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Going to Angon

We have torrential rain in NYC tonight.  That usually makes figuring out where to eat a little easier (read: don’t go too far).  But tonight we dashed down to the East Village and had a great surprise. At Holy Innocents … Read More

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Catholic hospitals closing because of Obamacare. Sr. Keehan tries to hide the story

The other day I posted a little entry about how the “Magisterium of Nuns” is making war on the American bishops.  The liberal sisters, who have compromised their Catholic identity, are trying to set up an alternative magisterium over and … Read More

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Mantilla giveaway

It would be nice to see greater use by women of the chapel veil or mantilla.  While the chapel veil is no longer obligatory according to the canon law for of the Latin Church (I have written about that several … Read More

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Lansing, MI: New TLM community has first Mass with Bp. Boyea

From a reader: I have some news for your Brick by Brick File. Today was the official opening Mass of the Blessed John XXIII Community at the Cathedral in Lansing Michigan, in the Extra-ordinary Form. Bishop Boyea, Ordinary of Lansing, … Read More

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MUGS GONE WILD! Mystic Monk and, wait for it, … maniple edition

A reader sent this: This is inspired by recent posts. And that maniple is in my house so I can make a pattern.  It will soon rejoin the full set. To My Burying Priest: Say the Black and Do the … Read More

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