The Somali altar dancer

This came via Patrick Madrid.

A young Somali man had a little dance on the main altar of the Duomo in Florence, to the musical accompaniment of Michael Jackson’s Bad.

Apparently the young fellow has a bit of a screw loose and is now in a a psychiatric clinic at Santa Maria Novella.  He is in Italy as a political refugee.

This wasn’t an anti-Christian thing purposely done by a Muslim, it seems.  Just the choice of Michael Jackson is proof enough of that.  I understand that Michael Jackson is not especially favored by your run of the mill anti-Christian jihadist.

Bottom line: he is just nuts.

So is liturgical dance, by the way.   Nuts, that is.

I don’t want any dancer on my altar or even near my altar.  Do you?

In the meantime ….
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  1. priests wife says:

    yes, it seems the man was mentally ill- but once again- if we Christians did an act against Islam such as this, none of us would be safe…oh well, life isn’t fair

  2. rakesvines says:

    I reposted at I asked my few readers if they knew where the recruitment office for the Crusaders was as there is still some fight left in me. Anyone can feign mental illness to escape responsibility. What they do to others abroad – to the living altars in the person of Christians is not done under the pretense of insanity but is willful, intentional and spiteful. Cfr. links for and I think we need to protect our brothers and sisters in Christ – specially in the Muslim countries where the government simply looks the other way. Please excuse the vehemence but I think the Lord himself gets riled up whenever the Temple – living or otherwise gets desecrated.

  3. Father, yer a hoot. Did you know that you were quoted in the fabtabulous “Catholic” newspaper? Speaking of… you should make a plug for “Catholic” put out by the local monastery Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer. They lost 50% of their subsriptions after leaving the SSPX. :-(((( And let me tell you, there’s no way to make money out on these remote islands.

    I LOVE Mystic Monk coffee!! The flavors are really strong, unlike other brands. And I get the reward of knowing that with each cup of luxury coffee I’ve helped contribute a few pennies to the building of a monastery! (It helps ease the guilt of not going for the $1.99 instant sludge lol)
    Next month I’m buying myself an early Christmas gift: a perculator! I cannot make coffee in a french press to save my life! So my swell Mystic Monk coffee is sitting unused in the fridge. Now I’ll be able to indulge!! My favorite is the Jingle Bell Java.

  4. Coffee Catholic: I am glad you like their coffee. I have some next to me right now, as a matter of fact.

    Just be sure to go to the Mystic Monk page through my link! That way you help both them and Fr. Z!

  5. wanda says:

    O-Kaaayyy. That does it! I’ve just placed my first order for Mystic Monk Coffee! In protest of this poor deluded, delerious, mis-guided soul (I will say a prayer for his health) and ALL liturgical dancing wherever it maystill be happening.

  6. Nathan says:

    If that young man had come into the Duomo in a giant puppet suit, that would have really been something to worry about.

    BTW, I am currently awake primarily due to the beneficial properties and good taste of the Mystic Monks’ Midnight Vigils Blend. Perfect for the baseball post-season when you live on the East Coast and can’t keep sensible hours like the good Midwesterners do.

    In Christ,

  7. Nan says:

    One of my companions on a recent trip to Russia was a minister of the United Church of Christ. He mentioned that his mother was a pioneer of early sacred dance. I made no comment, but he scared me.

  8. digdigby says:

    The word from Italy is that Muslims urinate on churches, crosses and holy statues with such frequency that the acid in the urine is actually damaging them. It is true that the Muslim Palestinians who holed up in the Church of the Nativity some years ago desecrated it, defecated on the altar and used ancient prayer books as toilet paper. The dhimmi Christian ‘liaisons’ to the Church (Catholics who call Our Father ‘Allah’ in their worship) have been ‘steering’ Rome for decades to think Jews the culprits for the near-genocide of the Palestinian Christians. The highly secular and VERY tourist-money-hungry state of Israel is HUGELY invested in Christian tourism and the propaganda doesn’t add up even if you don’t like Israel.

  9. kallman says:

    I think dancing in a church is not a Christian act of prayer but more akin to a pagan rite

  10. Fr Z: I had no idea about going through your Mystic Monk Coffee link. I’ll be sure and do that from now on!

    Is there any way for you to set up a second “donation” button that isn’t PayPal? I’d love to chip in now and then for the birds etc but I can’t use PayPal. Something to do with a “sort code” that my bank doesn’t have??? PayPal customer service makes Liturgical Dancers look swell…

  11. M.D.R. says:

    No, I sure don’t want a liturgical dancer near the altar of my church. I’m quite sure that our FSSP priest wouldn’t either. Nor would the regular priest who says the Mass in the OF (since our EF is housed in a conservative OF parish).

    In fact, I’ve never seen a liturgical dancer in a church at all. They obviously do exist, but for me they are maybe a little more common than, say, bigfoot sightings (and funnier, too).

  12. moon1234 says:

    Just where was the music coming from? If this had been a high altar and not an iron table then I would surmise he would have had a much harder time doing any “dancing”

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