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Vidi on VIS

This is from VIS: – Appointed Rev. Keith Newton as first ordinary of the new Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in the territory of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. Rev. Newton was born in Liverpool, … Read More

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Common Sense and Mutual Enrichment

I have spoken lately of music, that is, the Sanctus divided Benedictus and the silent recitation of the Roman Canon.  I even dealt with it in my last PODCAzT (here). With a brotherly tip of the biretta to His Hermeneuticalness … Read More

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Quando si chiude una porta si apre un portone.

Our friends over at Rorate have picked up on something I suggested here, and I am sure many others have thought of as well. The beautiful Ushaw Seminary in northern England is slated to be closed.  That belongs to the … Read More

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Christian leaders against deviant activists ‘hijacking’ Martin Luther King

What did Martin Luther King really say? He didn’t, and wouldn’t, say that there was a moral equivalence between skin color and deviant inclinations. From CNA with my emphases and comments: Christian leaders rally against gay activists ‘hijacking’ Martin Luther … Read More

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Continence and married deacons/priests

Yet another about deacons.  This would also concern priests in the Latin Church who, as married ministers in other churches, were received into the Roman Church and ordained. A few days ago distinguished canonist Ed Peters posted on his fine … Read More

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REVIEW: 2011 Angelus Press Calendar

The kind folks at Angelus Press sent me again this year their wall calendar. This year the calendar features beautiful photos of the illicit but valid ordinations to the priesthood of some of their members, and, it appears, a benedictine … Read More

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What are deacons really for?

It seems these days that I am writing fairly often about matters concerning deacons. I was alerted to a post on the blog of the learnéd Anglican Fr. Hunwicke‘s site. My emphases and comments: I recently heard a immensely depressing … Read More

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First fruits of Anglicanorum coetibus

At the site of the Ordinariate Portal there is a photo of one of the former Anglican Bishop saying his first Mass.  He is, of course, now a Catholic priest. Fr. Andrew Burnham said Mass for the first time at … Read More

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Of star gazing and tattoo removal

I heard about this last week, but never got around to it. From The Irish Times: Zodiac now 13-strong as Ophiuchus signs in The Irish Times CÍAN NIHILL THINK YOU’RE a Pisces? Think again, because the star sign you thought … Read More

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Good news, please

Shall we start a new work week with some of your good news?