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A moment of prayer – Vespers, and requests

May I ask to you stop, right now, and say a prayer for anyone who has asked your for prayers or anyone for whom you have promised to pray? I include all those who have written with health concerns, especially.  … Read More


FOLLOW-UP: Online volume of Acta Apostolicae Sedis has been corrected

Do you remember my post about the pages missing from the 1960 volume of the Acta Apostolicae Sedis on the Holy See’s online archive?   HERE. The pages which would have included the rubrics for Mass and the Breviary were … Read More

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A mordant observation about the Week for Christian Unity

I missed this on the great Fr. Blake’s blog the other day.  Fr. Blake is the P.P. of St. Mary Magdalen in Brighton. About the week of Christian Unity: Strange that it should be more acceptable to welcome into one’s … Read More

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Inspiration for a March for Life in London

This gives me the opportunity to link back to two interesting posts! First, remember the post HERE, linked to a post on Fr. Finigan’s blog, about the possibility of a March for Life in London? I received this from a … Read More

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QUAERITUR: What sort of candles can be blessed at Candlemas?

From a reader: If I bring personal candles to the EF mass on Candlemass, must they be made of beeswax? Can they be entirely made of non-beeswax (paraffin)? Not sure if the old regulations about things like this still apply … Read More

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Habeas corpus: The Curious Cause of Bp. Fulton Sheen

From CNA: Peoria diocese restarts Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s beatification cause Peoria, Ill., Jan 27, 2011 / 01:46 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The Diocese of Peoria has resumed its promotion of Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s cause for beatification despite its dispute with the … Read More

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I picked this up from CMR: Locking children into failing schools just wasn’t enough. Now, we’re locking up mothers for trying to send their kids to better schools. This is madness. A mother has been sent to jail for lying … Read More

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Blessings at Communion time… again

I just hammered out my weekly column for the paper.  Among other things I wrote about the issue of blessings during Mass at Communion time. I have written about this before (try HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and … Read More

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Books for singing the Passion during Holy Week in the Extraordinary Form

My friend Jeffrey Tucker – who just a few says ago found me a version of the Apostle’s Creed in Latin with chant notation for a project I was working on – has posted at Chant Cafe an entry about … Read More

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“And with your spirit”

From the Catholic Herald, the UK’s best Catholic weekly, with my emphases and comments.  I edit because of length.  The author, Fr Milner died in December, [Stop now, dear reader, and say a prayer for the author.] a few months … Read More

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Funny stuff

From the National Catholic Register with my emphases and comment: 11 Craziest Things I’ve Ever Heard in Church by Matthew Archbold 1) Whispered by a father in the pew behind me to his children who were being a little noisy: … Read More

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