MUGS GONE WILD: New Translation Coffee Mug

Coffee MugIt is fun to receive photos from readers of their WDTPRS coffee mugs “in the wild”.

This morning I found this in my mailbox from FH of OH.

Looks like a nice way to start the morning.

This is a new edition of the “Say The Black – Do The Red” mug, which is on the other side.


A priest reader, Fr. MG of NY, sent the following note:

Today I inaugurated (baptized?) my new “Oremus pro pontifice” mug at breakfast with Orange Zinger herbal tea – I just can’t drink coffee, even if it’s made by Mystic Monks.  [Unicuique!]

This momentous event took place at the rectory of …. The tea was accompanied by Americanized “huevos rancheros”: a scrambled egg mixed with onions and shredded chicken fried in olive oil, topped with grated sharp cheddar and chunky salsa (medium strength), served on a medium-dark slice of 12-grain whole grain toast.  I don’t usually do more than toast and jam, but the papal mug deserved a more noble entourage.

I also put the corresponding magnet on the fridge to hold up our rectory grocery list, and plan on giving out the other 9 of the 10-pack to friends.

WDTPRS applauds the diligence of this good and wise priest.

Oremus pro Pontifice nostro Benedicto!


This morning I had the Mystic Monk Espresso Blend.

I’m Fr. Z, and I endorse this coffee!


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  1. czemike says:

    Father: shouldn’t the year on the mug be 2010???

    [No! The use of the new translation begins with the 1st Sunday of Advent 2011.]

  2. GirlCanChant says:

    czemike: Unfortunately not. At first I thought the new translation was coming this year as well, but can you imagine how heads would explode at Pray Tell if they only had a few more months?

  3. Marcin says:


    Have you brewed actual espresso from the Mystic Monk Espresso Blend? If so, how it compares with other blends you used? I am thinking about ordering some of this monkish stuff. [Not yet, but I will soon. I can say that I like the regular drip method with this Espresso Blend, however.]

  4. Frank H says:


    Do you think it would be uncharitable to send one of these mugs to the moderator of Pray Tell?

  5. GirlCanChant says:

    Frank H – I think he’d probably throw it at the wall. (It would be miraculously undamaged, of course.)

  6. lucy says:

    GirlCanChant – that is incredibly funny.

    I highly recommend the ceramic travel mug with Save the Liturgy Save the World – it starts conversations!

  7. UPDATE! New “mug shot” added!

  8. Luke says:

    GirlCanChant-: Thanks for mentioning Pray Tell. I think they have a very long spam list.

    Love the mug! I too prefer Orange Zinger over coffee. But then, if you are going to drink coffee it should be Mystic Monk Coffee!

  9. ALL: Send in your morning Z-mug shots!

  10. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Chock full o’ Monks, it’s that heavenly coffee. Better coffee a simoniac’s money can’t buy.

  11. czemike says:

    @Father Z: Advent 2011 is next year. Advent of the 2011 liturgical year is this year. In either event, 27-Nov-2010 is the first day of the new translation. (And next year is the first year of the decade too.)

  12. Any other “mug shots”?

  13. lucy says:

    Royal Rum Pecan – it is so good.

    Working on the mug shot – I can’t seem to get my photos to upload – drat!

  14. Father S. says:

    Father, without intending any disrespect, I wonder if you could explain how you sell things and get around Canon 286. In conversations with brother priests and with lay people, they often talk about how you have a racket going on here. People say that the Pope is the richest man in the world, too, and that’s ridiculous, too. So, I do not mean to imply that things spoken are true because they are spoken. I just wonder how you explain this when you are asked.

    Can. 286 Clerics are prohibited from conducting business or trade personally or through others, for their own advantage or that of others, except with the permission of legitimate ecclesiastical authority.

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