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Floods: pray for people in Australia, Sri Lanka, Brazil

Many terrible things happen to people in this vale of tears. I have seen a few film clips of the flooding in Australia.  I heard that the flooding has affected a vast expanse and many people. I saw this good … Read More


ALERT! Blogger’s Choice Award for 2011

Can you help? When awards for websites come around, we want a Catholic blog to make a good showing. Please consider voting for WDTPRS in the Blogger’s Choice Award for 2011 in the Religious Blog category.  Given the number of … Read More

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The Catholic Herald’s William Oddie about critics of Benedict XVI’s Assisi confab

In the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald, columnist William Oddie opines about people who are having a nutty over the Pope’s plan for an ecumenical meeting in Assisi… Assisi III. Before we plunge in, I must say that … Read More

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Trappists make and donate a casket for the little girl killed in Tucson

Via BadgerCatholic on Twitter I learned from the blog Sub Tuum, of the Cistercian monks at the Abbey of Our Lady of Spring Bank, that the Trappist’s of New Melleray in Iowa made and donated a casket for little Christina … Read More

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2011 About.com Catholicism Readers’ Choice Awards

I bring this to the attention of the readership: About.com’s 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards will showcase the best products, features and services in multiple categories, from technology to hobbies to parenting to religion. Nominations are now open, and will be … Read More

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Some observations about the “memorial” service in Tucson

I watched some of the “memorial service” in Tucson last night. Here are some observations. First, we feel pain  and concern for the the people affected. What happened in Tucson was gruesome, maddening, sad, demoralizing, disastrous, and revolting. It was, … Read More

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