BLOG RENEWAL: a helpful tweak

I had heard from some of you that it was very hard to find the link/button for adding comments under entries.  The link was in very small letters, gray, together will a few other links.

With some help today I modified the stylesheet and … ta da! … the link is now in black, bold letters.

Have a look at the bottom of an entry.

All for you.

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  1. Brian Day says:

    The comment page is bold and black, but on the main page the “Leave a comment” text is underlined, in a medium gray color but easy to find.

  2. West of the Potomac says:

    Much easier to see, thank you!

    Quaeritur: Would it be possible to see the preview on the “Recent Comments” as was done in the previous version of the site design?

    After the switch to this design (which is great!), the “Recent Comments” only lists the commenter and the title of the post. I miss the ability to read the snipet of what the comment actually says.

  3. Flambeaux says:

    No apparent change displayed through my office copy of IE8. I’ll check through Safari when I get home.

  4. It works for me on Safari, Firefox, Opera and IE. It may not work on Chrome.

  5. SonofMonica says:

    I’m using a Firefox on a Mac. When I first read the post, the comments link was still in non-bold, grey letters, then I clicked on the comments link and saw that Flambeaux was having the same problem. Funny thing is, I went back to the main page and clicked Refresh, then it was in bold, black letters. I am wondering if it takes a Refresh in order for Safari and Firefox to load the new stylesheet.

  6. MJ says:

    I am also using Firefox on a MacBook, and I noticed the same thing as SonofMonica.

  7. czemike says:

    Fr Z said: “It works for me on Safari, Firefox, Opera and IE. It may not work on Chrome.”

    Seems to work in Chrome (v6.0.472.55) for me. Do really get traffic from Chrome and Opera? On a large website I operate I only see 2.6% of traffic from Chrome and 0.6% from Opera. I don’t even test with Opera anymore… I don’t see the point. I also haven’t found an instance where something works in Safari and not in Chrome (or vice versa) — they are both WebKit browsers…

  8. Apparently the refresh will do it.

  9. Flambeaux says:

    Refresh fixed it for me. Thanks.

  10. Jim of Bowie says:

    It works for me in Chrome and Firefox, but not if you are using Newsfox. In Newsfox, the two lines starting with “Posted in … Leave a comment” do not appear.

  11. Emilio III says:

    Works fine on IE5,6,7&8 and on latest versions of Firefox, Seamonkey, Safari and Chrome on Windows, Firefox and Seamonkey on OpenBSD. Lynx complains *BAD HTML!*, but I don’t suppose you’ll lose much sleep over that. :-)

  12. Emilio: Considering that I haven’t even heard of Lynx, no, I won’t lose any sleep.

  13. Emilio III says:

    Young whippersnappers! :-) Lynx is one of the oldest web browsers (mainly in UNIX and VMS). Text only, 1.2Mb file size.

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