Thanks, Californians, thanks a lot.

CNS via CMR:

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) today likened the United States of America to Iran, North Korea and Pakistan because those nations also do not allow homosexuals in their militaries.

Boxer likened the U.S.A. to the Communist regime in North Korea, the Islamic regime in Iran and the Pakistani government at a press conference in which she called for repealing the ban on homosexuals in the military during the lameduck session of Congress, which is taking place now before the new members elected on Nov. 2 can arrive in Washington, D.C. and replace the members who are retiring or who were defeated.

This is so offensive for a United States Senator to compare this country to those awfully oppressive regimes.

The funniest part is that this is so clearly simply political because Democrats had the Senate, the House and the White House for the past two years. If they really wanted to change this policy they would’ve done so. But legislators aren’t going to stick their necks out on this, they’re simply going to wait for judges to forcibly overturn it and then they’ll be able to simply throw their hands up in the air claiming powerlessness. And Senator Boxer knows she’s safe in her seat for the next seven years so she can go back to badmouthing the country without worrying about joining the unemployment line.

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  1. Melody says:

    Hey, not fair, think of us poor suffering conservatives in Orange County!

  2. priests wife says:

    I guess the majority of Californians are ‘liberal’ and stupid enough to re-elect this person- a classic example of “tyranny of the majority.”

  3. Dr. Eric says:

    Senator Boxer’s comments are not unlike reductio ad hitlerum, no?

  4. acroat says:

    @ Melody. Riverside County is about as conserative as OC…all the the cowboys in the more rural areas especially. We did not vote for her!

  5. TJerome says:

    I grieve for the Californians who are rational. The empty suit was re-elected

  6. Fr_Sotelo says:

    acroat: Yes, it is true, that in the conservative, rural areas of the state, Boxer was not the winner. Unfortunately, we are held hostage by the libs who dominate the metropolitan and more heavily populated parts of California. In addition, California is known for dismal voter turnout. It seems as if half the state does not show up to vote. And finally, so long as the Republican party is perceived in the state as racist, the Hispanic voting bloc will continue to defeat any Republican candidate for higher state office.

  7. stgemma_0411 says:

    ……says the Senator who has now TWICE voted against the removal of “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell”. Not my fault that they attached it as a rider to republican-flavored legislation. Democrats were the ones who killed their own agenda by playing political games and then blaming the whole thing on everyone but themselves.

    I guess they think we’re all just a bunch of lemmings or something.

  8. DHippolito says:

    Fr. Z, as a native Californian, let me just say: you’re welcome. ;)

    As a political conservative, I have never voted for Barbara Boxer. If she’s that stupid, then how does she get re-elected? Simple. First, the Republicans have rarely fielded strong candidates against her (Carly Fiorina being an exception). Second, her shrill “pro-choice” message (the only message she has, really) motivates her followers. Third, the public-employee unions in the state are becoming increasing powerful, and they uniformly vote liberal.

  9. Paulus Magnus says:

    If the GOP insists on running poor candidates such as Carly Fiorina, then don’t be surprised when they lose horribly.

    Oh, and Fr. Sotelo, CA had a respectable turn out at 45.1%, 5% higher than the US average and 5% higher than the last mid-term election; 10% higher than 2002.

  10. Supertradmum says:

    It is not stupidity, it is the radical Democratic agenda. These people have been fed by the college and university systems for years. These Dems actually hate religious-based, moral questions and have a complete view of homosexuality as a civil rights. California has allowed this view of civil rights and legislated such for years, for transvestites, etc.

    Even if the GOP had a star-candidate, I believe the candidate would have lost. The Dems “own” California, despite Orange County conservatives.

  11. Fr_Sotelo says:


    It speaks to the state of the American democracy when 45% is “respectable.” Even the Iraquis, who were without democracy for decades and go to the polls under the threats of bombers and terrorists at times, turn out in much higher numbers. Less than half the people vote in the U.S. and yet our soldiers are out there dying so that in other countries people have a system where they can vote.

  12. Paulus Magnus says:

    It was a midterm election, which never has very high turnout, and so what if there isn’t a grand turnout for voting in America? There never has been and voting is not some grand sacred ritual anyhow. Nor is democracy for that matter and we should never be fighting simply to create a democratic state.

  13. Tony Layne says:

    @ Father Z: Safe in her seat for the next seven years or so? Silly me. I thought a senatorial term was six years …. :^)=)

    Seriously, I’d like to see the comment in context. Though I’m quite certain Sen. Boxer is capable of bad-mouthing the US, I’d want to see if the thrust was more “We don’t want to be like Iran, North Korea or Pakistan” or more “We’re just like Iran, North Korea and Pakistan.” Though if I live long enough to see a totalitarian Amerika, I expect it to be imposed by the left rather than the right … if not some unholy hybrid born of compromise between the two.

  14. bookworm says:

    “think of us poor suffering conservatives in Orange County!”

    As a downstate Illinoisan (almost always outvoted by Chicago), I feel your pain :-(

    And yes, a U.S. Senate term is for SIX years, not seven.

    Here is “Call me Senator” Boxer’s exact quote as reported by Fox News; she said this at a joint press conference with Sen. Joe Lieberman:

    “We now stand — with this rule — with countries like Iran, North Korea and Pakistan in banning gays and lesbians from military service,” Boxer said as Lieberman, an independent who aligns himself with Democrats, nodded his head.

    “Now our brave young men and women fight alongside allies like Australia, the United Kingdom and others who allow gays and lesbians to serve openly,” she said. “Let’s not stand with Pakistan, and with North Korea and Iran. It’s just wrong. This is the moment to move our country forward.”

  15. TJerome says:

    I’m somewhat surprised that Hispanics allow themselves to be used by the Abortion Party (aka the Democratic Party). Most Hispanics I know are very traditional in their social values and are anti-abortion. They’re hard-working too, so I’m surprised they fall for the Dems redistribution nonsense. But I guess when you have a lying, conniving, liberal media spewing nonsense about Republicans being anti-Hispanic (Senator Rubio????) they somehow fall for it. Eventually they’ll figure it out.

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