A note to Vatican Radio/CTV: thanks and a request

Vatican RadioVatican Radio and Vatican TV (CTV or Centro Televisivo Vaticano) has been, finally, providing a video channel with the “raw” feed without voice-over commentary in various languages.

They are to be applauded!  Thank you, thank you!

I was, for example, about to watch 1st Vespers of Mary Mother of God without the yaking.   I believe this morning Mass for Epiphany was also available without the voice-over.   Keep in mind that the voice-over of these video broadcasts came from Vatican RADIO…. RADIO…. no pictures, right?  With video you don’t need as much commentary as for Radio.  And some of us didn’t want any at all.  Well… now we have what we wanted.

In any event, now that Vatican Radio and CTV have provided this great service… they need to start

…archiving their video broadcasts.

If they could make a video broadcast, without commentary, available for at least one week after the event, that would be a great service.

It is nice to have the broadcast live.   However, let them also make the broadcasts available for people who are not in the same time zone as Rome, or who must miss the live feed broadcast.

Pretty please?   At least one week?

This is where you readers come in.

The website of Vatican Radio is still an unintegrated mess, so it is hard to find the best email address for your kind notes of thanks and encouragement.  Try this:


It’ll take just a moment.

Sample text:

Thank you for providing live audio and video streams of the Holy Father’s activities.  Thank you for adding the option to watch the video stream without commentary.

Will you please consider archiving the video broadcasts for at least one week?  In this way many more people will benefit from your good work and from the Holy Father’s good example, especially in the sacred liturgy.

Many thanks again and prayerful best wishes for your important apostolate,


They have a donation page.   After making a donation to WDTPRS, you might try them as well if you listen to or watch their stream.

C’mon WDTPRSers!  See if you can make a dent!

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  1. Father G says:

    The option without voice-over commentary was also available for the Christmas Mass. It was great to experience the moments of silence during the Mass without voice-over interruption.

  2. Andy Milam says:

    Done and done….thanks for the template Fr. Z.

  3. irishgirl says:

    I just watched the encore broadcast of the Epiphany Mass at St. Peter’s on EWTN’s website. Had some hiccups with ‘bad signals’ at the start, but was able to watch it from beginning to end.
    The male commentator was not as intrusive as some of the other people that Vatican Radio has. He ‘shut up’ during most of the Mass, and only provided voice-over translation of the Holy Father’s homily. I’m glad for the translation-I’d like to know what the Holy Father is saying.
    The only time I get to see these events online is during hours when either the library or the local well-known bookstore is open-I have neither TV nor internet at home.

    [EWTN uses the video feed with the Vatican Radio voice over… RADIO… right? That means they have to talk a little more. Use the webstream if you don’t want commentary.]

  4. Charles E Flynn says:

    Why not archive the programs on YouTube?

  5. terryprest says:

    Could they also archive the daily services for lauds, vespers and compline ?

  6. Geoffrey says:

    “I’m glad for the translation-I’d like to know what the Holy Father is saying.”

    That is the only time I want to hear someone talking; everything else I can look up in a hand missal.

    I wish EWTN would turn on Vatican Radio’s commentary for just the homily, and then keep it off the rest of the time. They’ve done it before, I think during the Holy Father’s visit to the USA, when he would switch from English to Spanish.

    P.S. I will certainly send an email of thanks to Vatican Radio!

  7. irishgirl:
    Was the EWTN encore of the Mass you watched online an archived version or simply a rebroadcast that happened to be playing when you tuned in? In other words, did you access it by clicking “watch live” or by going to an archive page? I too missed the Mass live and would like to see the rerun. However, I can’t seem to find an archived version anywhere. Thanks and God bless!

  8. Warren says:


  9. irishgirl says:

    EtVerbum-I watched an ‘encore’ of the Mass on EWTN. I happened to see it in the program listings of this week. At first I thought it was the Sunday Mass from the chapel in Irondale with the MFVA friars, but I was very happy to find out it was the Mass from St. Peter’s instead! The listing on their website didn’t say it was from St. Peter’s. I watched it from the website.
    Father Z-Yes, I do understand that the commentary is from the radio. I don’t know how to use the webstream; I’m not very computer-literate, and this laptop that I have can get tempermental at times when it comes to streaming video (stopping and starting pictures, garbled audio). Drives me nuts, and trying to upgrade any video only frustrates me. I don’t have the patience to figure it out.

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