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Developments with wheat, celiac

I have written about hosts and wheat and celiac (here and here, etc.). For the consecration to be valid, the hosts must be made from wheat flour.  Not wheat… not valid. This comes from e! Science News with my emphases … Read More

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Denis Leary – scum

From The Catholic League.

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Benedict XVI on the ‘pillars of Christian unity’

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI during his General Audience, in the context of a week dedicated to Christian Unity spoke of the “four pillars” of Christian Unity. After all, Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity. From CNA with … Read More

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Bp. Tobin (D. Providence) on Pres. Obama’s speech in Tucson! NOT impressed!

The newspaper of the Diocese of Providence, RI, has a column by His Excellency Most Rev. Thomas J. Tobin.  We have heard from Bp. Tobin before (here and here). My emphases and comments. The President’s Speech; Why I Wasn’t Impressed … Read More

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Two space or not two space – WDTPRS POLL

Damian Thompson has an interesting post on his blog. He tackles the convention of typing two spaces after a period, or “full stop” as the British call them. The use of two spaces, rather than a single space, after a … Read More

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The fruits of the pro-abortion culture of death: horror in Philadelphia

The young Papist alerted me to this, and the always informative Jill Stanek has a lot more, about a developing story in Philadelphia. The details are ghastly. Two notes as you read more, if you chose. First, a bill is … Read More

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Bp. Finn on the defense of human life

On the The Catholic Key, blog of the newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph comes this, which will also be in print. The great Bp. Robert Finn… with my emphases. March for Life: Culmination of Many Efforts to … Read More

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The Instruction concerning Summorum Pontificum

Do you remember that there was supposed to be an Instruction concerning Summorum Pontificum? So … where is it? I have been of two minds about this instruction for a long time.   On the one hand, perhaps the less said, … Read More

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