My digital thermometer, has died. I thought it just needed a new battery.

It served me well for many years.

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  1. okiesarah says:

    Eternal rest grant unto it, O Lord, and let constant temperatures shine upon it. May the thermometers of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in food. Amen.

  2. Andrew says:

    Vale, thermometre et requiesce in pace. Sit tibi refrigerium perpetuum, calorisque index iugiter moderatus.

    [sniff…. That was so heart warming.]

  3. wanda says:

    Addeth a new one unto the Amazon Wish List? It’s that time of year!

  4. TC says:

    Why not replace it with an good old analog thermometer?
    A good one won’t need a battery, will last longer and be just as accurate — ah, but no digital readout which is the charm, no? I’ve always wondered why that is.

  5. TC: My experience is that the analog are not as quick. Also, it is nice to switch to C from F.

  6. deaconjeff says:

    Father Z
    Taylor USA sells several very nice kitchen thermometers
    I have used their analog 501 and digital 508 models; and they both work well.

  7. Childermass says:

    Speaking of deaths, Mary Poppins has been widowed.

    RIP, Blake Edwards.

  8. Kris says:

    Father, this is the one I have used for several years: http://www.amazon.com/Component-Design-DTQ450-ProAccurate-Thermometer/dp/B00064BCPM/

    Add it to the wish list and you’ll get it quickly!

  9. irishgirl says:

    Oh, I’m sorry to hear of your thermometer’s demise, Father Z—but I nearly burst out laughing at okiesarah’s and Andrew’s ‘final commendations and farewells’!
    Very creative, you two….

  10. Will D. says:

    The folks at America’s Test Kitchen view the Thermapen as the gold standard for instant read thermomenters. Price is a bit steep, though.

  11. Aengus Oshaughnessy says:

    Best wishes for your thermometer’s eternal rest, Father.

  12. Time to start cooking by feel. Be the meat, Father.

  13. rakesvines says:

    FYI: CDN Dual-sensing probe thermometer and timer. http://www.CDN-TimeAndTemp.com
    This multitasking thermometer allows you to make sure that your oven is at the correct temperature at the same time you measure the internal temperature of the food. It also has a digital timer. Cost: $29.99. 800-338-5594.

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