his peer, I don’t think I’d hazard a dip into that jelly when he is around!

  9. New Sister says:

    What sweet-beaks!

  10. Dr. Eric says:

    Those indigo buntings are gorgeous!!!

  11. doanli says:

    Hi Father,

    I would love to set up a few bird feeders, but we have 3 cats!

  12. wanda says:

    OK Mr. Nuthatch, I see that you are watching the donation button! Stop looking at me. You win, I give!

  13. poohbear says:

    Looks like you need bigger jelly holders :)

    Thanks for the great photos!

  14. Supertradmum says:

    better late than never?

    Father Z, will you please publish a book with your best bird photos and your best recipes? I am sure it would sell. Birds and Feasts?

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