MUGS GONE WILD! Mystic Monk and, wait for it, … maniple edition

A reader sent this:

This is inspired by recent posts. And that maniple is in my house so I can make a pattern.  It will soon rejoin the full set.

To My Burying Priest:

Say the Black and Do the Red,
Tie this on when I am dead.
To purge my soul free of gunk
Pray often and early with Mystic Monk!

maniple, mystic monk, mug

It is nice to see all three, mug, maniple, and Mystic Monk in one photo.   The reader is clearly making a set of vestments which will include a maniple, and wants her own funeral with black vestments.  Excellent.

I am very pleased at this flowering of monasticism in an area where I spent time when I was young. This is very good news for everyone. And so …


When you’ve had a hard day of making maniples and thinking about your own death, sharpen your focus on mortality with  …

… Mystic Monk Coffee!

That’s right! With Mystic Monk, you’ll be able to thread needles more easily and contemplate your own demise all while enjoying a great cup of coffee, supporting the monks and helping Fr.  Z!

Tick… tick… tick…. Refresh that supply now!

Mystic Monk!

It’s swell!

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  1. susanna says:

    To my burying priest:
    Please say the requiem for me, in black with a Dies Irae.
    Take some vitamins with your Mystic Monk-
    The plan fails if you don’t out-live me.

  2. UncleBlobb says:

    With Mystic Monk, you’ll be able to thread needles more easily and contemplate your own demise…

  3. arotron theou says:

    I do believe that’s Midnight Vigils Blend – liturgically the blackest of their glorious coffees!

  4. Andy Lucy says:

    I ordered some, and will take it with me in the Wayback Machine, back to 1777, to a reenactment this weekend. It really is good stuff.

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