A Mystic Monk Memo

While I was ordering some Mystic Monk Coffee for myself, I noticed that they sell large format bags of 5 lbs.

This would be a good idea for rectories and religious houses or simply for all of you who consume a lot of coffee!

Buy coffee from the monks in larger amounts!

Do the math: $6 per pound.  A 1 pound bag from Starbucks is usually around $10.95. So…

I’m Fr. Z, and I endorse this coffee!
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  1. dans0622 says:

    Father, I’m trying to do the math–does that mean a 1 pound bag of coffee at a Starbucks costs nearly $60?

    I don’t drink much coffee but these products would make great gifts…


  2. I just ordered a four bag sampler pack. I’ve been seeing signs of the season change and our coffee consumption will go up.

  3. Lynne: Good for you! I suggest drinking it from a Say The Black – Do The Red mug.

  4. greg the beachcomber says:

    I am all about economy, but roasted coffee goes stale fairly quickly. Coffee loses 50% of its freshness in two weeks after roasting, so unless your household really consumes a lot of coffee, buying in smaller quantities from the monks might be a better idea. You’ll certainly get the most out of their fine coffee that way.

    Now, if you’ve got friends to share with, coffee pooling might be a good idea.

  5. greg: Yes, you could split a large bag with a friend and keep everyone’s costs down.

  6. lucy says:

    I can’t wait for my sampler package to arrive. And yes, I always drink my coffee to go in my ceramic travel mug that says Save the Liturgy Save the World.

  7. lucy: You are wise to do so. Would that everyone had that wisdom and good taste.

  8. avecrux says:

    So glad you keep promoting this coffee, Father! Hey – for those of you who haven’t bought yet – remember, the monks are praying for you while they make it! That makes the coffee extra smooth. Also – given the experience my husband has had in the culinary industry, most are NOT praying while making what we consume. :(
    And you convinced me. I’m going to get one of your mugs to drink it out of…

  9. jmgarciajr says:

    Coffee, when roasted, loses its complex flavor compounds mostly as a result of oxidation, this is why most coffee bags come with a “bellybutton” valve, and often the excess air is sucked out so the back is a compressed brick. IF the coffee is purchased this way AND IF the coffee is in whole bean form it can remain fresh fairly long. But vigilant storage is vital. If it’s roasted and ground, then yes…the two week clock is ticking.

    $30 for 5 lb. is a really good deal. If one were to go to Costco and buy a 2lb. bag of their private label coffee (roasted by Starbuck’s, a/k/a “*$” which means some support for their extracurricular activities) that’s $10.50 for 2 lb. I’ll happily kick in the $1.25/lb. to help monks & Fr. Z. and not to help put money in the coffers of people whose agenda I consider particularly worrisome.

  10. jaykay says:

    Well, I ordered a couple of pounds of both the “Irish cream” & the “Rum & pecan” flavours today. And the shipping was only $6.98 over to me in Ireland. Unfortunately , Fr. Z, I couldn’t use the button on your site as the work browser blocked it out but I was able to access their site directly and order from there. Then our firewall blocked the confirmatory email! It was subsequently released. Ineffable are the workings of our IT department.

    Anyway, it should be winging its way to me sometime soon. Beautiful architectural plans on their site, btw. What a cause to support.

  11. jaykay: Let us know how you like the coffee!

  12. avecrux: And you convinced me. I’m going to get one of your mugs to drink it out of…

    Send a photo of the new mug with the coffee in the wild!

  13. I am going to be in NYC for a bit. I am mailing myself some coffee to share at the rectory and avoid the corner Starbucks … though NOT the corner bagel shop!

  14. Brian Day says:

    My four bag sampler pack arrived today. Yea!

    Five pounds of coffee is too much for individual usage, but I’ve found that a 2.5 – 3 pound bag of whole bean coffee kept frozen until ready to grind works out very nicely. The flavor drop-off is minimal this way. 12 oz bags are just a bit small for the amount of coffee consumed in our house. I hope the Mystic Monks start marketing a 2 lb bag soon.

    As others have mentioned, oxidation (air) is the enemy of coffee. Use whole bean coffee if you can and grind it just before brewing. Keep the coffee bag sealed and with as little air as possible,use a zip-lock type bag to store if necessary. Freezing coffee doesn’t hurt the coffee that much and it does extend the flavor life of the coffee.

  15. Brian Day says:

    The “Rum and Pecan” flavor was my sampler flavor. I’ll try that first tomorrow morning.

  16. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place this AM, but did I read rightly that there’s a $15 surcharge for orders under $100 for these big bags, or is there somewhere else I should be looking?

  17. Brian Day: Re: freezing coffee…

    I think there is some debate about the merits of freezing coffee.

    Glad you like their stuff!

  18. poohbear says:

    Due to severe arthritis in my hands, I ordered the 2 handled mug from the monks. But…but…but I just ordered the ‘save the liturgy’ travel mug to bring to work with my midnight vigils blend :)

  19. Brian Day says:

    RE: freezing coffee.

    I realize that freezing coffee is a compromise and in a perfect world should it should not be done. Then again I should have a coffee roaster in my house and should roast my beans daily.

  20. kneeler says:

    My wife and I drink about 2 glasses each per day using a 8-cup French Press. We PRE ORDER from the monks so it just comes to us in the mail on a monthly basis. The abundance of roasted beans go into an airtight container on the counter. Stays fresh. SUPPORT THE MONKS! It’s GREAT coffee!

  21. jaykay says:

    I actually received an email from Br. Jean Marie today telling me the order was ready to go and apologising that in fact there would be an extra $10 shipping to Ireland. No problemo!! Only wish that the $10 was going to the Monks themselves!

  22. greg the beachcomber says:

    Brian: I do have a roaster, though not in my house; I tried that once and it took a week of vinegar and baking soda to get the smell out. I only roast about once a week now, on the back patio. But when I get lazy, it’s nice to have the monks there.

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