Getting from Washington DC to Rome

I noticed that the annual fall plenary session of the USCCB will be held 15-18 November.

But there will be consistory in Rome immediately thereafter. The Cardinals are supposed to be present, at least. It is a consistory after all.

Doesn’t leave them a lot of time to get from Washington D.C. to Rome and changed into the special clothes.

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  1. TNCath says:

    According to Expedia, there are no direct flights between Washington and Rome. The most direct flight is roundtrip via Boston for $993. I wonder if someone will charter a special plane for our princes and soon-to-be prince of the Church and their respective entourages? I wonder of Cardinal-designate Wuerl will even attend the USCCB meeting?

  2. Childermass says:

    All of these bishops should just stay in their own dioceses and use the significant amount of money saved to keep parishes open and and other more worthwhile things. But then nobody asked me.

  3. Tim Ferguson says:

    Perhaps this will inspire the bishops to wear their special clothes at the USCCB meeting in order to save time. It will also prevent the USCCB meeting from looking like a gathering of mid-level executives and more like a gathering of prayerful, apostolic shepherds.

  4. catholicmidwest says:

    The USCCB meeting lasts til the afternoon of the 18th, if a person stays til the very end which probably is pointless anyway. The consistory doesn’t start til the morning of the 20th. The plane ride is about 10 hours one way. What is the problem?

    Somebody said “charter plane.” You’ve got to be joking. If the Catholic church has money like that and hires charter planes for routine business, they won’t have it long.

  5. g. thomas ryan says:

    For the last consistory, Holy Father Benedict gathered the cardinals and cardinals-elect for a day long consistory discussion of ecumenism, before the Saturday and Sunday celebrations. No indication yet, but word is in air that cardinals will neeed to be there early on Friday Nov. 19 for another day-long meeting.

    So they fly out of USA day before USCCB wraps up. Can’t see problem in that for cardinals or for conference. And yes, they may be on charter planes. Despite tut-tutting above about expense, it often is the least expensive ways for groups from St. Louis and DC to fly across the ocean. Tell me there are no groups wanting to come from those cities (and LaCrosse and Pittsburgh)….why paint it as almost scandalous that they fly together for less than commercial rates.

  6. cuaguy says:

    They are actually all flying out on the evening of the 18th. They have all been invited for the Installation Mass of new CUA President John Garvey on November 18th at 10:00AM. I am assuming that they will all be bussed down from Baltimore, where the Plenary session is, then back up to all get on the plane. The time was moved to allow Cardinal-Designate Wuerl time to get over to Rome, since he, as chancellor, is responsible for installing President Garvey.

    One thing is sure- they will have a packed few days!

  7. Penta says:

    They hardly need to fly out of BWI – they could just as conveniently fly from Dulles or Reagan National. Or, if there’s going to be a CODEL, hitch a ride with them from Andrews.

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