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Jumping the gun a bit

This is a little premature, but the St. Louis newpaper had this on their site. NB: The names of the new cardinals won’t be announced for a few hours yet.

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Archbp. Dolan reacts to anti-Catholic bigotry of Hell’s Bible

Archbishop Dolan of New York City (will he be named Cardinal tomorrow?) has observations about Hell’s Bible’s hatred for the Catholic Church. My emphases. More from the Times I know, I should drop it.  “You just have to get used … Read More

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Msgr. Loftus: Are you a scrub?

From His Hermeneuticalness: Fr Michael Clifton, long time pastor of the faithful, former archivist of Southwark, learned historian, kindly teacher of schoolboys (including me, nearly 40 years ago) cricket coach, model railway enthusiast, and warm friend and mentor of younger … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Admitting RCIA candidates to Communion?

From a reader: I have a question that I cannot find a direct answer: Our pastor made the decision to allow non-Catholics in RCIA to receive Holy Communion. He stated that “Anyone who believed the Church’s teachings on the Mass … Read More

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The Feeder Feed

I haven’t been able to post about the feeder for a while now. Here are a few shots from today. There are quite a few Robins around.  They hang out around the trees with drying fruit, bushes with berries. Decisions. … Read More

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The Bolletino slips on a Banana

His Hermeneuticalness posted about an amusing little something picked up by the gentlemanly Sandro Magister. Apparently during the Synod on the Middle East, a Chaldean bishop from Iran cited a work by the late Annibale Bugnini, who name shall live … Read More

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The Somali altar dancer

This came via Patrick Madrid. A young Somali man had a little dance on the main altar of the Duomo in Florence, to the musical accompaniment of Michael Jackson’s Bad. Apparently the young fellow has a bit of a screw … Read More


Pueri Cantores in Ireland, and repercussion in Gregorian chant

I received a note from a friend about the Pueri Cantores convention in Ireland at Maynooth Seminary. There are some fine video available for your perusal on Gloria.TV. The chant is not perfect, but they will nevertheless convince you that … Read More

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QUAERITUR: The canopy over the Holy Father’s chair

I was not able to see any of the canonization Mass on Sunday.   Today, however, I received a question from a reader about the canopy over the Holy Father at his chair. Whilst watching some of the Ceremonies from the … Read More

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QUAERITUR: non-Catholics reciting the Rosary

From a reader: Me and a group of my friends try to go weekly to a nearby nursing home to visit and pray with the people there. We usually go around the rooms asking if any of them want to … Read More

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Consistory news coming soon

Last week I wrote: Could we hear the announcement of a consistory perhaps next Wednesday during the General Audience? The answer is: YES. I predict that tomorrow we will hear the announcement of the names of the new cardinals, made … Read More

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